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March 6, 1995
« on: March 29, 2018, 03:23:41 PM »
First Four: Ronica, Rechienda, Suzanne, Jared

After calling Jared, Rod accidentally says "You're the next contestant" instead of "You are the first four contestants". Bob makes his audience entrance here.

IUFB1: Personal Computer
Jared: $1400*
Suzanne: $1500
Rechienda: $1525
Ronica: $1526
ARP: $1499

PG1: Jared is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000!!!

SP1: Outdoor Jacket, wrong price--$20 (guesses 0, ARP: $30)
SP2: Spray Paint, wrong price--$41 (guesses 1, ARP: $45)
SP3: Child's Seat, wrong price--$78 (guesses 7, ARP: $38)
SP4: VHS Rewinder, wrong price--$12 (guesses 2, ARP: $17)

Jared wins one Plinko chip, for a total of two

First chip: $500
Second chip: $100

Total: $600


Second Calldown: Lona

IUFB2: Compact Stereo System
Lona: $950
Suzanne: $975
Rechienda: $850
Ronica: $976*
ARP: $1350

PG2: Clock Game--Played for a Kitchen Safe and Chair with Ottoman

First, Ronica (who is celebrating her 40th birthday today!) will bid on Kitchen Safe

Ronica's bids/Bob's responses: $600/H, $700/H, $800/H, $900/L, $850/L, $840/H, $841/H, $842/H, $843/H, $844/H, $845/H, $846/H, $847/H, $848 (wins with 21 seconds left)

Next, she will bid on Chair

Ronica's bids/Bob's responses: $700/H, $800/H, $900/H, $1000/L, $950/L, $940/L, $930/L, $920/H, $921/H, $922/H, $923/H, $924/H, $925/H, $926/H, $927/H, $928 (wins with 11 seconds left)


Third Calldown: Maya (whose name Rod pronounces wrong, and her birthday is today!)

IUFB3: Hostess Set
Maya: $600*
Lona: $800
Suzanne: $900
Rechienda: $901
ARP: $620

For the second straight One-Bid round, a birthday girl is on stage!

PG3: 3 Strikes--Played for a Ford Bronco

Numbers in price of truck: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8

First draw: 5 (guesses third, is wrong)
Second draw: 3 (guesses third, is wrong)
Third draw: 5 (guesses second, is wrong)
Fourth draw: 5 (guesses fifth, is right)
Fifth draw: 8 (guesses second, is wrong)
Sixth draw: 4 (guesses fourth, is wrong)
Seventh draw: 8 (guesses third, is wrong)
Eighth draw: 3 (guesses first, is right)
Ninth draw: X (strike one!)
Tenth draw: 8 (guesses fourth, is right)
Eleventh draw: 1 (guesses second, is right)
Twelfth draw: 4


Jared: .15+.30=.45
Ronica: .85
Maya: .65+.50=OVER

Ronica is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Harold

IUFB4: Iron Cradle
Harold: $600
Lona: $799
Suzanne: $800*
Rechienda: $1
ARP: $1760

PG4: Safe Crackers--Played for a Spa and Swimsuits ($4,625)

Numbers in price of Swimsuits: 0, 3, 6

Suzanne sets price to $360, but safe is locked

ARP: $630


This is one of the last times, if not the last, that the think cue that originated on the Kennedy nighttime version is heard; future playing will utilize the cue from the aborted Davidson show.

Fifth Calldown: Tamara

IUFB5: Washer/Dryer (winner also receives Roll-O-Matic Performer broom)
Tamara: $900
Rechienda: $699
Harold: $750
Lona: $751*
ARP: $868

PG5: Bullseye--Played for a Dining Room Group ($5,402)

GP1: Caress Body Bars
GP2: Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner
GP3: Creamsicle Frozen Yogurt
GP4: V8 Juice
GP5: Chloraseptic Cough Drops

First purchase: 7 Body Bars x $2.27 = $15.89
Second purchase: 4 Toilet Bowl Cleaners x $1.59 = $6.36
Third purchase: 5 Creamsicles x $2.89 = $14.45

If the Hidden Bullseye behind the Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Lona wins

Behind Toilet Bowl Cleaner? YES


When Lona goes over $12, MRRRRRRRRP! goes off instead of the usual BUZZ!

Now Rechienda is going to try one last time to make it out of Contestant's Row, knowing that she will be in the FFBC if she fails this time.

Final Calldown: Sandra

IUFB6: Bar Set
Sandra: $900
Tamara: $1200
Rechienda: $1201*
Harold: $1000
ARP: $1699

At long last, Rechienda is a winner, and is going after this reward...

PG6: Money Game--Played for a Mercury Tracer


Middle number: 8

First pick: 12, front of car
Second pick: 98, wins $98
Third pick: 86, wins $184
Fourth pick: 55, back of car


Suzanne: .90
Lona: .10+.85=.95
Rechienda: .20+.60=.80

Lona is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Lona
Runner-Up: Ronica

Living Room Group, Grandfather Clock, Egypt
Lona passes to Ronica, who bids $9,000

Big-Screen TV, Microwave Range, Video Arcade Game, 2 Ford Aspires
Lona bids $20,000

ARP of Ronica's Showcase: $16,178 (Difference: $7,178)
ARP of Lona's Showcase: $24,610 (Difference: $4,610)

Lona wins her Showcase, and takes home $30,905 in cash and prizes!