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May 19, 1995
« on: March 29, 2018, 11:55:15 AM »
First Four: Fatima, Cheryl, Omelio, Daniel

IUFB1: Kids' Play Center
Fatima: $1200
Cheryl: $1201
Omelio: $1100
Daniel: $1203*
ARP: $1470

PG1: Lucky $even--Played for a Plymouth Neon

First number: 1

Second number: Guesses 0, actual--1 (gives back $1)
Third number: Guesses 5, actual--2 (gives back $3)
Fourth number: Guesses 5, actual--8 (Daniel goes broke!)
Fifth number: N/A


Second Calldown: Marc

IUFB2: Punch Bowl Set
Marc: $550*
Fatima: $675
Cheryl: $650
Omelio: $700
ARP: $585

PG2: Marc is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000!!!

SP1: Cookie Jar, wrong price--$85 (guesses 5, ARP: $45)
SP2: Quiz Wiz, wrong price--$21 (guesses 1, ARP: $28)
SP3: Door Alarm, wrong price--$12 (guesses 2, ARP: $18)
SP4: Train Phone, wrong price--$30 (guesses 0, ARP: $80)

Marc wins two more Plinko chips

First chip: $500
Second chip: $5,000
Third chip: $1,000

Total: $6,500


Third Calldown: Shelby

IUFB3: Daybed
Shelby: $800
Fatima: $1100
Cheryl: $900
Omelio: $1*
ARP: $729

PG3: Range Game--Played for a Pair of Off-Road Bikes

Range: $5,700-$6,300

Omelio stops rangefinder at $5,860-$6,010

ARP: $5,998


Today, the rangefinder cannot be stopped for 41 hours.

Daniel: .20+.05=.25
Omelio: .50+.65=OVER
Marc: .05+.85=.90

Marc is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Melba

IUFB4: 2 Cellular Phones
Melba: $500
Shelby: $700
Fatima: $799
Cheryl: $800*
ARP: $1100

PG4: 2 for the Price of 1--Played for a Small Kitchen Appliance Collection and Console Piano (total not given)

Cheryl will guess price of appliances

First number: 7 or 4
Second number: 9 or 6
Third number: 5 or 0

Cheryl picks second number for free, which is 9

She then guesses $490 as price

ARP: $490


Fifth Calldown: Georgette

IUFB5: Dinette Set
Georgette: $699
Melba: $1499*
Shelby: $1200
Fatima: $1201
ARP: $1550

PG5: Temptation--Played for a Mercury Tracer, plus these four gifts...

Server Cart--$363, picks 3
Nat King Cole CD Collection--$442, picks 4
Chest--$616, picks 6
Chair--$500, picks 0

Total value of gifts: $1,921

First number in price of car: 1

No changes

Melba, who will be celebrating her 82nd birthday tomorrow, decides to go for car

ARP: $13,210


So there's no car and no gifts for Melba, but Happy Birthday to her anyway.

Meanwhile, will Fatima get out of Contestant's Row at the last possible moment?

Final Calldown: William

IUFB6: Luggage (winner also receives Garlique tablets)
William: $600
Shelby: $800
Fatima: $600 $601*
Georgette: $899
ARP: $780

Yes, Fatima makes it out!

PG6: Now...or Then--Played for Kitchen Appliances ($3,295)

Then: January 1988

GP1: Toothbrush, marked at $2.43
GP2: Chocolate Éclair Ice Cream Bars, marked at $2.49
GP3: Beauty Bars, marked at $1.70
GP4: Sandwich Bags, marked at $1.29
GP5: Pickles, marked at $2.49
GP6: Drink Mix, marked at $2.69

First pick: Toothbrush (guesses now, is right)
Second pick: Sandwich Bags Ice Cream Bars (guesses now, is right)
Third pick: Beauty Bars (guesses then, is wrong)
Fourth pick: Drink Mix (guesses then, is right)


Melba: 1.00
Fatima: .15+.10=.25
Cheryl: .40+.60=1.00

Melba: .60
Cheryl: 1.00

Cheryl is going to the Showcase, with $11,000 in her pocket! However, Melba will celebrate her birthday with $1,000 of her own money.

Top Winner: Cheryl
Runner-Up: Marc

Emerald Ring, Evening Gown, Trailer
Cheryl passes to Marc, who bids $18,500

Bookcase Hutch, Living Room, Switzerland
Cheryl bids $10,000

ARP of Cheryl's Showcase: $11,960 (Difference: $1,960)
ARP of Marc's Showcase: $18,754 (Difference: $254)

Marc wins his Showcase, and takes home $25,964 in cash and prizes! Bob's signoff does not include the spay/neuter line.