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September 19, 1991
« on: February 16, 2018, 02:31:06 PM »
First Four: Teresa, Paris, Dina, David

IUFB1: Motor Scooter
Dina: $1200
Paris: $1400
Teresa: $1250
David: $1401

Dina: $1175*
Paris: $950
Teresa: $1000
David: $1
ARP: $1198

PG1: Switcheroo--Played for a Geo Metro Convertible, and these four prizes...
SP1: Perfume
SP2: Car Seat
SP3: Hot Dog Cooker
SP4: Knife

Car: $10,4?6
Perfume: $?4
Car Seat: $?5
Hot Dog Cooker: $?5
Knife: $?7

MISSING NUMBERS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 9

First Try: 9/4/1/2/3 (0 right)
Second try: 2/1/9/3/4 (2 right)

Wins car seat and perfume

Other ARP's: Car--$10,436, hot dog cooker--$45, knife--$27


Janice then throws to commercial instead of Bob.

Second Calldown: Paul

IUFB2: Brass Trunks
Paul: $899
Paris: $900
Teresa: $450
David: $901*
ARP: $909

PG2: Credit Card--Played for a Hostess Set, Wall Unit, Rocker, Refrigerator and Yard Tools

Credit Limit: $1,800

First Purchase: Rocker--$523 ($1,277 left)
Second Purchase: Yard Tools--$395 ($882 left)
Third Purchase: Hostess Set--$700 ($182 left)

Other ARP's: Wall Unit--$1,099, Refrigerator--$1,199


Third Calldown: Barbara

IUFB3: Baker's Rack
Barbara: $500
Paul: $295
Paris: $299
Teresa: $1190*
ARP: $1191

PG3: Check Game--Played for a Sauna

Total must be more than $5,000, but less than $6,000

Teresa writes check for $2,525
ARP of Sauna: $3,325
Total: $5,850


Dina: .70
David: .85
Teresa: 1.00

Teresa: .40

Teresa is going to the Showcase with $1,000 in her pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Ronald

IUFB4: Range (winner also receives Mop)
Ronald: $700
Barbara: $800*
Paul: $750
Paris: $795
ARP: $909

PG4: Bump!!--Played for a Dinette and Greenhouse

SETUP: $2250-$3113-$1727-$2250

Barbara has Janice bump to right

ARP of Dinette: $1,727
ARP of Greenhouse: $2,250

Dian should've bumped to the left instead


Fifth Calldown: Catherine

IUFB5: Screen
Catherine: $500
Paul: $1475
Paris: $1476
Ronald: $1400* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
ARP: $1400

PG5: Dice Game--Played for a Subaru Legacy

First number: 1
Second number: 6, is wrong (guesses lower)
Third number: 4, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fourth number: 3, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fifth number: 4, is wrong (guesses lower)

ARP: $14,662


Since Bob's entrance through the Big Doors, Paris has been stuck in Contestant's Row. Will he avoid the terrible fate that is the FFBC?

Final Calldown: Michelle

IUFB6: Wall Clock
Michelle: $790
Catherine: $400
Paul: $800
Paris: $590*
ARP: $739

Rod is shown snuggling next to Dian as he does the final calldown.

Finally, some good news for Paris as he makes it up on stage!

PG6: Check-Out--Played for a Bedroom Group ($4,000)

GP1: Hershey's Syrup (guesses 99; ARP--99)
GP2: Cheez-It Crackers (guesses 69; ARP--79)
GP3: La Choy Sweet & Sour Sauce (guesses $1.39; ARP--$1.39)
GP4: Cremora Lite (guesses $2.39; ARP--$2.03)
GP5: All Detergent (guesses $3.79; ARP--$2.39)

Totals: Guessed: $9.25; Actual--$7.59


Paris: .40+.65=OVER
Barbara: .55
Ronald: .80

Ronald is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Teresa
Runner-Up: Ronald

Camcorder, San Francisco, London, Sydney
Teresa passes to Ronald, who bids $10,000

Living Room, Golf Clubs, Golf Cart
Teresa bids $8,200

ARP of Teresa's Showcase: $11,612 (Difference: $3,412)
ARP of Ronald's Showcase: $11,456 (Difference: $1,456)

Ronald wins his Showcase, and takes home $12,956 in cash and prizes!