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April 21, 1992
« on: March 05, 2018, 03:12:04 PM »
First Four: Carla, David, Marlene, Gerald

IUFB1: Outdoor Furniture
Carla: $1400*
David: $1100
Marlene: $1000
Gerald: $1101
ARP: $1578

PG1: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for an Entertainment Center and Grandfather Clock

Bargain Prices
Entertainment Center: $928
Grandfather Clock: $1,695

Carla picks Clock

ARP of Entertainment Center: $1,428 (Difference: $500)
ARP of Clock: $1,995 (Difference: $300)


Second Calldown: Etta

IUFB2: Cellular Phone
Etta: $900*
David: $750
Marlene: $600
Gerald: $800
ARP: $1099

PG2: Temptation--Played for a Pontiac LeMans, and these four gifts...

Hostess Set: $850, picks 8
Refrigerator: $799, picks 7
Inline Skates: $300, picks 3
Recliner: $599, picks 5
Total value: $2,548

No changes

Etta will go for car

ARP: $8,735


Third Calldown: Gary

IUFB3: Chest (Up for adoption: unnamed male dog)
Gary: $475
David: $600* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
Marlene: $700
Gerald: $701
ARP: $600

David is wearing a Boston Red Sox shirt, and Bob makes a joke that Benjamin Franklin used to play for the team.

PG3: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Coffee/Tea Maker, wrong price: $190 (guesses lower, ARP: $160)
SP2: Children's Clothing, wrong price: $10 (guesses higher, ARP: $16)
SP3: Humidifier, wrong price: $310 (guesses lower, ARP: $250)
SP4: Vacuum Cleaner, wrong price: $91 (guesses lower, ARP: $70)

David wins four punches on the punchboard

First punch: $50, continues
Second punch: $50, continues
Third punch: $250, continues
Fourth punch: $500


Carla: .15+.80=.95
David: .50+.55=OVER
Etta: .10+.60=.70

Carla is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Pamela

IUFB4: Popcorn Cart (winner also receives Canned Chilies)
Pamela: $999*
Marlene: $850
Gerald: $875
Gary: $800
ARP: $1590

PG4: Pick-a-Number--Played for a Queen Bed

Price: $3,43?

Possible missing numbers: 0, 5, 9

Pamela picks 9

ARP: $3,439


Fifth Calldown: Lee

IUFB5: 35mm Camera
Lee: $275*
Marlene: $570
Gerald: $750
Gary: $600
ARP: $550

PG5: Hi Lo--Played for a Trip to Bali ($5,462)

GP1: Detergent
GP2: Ear Drops
GP3: Soap
GP4: Olives
GP5: Hairspray
GP6: Ice Cream Sandwiches

First pick: Soap--$2.49
Second pick: Hairspray--$3.49
Third pick: Ear Drops--$7.17

All other GPs must be less than $2.49

Olives: $4.29, game over

Ice Cream Sandwiches: $2.99
Detergent: $3.29


Now Marlene and Gerald have been stuck in Contestant's Row for the entire show, so at least one of them is guaranteed a spot in the FFBC. Which means that both of them must bid the right price in order to avoid that fate.

Final Calldown: Kimberly

IUFB6: Home Gym
Kimberly: $1400
Marlene: $1450
Gerald: $1500
Gary: $1440* (also receives $100 for a perfect bid)
ARP: $1440

Second perfect bid of the day!

Unfortunately, the FFBC gets a double-induction today, as Marlene and Gerald are unable to win.

PG6: Card Game--Played for a Ford Festiva

Special Deck: $800

Opening Bid: $2,000

Gary's draws: 7H ($2,700), 9C ($3,600), 2S ($3,800), 2C ($4,000), 3C ($4,300), 10D ($5,300), 5S ($5,800), 6D ($6,400), 9H ($7,300)

Final Bid: $7,300

ARP: $7,775

Difference: $475


Lee: .55
Pamela: .45+.60=OVER
Gary: .70

Top Winner: Gary
Runner-Up: Carla

Fireplace, Walt Disney World, Pontiac Firebird
Gary bids $27,000

Chandelier, Dining Room, Piano
Carla bids $12,000

ARP of Carla's Showcase: $18,438 (Difference--$6,438)
ARP of Gary's Showcase: $24,171 (OVER)

Carla wins her Showcase, and takes home $20,016 in cash and prizes! In the credit roll, Bart Eskander is shown as the director instead of Paul Alter.