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September 25, 1991
« on: February 20, 2018, 02:29:21 PM »
First Four: Gregory, Shirley, Victor, Alison

Before the first IUFB, Bob goes down into Contestant's Row to allow Robert to propose to Heidi; after she accepts, it is jokingly referred to as the first prize on the show.

First IUFB: Waterski Equipment
Gregory: $710
Shirley: $720
Victor: $750
Alison: $751*
ARP: $880

PG1: Spelling Bee--Played for a Ford Escort ($8,411)

Free picks: 7, 19

SP1: Booster Seat (guesses $25, ARP: $15)
SP2: Food Chopper (guesses $45, ARP: $25)
SP3: Jewelry Cleaner (guesses $25, ARP: $35)

Additional picks: 24, 20

First card: C
Second card: CAR
Third card: A
Fourth card: A


Second Calldown: June

IUFB2: Wall Unit (winner also receives Werther's Original Candy)
June: $1200*
Gregory: $700
Shirley: $850
Victor: $650
ARP: $1929

PG2: Danger Price--Played for a Telescope, Refrigerator, Chair and Hostess Set

The danger price is $610

First pick: Refrigerator, ARP--$949
Second pick: Hostess Set--$610

Other ARP's: Chair--$1,040, Telescope--$495


Third Calldown: Ralph

IUFB3: His & Hers Bikes
Ralph: $750
Gregory: $500
Shirley: $550*
Victor: $800
ARP: $650

PG3: Check Game--Played for a Game Table

Total must be more than $5,000, but less than $6,000

Shirley writes check for $2,500
ARP of Game Table: $2,500
Total: $5,000


June: .60+.55=OVER
Shirley: .15+.50=.65
Alison: .70

Shirley's friend has a cat that has been spayed three times?! Wow!

Alison is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Emily

IUFB4: Cello
Emily: $1000
Victor: $1200*
Ralph: $1500
Gregory: $1550
ARP: $1250

PG4: 1 Right Price--Played for a Dinette and Range

The 1 right price is $2,557

Victor picks range

ARP of range: $3,400
ARP of dinette: $2,557


Fifth Calldown: Larry

IUFB5: Chandelier & Table Lamp
Larry: $1150
Ralph: $800
Gregory: $810*
Emily: $1151
ARP: $1100

After a pep talk from Bob, Gregory, the last of the First Four, has finally won his way up on stage!

PG5: One Away--Played for a Nissan NX1600

Wrong price: $23,724

Gregory changes price to $12,835

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 5


Final Calldown: Sattie

IUFB6: Washer/Dryer (winner also receives Broom)
Sattie: $890*
Emily: $1200
Larry: $820
Ralph: $1
ARP: $1169

How long has Rod kept that broom in his booth?

PG6: Penny Ante--Played for a Jukebox ($7,995)

GP1: Detergent
GP2: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Detergent: $2.00, $2.49, $4.19 or $3.50
First pick: $2.00? NO
Second pick: $2.49? YES

Ice Cream Sandwiches: $2.49, $1.95, $3.60 or $2.99
Third pick: $2.99? YES


Victor: .55+.50=OVER
Sattie: .10+.80=.90
Gregory: .95

Gregory is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Gregory
Runner-Up: Alison

Train Set, Africa, Trailer
Gregory passes to Alison, who bids $15,500

Bedroom Group, Videocassette Collection, Audio/Video System
Gregory bids $8,200

The full Big Banana cue is played for the second Showcase, which is the second time today that some variant of it has been used, thanks to Danger Price using its traditional Big Banana Remix.

ARP of Alison's Showcase: $18,513 (Difference: $3,013)
ARP of Gregory's Showcase: $13,375 (Difference: $5,175)

Alison wins her Showcase, and takes home $27,854 in cash and prizes! Bob's signoff advises the audience not to spay or neuter their pets three times, a humorous reference to what Shirley's friend had done earlier.