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April 5, 1991
« on: March 06, 2018, 02:55:23 PM »
First Four: Iluminada, Catherine, Kim, Michael

IUFB1: Pool Table
Michael: $1200
Kim: $1300
Catherine: $1100
Iluminada: $1301*
ARP: $1600

PG1: Spelling Bee--Played for a Ford Festiva ($7,815)

Free picks: 13, 8

SP1: Booster Seat (guesses $20, ARP: $15)
SP2: Razor (guesses $15, ARP: $22)
SP3: Spray Paint (guesses $24, ARP: $15)

Additional picks: 22, 21, 7

First card: R, continues
Second card: C, continues
Third card: R, continues
Fourth card: C, continues
Fifth card: C


Second Calldown: Patricia

IUFB2: Range (winner also receives a Mop)
Patricia: $800
Michael: $900*
Kim: $700
Catherine: $400
ARP: $907

PG2: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Dinette Set and Baker's Rack

Dinette Set: $1,027
Baker's Rack: $1,388

Michael picks Dinette Set

ARP of Baker's Rack: $1,888 (Difference: $500)
ARP of Dinette Set: $1,727 (Difference: $700)


Third Calldown: Kristin

IUFB3: Exercise Rower
Kristin: $600*
Kim: $800
Catherine: $850
Patricia: $900
ARP: $699

PG3: Gallery Game--Played for a Grand Piano

Price: $9,22?

Kristin paints 5 as the missing number

ARP: $9,220


Kristin: .45+.20=.65
Iluminada: .05+.95=1.00
Michael: .35+.75=OVER

Iluminada: .70

Iluminada is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket! Michael's second spin is not buzzed.

Fourth Calldown: Carolyn

IUFB4: Wing Chair
Carolyn: $800
Kim: $850*
Catherine: $600
Patricia: $795
ARP: $1040

PG4: Clock Game--Played for a Barbecue Grill and Refrigerator/Freezer

Kim will bid on the Grill first

Kim's bids/Bob's responses: $600/H, $700/L, $650/L, $640/L, $630/L, $620/H, $621/H, $622/H, $623/H, $624/H, $625/H, $626/H, $627/H, $628/H, $629 (wins with 19 seconds left)

Next, she will bid on Refrigerator

Kim's bids/Bob's responses: $700/H, $800/H, $850/L, $840/L, $830/L, $820/L, $810/L, $808/H, $809 (wins with 9 seconds left)


Fifth Calldown: John

IUFB5: Power Tools (winner also receives Soap)
John: $300
Catherine: $650
Patricia: $325
Carolyn: $651*
ARP: $1020

PG5: One Away--Played for a Nissan 240SX

Wrong price: $26,728

Carolyn changes price to $15,837

Gentlemen Ladies Folks, how many numbers are right? 3

Carolyn changes price to $17,817

ARP: $15,639


Bob decides to have the contestant ask the folks how many numbers are right, since there is a lady and a gentleman running the game that day.

Catherine is now down to her last chance to win her way up on stage; will she pull it off?

Final Calldown: Angela

IUFB6: Diamond/Sapphire Ring
Angela: $1500
John: $1600*
Catherine: $1550
Patricia: $1200
ARP: $1650

Bob catches Rod red-handed, because he just cheated on his diet again!

It's the FFBC for Catherine, unfortunately.

PG6: Shell Game Grocery Game--Played for a Trip to Sweden ($4,564)

GP1: Paper Towels
GP2: Detergent
GP3: Rice-a-Roni
GP4: Trash Bags
GP5: Ice Cream Bars

First purchase: 5 Detergent x $4.19 = $20.95


This is the playing where the Shell Game sign is set up behind the Grocery Game table.

Carolyn: .05+.25=.30
Kim: .75
John: .65+.90=OVER

Kim is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Iluminada
Runner-Up: Kim

Desk, Hot Tub, Trailer
Iluminada passes to Kim, who bids $11,000

Chess Set, Living Room, Amphibian Car
Iluminada bids $10,650

At the beginning, Bob makes an Allen Ludden reference here, saying that this feels like College Bowl, another show Ludden used to host in addition to Password and its spinoffs. In addition, he alters his spiel to "nearer to the ARP without going over". This is because both participants are college students; Iluminada is from Fresno State, and Kim is from Illinois State.

ARP of Kim's Showcase: $19,411 (Difference: $8,411)
ARP of Iluminada's Showcase: $13,103 (Difference: $2,453)

Iluminada wins her Showcase, and takes home $15,755 in cash and prizes!

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Re: April 5, 1991
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 03:13:23 PM »
That was weird that Michael's 2nd spin was not buzzed.

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Re: April 5, 1991
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2018, 03:03:59 PM »
That was weird that Michael's 2nd spin was not buzzed.
I agree with that, although this was very common back then, especially since a previous spinner had gotten a dollar.