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May 7, 1999
« on: March 08, 2018, 03:29:54 PM »
First Four: Michael, Darren, Larry, Emily

IUFB1: Motorscooter
Emily: $1500*
Larry: $1025
Darren: $1200
Michael: $29
ARP: $1649

PG1: Credit Card--Played for a Pair of TVs, Dinette Set, Chest, Fireplace and Cookware

Credit Limit: $2,500

First purchase: Cookware--$794 ($1,706 remaining)
Second purchase: Chest--$715 ($991 remaining)
Third purchase: TVs--$660 ($331 remaining)

Other ARP's: Unknown


Second Calldown: Lisa

IUFB2: Lamps
Lisa: $650
Larry: $750
Darren: $800
Michael: $801*
ARP: $1155

PG2: Pick-a-Pair--Played for a Trip to Norway ($4,828)

GP1: Wheat Nuts
GP2: Cooking Spray
GP3: Geritol
GP4: V8 Juice
GP5: Toothpaste
GP6: Nestle Treasures

First try: V8 Juice ($2.39) and Wheat Nuts ($2.39)


Third Calldown: Merritt (who is helped down by her son)

IUFB3: Love Seat (winner also receives Citrucel)
Merritt: $1200
Lisa: $750
Larry: $925
Darren: $1300

Merritt: $595
Lisa: $600
Larry: $603*
Darren: $400
ARP: $749

PG3: Any Number--Played for Stemware or a Ford Ranger

First number in price of truck: 1

First pick: 4, second number in piggy bank
Second pick: 7, first number in stemware
Third pick: 6, third number in stemware
Fourth pick: 3, second number in stemware

Other ARP's: Truck--$12,095, Piggy Bank--$8.41


Larry: .65 .55+.65=OVER
Michael: .25+.05=.30
Emily: .35

Emily is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Jonathan

IUFB4: Watch
Jonathan: $495
Darren: $650
Merritt: $700
Lisa: $701*
ARP: $1195

PG4: Push Over--Played for a Queen Bed


Lisa pushes blocks to $2,765

ARP: $2,765


Fifth Calldown: Matthew

IUFB5: Treadmill (winner also receives Lever 2000 Soap)
Matthew: $922
Jonathan: $925
Darren: $1800
Merritt: $926

Matthew: $745
Jonathan: $800
Darren: $899* (also wins $500 for perfect bid)
Merritt: $750
ARP: $899

PG5: Fortune Hunter--Played for a Hutch, Coffee Urn, Chair with Ottoman and Desk Set, plus $5,000 in cash

Clue #1: Eliminate the prize that is $780
Clue #2: Eliminate the prize that is more than $1,300
Clue #3: Eliminate the prize whose price starts with a 5

Darren eliminates the Coffee Urn, Hutch and Desk Set

Remaining box is empty

Hutch had the $5,000 box

ARP's: Hutch--$1,199, Coffee Urn--$780, Chair--$1,380, Desk Set--$512


Final Calldown: Abdullah

IUFB6: Artwork
Abdullah: $795
Merritt: $1200
Matthew: $1800
Jonathan: $796
ARP: $1295

PG6: Cliff Hangers--Played for a Mercury Tracer ($12,180)

SP1: Hair Dryer (guesses $22, climber moves to 2; ARP--$20)
SP2: Alarm Clock (guesses $35, climber stays at 2; ARP--$35)
SP3: Cookie Maker (guesses $40, climber stays at 2; ARP--$40)


Darren: .70
Lisa: .25+.10=.35
Merritt: .75+.=.

Merritt is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Merritt
Runner-Up: Emily

Computer, His & Hers Golf Clubs, Trailer
Merritt passes to Emily, who bids $19,200

Train Set, Fort Lauderdale, Kitchen, Ford Mustang Convertible
Merritt bids $26,000

ARP of Merritt's Showcase: $29,486 (Difference: $3,486)
ARP of Emily's Showcase: $24,183 (Difference: $4,983)

Merritt wins her Showcase, and takes home $43,056 in cash and prizes, including two cars! Just before the Pearson logo, her total is flashes to the audience once again.