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Valentine's Day 1990
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:56:04 PM »
Aired 28 years ago today...

First Four: Lynette, Anthony, Patricia, Janet

IUFB1: Brass Bed
Janet: $575
Patricia: $750
Anthony: $950
Lynette: $975*
ARP: $1,884

PG1: Squeeze Play--Played for a Mini-Boat

Lynette removes 1, price squeezes to $2454
ARP: $2,454


Second Calldown: Max

IUFB2: 35mm Camera
Max: $180*
Janet: $450
Patricia: $500
Anthony: $550
ARP: $406

PG2: Temptation--Played for a Volkswagen Fox

Prize #1: Television--$480, picks 8
Prize #2: Chair with Ottoman--$699, picks 9
Prize #3: Tea Service--$700, picks 0
Prize #4: Lawnmower--$400, picks 0
Total value: $2,279

No changes made

Max takes prizes

ARP: $8,670


He would've lost on the second number anyway. Even though he bailed out, the sound effects guy first dings for the 8, then buzzes the 6, playing along with the scenario that had Max going for the car.

Third Calldown: Gayle

IUFB3: Bumper Pool Table
Gayle: $595
Janet: $625*
Patricia: $425
Anthony: $550
ARP: $1,395

PG3: $uper $aver--Played for a Cruise to Mexico ($3,450)

GP1: Sunny Delight (59)
GP2: Murphy's Oil Soap ($2.19)
GP3: Hershey's Syrup (69)
GP4: Sun Light Dish Soap ($2.59)
GP5: Cat Litter ($1.97)
GP6: Trash Bags ($2.09)

First purchase: Sunny Delight, ARP--$1.29, saves 70
Second purchase: Murphy's Oil Soap, ARP: $2.39, saves 20 (90 in bank)
Third purchase: Sun Light, ARP: $2.79, saves 20 ($1.10 in bank)
Fourth purchase: Hershey's Syrup, ARP--99, saves 30 ($1.40 in bank)


Max: .75
Lynnette: .40+.40=.80
Janet: .60+.40=1.00

Janet: 1.00

Janet is going to the Showcase, with $11,000 in her pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Alvin

IUFB4: Wall Unit
Alvin: $750
Patricia: $1700*
Anthony: $675
Gayle: $1200
ARP: $1,754

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a Piano

Choices: $1,918 or 2,750

Patricia picks $2,750

ARP: $2,750


Dian then throws to Rod for the mid-show bumper.

Fifth Calldown: Caroline

IUFB5: Microwave Range
Caroline: $1300
Anthony: $1350
Gayle: $950
Alvin: $1351*
ARP: $1,360

Rod is dressed in a red suit and tie for the occasion, just like the models.

PG5: Shell Game--Played for a Dining Room Group ($2,563)

SP1: Vacuum Cleaner, wrong price--$446 (guesses lower, ARP--$400; chip by Shell #2)
SP2: Scale, wrong price--$100 (guesses higher, ARP--$140; chip by Shell #3)
SP3: Calculator, wrong price--$120 (guesses higher, ARP--$140; chip by Shell #1)
SP4: Waffle Maker, wrong price--$69 (guesses lower, ARP--$55; chip by Shell #4)

Alvin gets to play for $500 bonus, in addition to winning the dining room!

He guesses Shell #2 is the one that has the ball

Bob checks Shell #1, but finds no ball
Bob checks Shell #3, but finds no ball
Bob checks Shell #4, and finds ball, so Alvin does not win the bonus


In this playing, the buzzer is absent from the empty shells that are revealed, and then sounds when the one with the ball is revealed. Also, Rod makes a joke about the scale telling him to "get off;" You can imagine Drew Carey making that same joke in the days when he was still fat.

Meanwhile, Anthony is still trying to get out of Contestant's Row; this is his last chance to avoid the FFBC.

Final Calldown: Christine

IUFB6: Stereo System
Christine: $1200
Caroline: $1275
Anthony: $800
Gayle: $1300*
ARP: $1,514

Sorry Anthony, Cupid was not kind to you today.

PG6: Lucky $even--Played for a Geo Metro
First guess: 7, actual number--8 (gives back $1)
Second guess: 6, actual number--4 (gives back $2)
Third guess: 7, actual number--4 (gives back $3)
Fourth guess: 5, actual number--5 (keeps $1 after paying the other $1 to buy car)
ARP: $8,445


Patricia: .05+.35=.40
Alvin: .20+.40=.60
Gayle: .70

Gayle is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Janet
Runner-Up: Gayle

Home Gym, Armoire, Bangkok
Janet passes to Gayle, who bids $8,500

Bracelet, Cappuccino Machine, Trailer
Janet bids $15,250

In both Showcases, Rod and the models participate, with the models vying for a date with him in the first Showcase, and then him giving them gifts in the second.

ARP of Janet's Showcase: $19,865 (Difference: $4,615)
ARP of Gayle's Showcase: $8,938 (Difference: $438)

Gayle wins her Showcase, and takes home $18,897 in cash and prizes!
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