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CSS Results for June 2 (JFF)


With a field of ten people (plus STAGE PLAYER), we had quite an interesting little Just For Fun CSS today. The winner overall - with a DSW on the trips to boot - was sideshowPA who actually had worst bid of the scoring players on the car! Likewise, Forrest20, who had an excellent bid on the car, had the second worst bid of scoring players (not counting the Stage Garf today) on the trips!

Compared to the playoff players, the overbids weren't nearly as tragic, and I suspect that if it had been a normal Friday, we would have seen more overs on the Around The World SC. New Zealand can be much more expensive, but the airfares were not all from LAX.

All I can say for myself is thank goodness I didn't bomb the trip or I'd be in overland in the playoffs too. :)

Results for June 2 (Just For Fun Friday)

yeah....I see how it is....NOW I'll start my winning streak, after it is too late....


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