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December 9, 1997
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First Four: Steven, Lynn, Amber, Gary

Steven is taking too long to come on down, so Rod urges him along.

IUFB1: Ping-Pong Table
Steven: $800
Lynn: $750
Amber #1: $850* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
Gary: $1
ARP: $850

Bob does the old "Bid on that in dollars" spiel, then tries to read the ARP when the clangers go off.

PG1: Money Game--Played for a Dodge Neon


Middle number: 8

First pick: 11, wins $11
Second pick: 21 12, front of car
Third pick: 85, wins $96
Fourth pick: 25, back of car


Second Calldown: Otis

IUFB2: Sofa (winner also receives Sucrets)
Otis: $600*
Gary: $3500
Steven: $900
Lynn: $1000
ARP: $699

PG2: Poker Game--Played for a Barometer, Dinette Set, Armoire and Hostess Set

Otis' picks: Armoire ($699) and Hostess Set ($588)

Otis' hand: 99886

Otis decides to keep his hand

Other ARP's: Barometer--$560, Dinette Set--$999

House's hand: 99965


Third Calldown: Julie

IUFB3: Color TV
Julie: $699*
Gary: $650
Steven: $500
Lynn: $801
ARP: $800

PG3: It's in the Bag

GP1: Dove Soap
GP2: Centrum Silver
GP3: Bruce's Yams
GP4: Clorox 2 Bleach
GP5: Big Red Gum
GP6: Mrs. Butterworth's Lite Syrup

Order of bags: 25, $9.49, $1.19, $2.14, $6.99
Julie's picks: Gum, Vitamins, Yams, Soap, Bleach

First bag: Gum, wins $1,000; continues
Second bag: Vitamins, wins $2,000; continues
Third bag: Yams, wins $4,000; continues
Fourth bag: Soap, wins $8,000; continues
Fifth bag: Bleach, wins $16,000!


This is the first-ever $16,000 win for It's in the Bag!

Otis: 1.00
Amber #1: .45+.30=.75
Julie: .50+.65=OVER

Otis: .35

Otis is going to the Showcase with $1,000 in his pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Clara

IUFB4: Animated Christmas Figurines
Clara: $450
Gary: $485
Steven: $550
Lynn: $551*
ARP: $1150

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a Home Office with Computer and Desk

Choices: $4,416 or $3,314

Lynn picks $4,416

ARP: $4,416


Fifth Calldown: Dudley

IUFB5: Refrigerator/Freezer (winner also receives Eggs)
Dudley: $1350
Clara: $1649*
Gary: $1450
Steven: $1
ARP: $1699

PG5: Magic #--Played for a Chess Table and Train Bed

Magic number must be more than Chess Table, but less than Train Bed

Clara sets magic number to $990

ARP of Train Bed: $2,069
ARP of Chess Table: $1,288


The FFBC may get not one, but two members today, as both Steven and Gary are down to their last chance to win. As it is, one of them is guaranteed to join.

Final Calldown: Amber #2

IUFB6: Dinnerware
Amber #2: $1100
Gary: $1350
Steven: $950
Dudley: $1351

Amber #2: $700
Gary: $751
Steven: $800
Dudley: $801*
ARP: $825

Despite their valiant efforts, both Steven and Gary are off to the FFBC.

PG6: Five Price Tags--Played for a Mercury Villager

Possible prices: $21,499, $19,777, $23,085, $22,980, $20,645

SP1: Pasta Maker--$120? Guesses false, ARP: $120
SP2: Hair Dryer--$43? Guesses false, ARP: $43
SP3: Memory Board Games--$14? Guesses false, ARP: $20
SP4: Food Processor--$160? Guesses false, ARP: $160

Dudley wins one pick from the five price tags

First guess: $23,085? WIN!

With only one pick earned, he won the van!

Clara: .30+.55=.85
Lynn: .25+.60=.85
Dudley: .55+.95=OVER

Clara: .10
Lynn: .75

Lynn is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Lynn
Runner-Up: Otis

Camera, Microwave Oven, Chevrolet Camaro
Lynn bids $23,000

Workout Clothes, Home Gym, Exercise Bikes, Treadmill, Australia
Otis bids $2,900 (WTF???)

ARP of Otis' Showcase: $10,295 (Difference: $7,395)
ARP of Lynn's Showcase: $21,899 (OVER)

Otis wins his Showcase, and takes home $12,019 in cash and prizes! So his $2,900 bid did work after all.