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May 6, 1993
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:53:20 PM »
First Four: Dana, Dominic, Steven, Danny

IUFB1: Treadmill
Danny: $440
Steven: $600
Dominic: $732
Dana: $899*
ARP: $1395

PG1: Range Game--Played for a Bed

Range: $3,000-$3,600

Dana stops rangefinder at $3,170-$3,320

ARP: $3,249

In this playing, the rangefinder cannot be restarted for 47 hours.

Second Calldown: Anacleto

IUFB2: Encyclopedia
Anacleto: $950
Danny: $880
Steven: $1200*
Dominic: $732
ARP: $1500

PG2: Swap Meet--Played for a Tea Service, plus a Gas Grill, Luggage and Stereo System

Steven picks Stereo

ARP of Stereo: $1,250
ARP of Tea Service: $1,250

Other ARP's: Gas Grill--$868, Luggage--$500


Third Calldown: Andrew

IUFB3: Wing Chair
Andrew: $1050
Dominic: $1150
Anacleto: $1200
Danny: $1*
ARP: $1025

PG3: Spelling Bee--Played for a Ford Escort ($10,244)

Free picks: 19, 11

SP1: Baby Clothing (guesses $18, ARP--$18; automatically wins all three SPs!)
SP2: Haircut Set (no guess, ARP not revealed)
SP3: Hand Blender (no guess, ARP not revealed)

Additional picks: 1, 16, 24

First card: C, continues
Second card: A, continues
Third card: A, continues
Fourth card: A, continues
Fifth card: R


Dana: .05+.15=.20
Steven: .50+.85=OVER
Danny: .95

Danny is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Robin

IUFB4: Small Kitchen Appliances
Robin: $450
Andrew: $800
Dominic: $675
Anacleto: $500*
ARP: $501

PG4: Magic #--Played for a Bar Set and Washer/Dryer

Magic number must be more than Bar Set, but less than Washer/Dryer

Anacleto sets magic number at $770

ARP of Washer/Dryer: $1,169
ARP of Bar Set: $699


Fifth Calldown: Mary

IUFB5: Outdoor Furniture
Mary: $650
Robin: $820
Andrew: $750
Dominic: $1000*
ARP: $1999

PG5: Money Game--Played for a Mercury Topaz


Middle number: 6

First pick: 41, wins $41
Second pick: 14, wins $55
Third pick: 39, wins $94
Fourth pick: 13, wins $107

ARP: $12,668


While conferring with Roger, Bob points out that this is only the second wipeout in the history of Money Game as of this show.

Final Calldown: Eric

IUFB6: His & Hers Watches
Eric: $700
Mary: $950
Robin: $1100
Andrew: $1101*
ARP: $1350

PG6: $uper $aver--Played for Kitchen Appliances ($4,912)

GP1: Eye Drops, marked at $3.87
GP2: Werther's Original Candy, marked at $2.09
GP3: Nail Glue, marked at $1.39
GP4: Drain Care, marked at $5.89
GP5: Dove Soap, marked at $2.09
GP6: One Lube Lubricant, marked at $3.29

First purchase: Nail Glue, ARP--$1.99, saves 60
Second purchase: Candy, ARP--$2.59, saves 50 for $1.10 in bank
Third purchase: Soap, ARP--$2.29, saves 20 for $1.30 in bank
Fourth purchase: Lubricant, ARP--$2.99, loses 30 for $1.00 in bank


Dominic: .45+.95=OVER
Anacleto: .45+.25=.70
Andrew: .75

Andrew is going to the Showcase! This episode is the last one with the old circles in front of the Big Wheel, as a new full carpet will debut on the next show.

Top Winner: Danny
Runner-Up: Andrew

San Francisco, Atlanta, Nantucket, Australia
Danny passes to Andrew, who bids $12,000

Living Room Group, Golf Clubs, Golf Cart
Danny bids $7,600

ARP of Danny's Showcase: $13,851 (Difference: $6,251)
ARP of Andrew's Showcase: $10,849 (OVER)

Danny wins his Showcase, and takes home $25,214 in cash and prizes! Bob rewords his closing to "Left here alone, what should I talk about? Having your pet spayed or neutered; help control the pet population. Bob Barker saying goodbye, everybody!" In effect, he sounds like future host Drew Carey (an unknown stand-up comedian from Cleveland whose sitcom will not debut until two years later), who will do his own spay/neuter plug this way.