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November 24, 1986
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First Four: Loraine, Pamela, Joseph, Janel

IUFB1: Refrigerator/Freezer
Janel: $1025
Joseph: $1199
Pamela: $1125*
Loraine: $850
ARP: $1170

PG1: Bullseye--Played for a Grand Piano ($8,380)

GP1: Crystal Hot Sauce
GP2: Cutex Nail Polish Remover
GP3: Soft Sense Lotion
GP4: Sue Bee Honey
GP5: Andes Candy

First purchase: 3 Lotions x $1.84 = $5.52


Second Calldown: Shirley

IUFB2: Brass Telescope
Shirley: $1300
Loraine: $1400
Janel: $1425*
Joseph: $1
ARP: $1450

Bob notes that on one of the first shows back in 1972, there was a contestant who bid $1 in the Showcase.

PG2: Add em Up--Played for a Chevrolet Sprint

All four numbers in the price must total 18

Free digit: First number, which is 6

First guess: 4, is wrong but game continues
Second guess: 0, last number
Third guess: 8 3, is wrong and game over

ARP: $6,570


The MRRRRRRRRP! buzzer sounds on the second mistake, similar to what is done in Take Two and Pick-a-Pair.

Third Calldown: Diana

IUFB3: Sofa Bed
Diana: $650
Joseph: $850*
Shirley: $955
Loraine: $956
ARP: $895

PG3: Safe Crackers--Played for a Camping Trailer and 2 Color TV's ($6,547)

Numbers in price of Color TV's: 0, 6, 5

Joseph sets combination to $650, but safe is locked

ARP: $560


When Dian tries to open the safe, she is hobbling because she broke some glass on her foot while feeding her dog. Also, the losing sound here is BUZZ!, like it has been since approximately 1993.

Joseph: .40+.75=OVER
Janel: .30+.50=.80
Pamela: .90

Pamela is going to the Showcase! This is one of the first episodes to feature the new, wider split-screen arrow that Paul Alter created; it is definitely a marked improvement over Marc Breslow's old pennant-shaped graphic. Also, the SCSD is a Play-Along game, and the participant is Lillian of Columbus, GA.

Before the next calldown, Rod reveals that he has lost 19 pounds.

Fourth Calldown: Cynthia

IUFB4: His & Hers Watches
Cynthia: $1300
Shirley: $1350*
Loraine: $999
Diana: $1250
ARP: $1380

Shirley, when did Bob ever do Queen for a Day? That was Jack Bailey!

PG4: Take Two--Played for 2 Lamps, Massage Lounger, Microwave Range and Power Bicycle

Target price: $1,694

First try: Chair ($1,595) and Range ($1,295); TOTAL--$2,890
Second try: Bicycle ($399) and Range ($1,295); TOTAL--$1,694


Fifth Calldown: Richard

IUFB5: Replica Car
Richard: $1390
Loraine: $1499*
Diana: $1400
Cynthia: $1401
ARP: $1895

PG5: Double Prices--Played for a Spa

Choices: $6,999 or $7,995

Loraine picks $7,995

ARP: $7,995


Final Calldown: Elsie

IUFB6: Bar Set
Elsie: $1575
Diana: $1100
Cynthia: $750*
Richard: $1101
ARP: $1093

PG6: Switcheroo--Played for a Mazda B2000 Truck, plus these four prizes...

SP1: Mattress Pad
SP2: Vacuum Cleaner
SP3: Jet Shoes
SP4: Deep Fryer

Mattress Pad--$?5

Missing numbers: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

First try: 5/4/7/6/2 (3 right, decides to quit)
Second try: N/A

Cynthia wins Vacuum, Shoes and Truck

Other ARP's:Mattress Pad--$75, Fryer--$42


Shirley: .95
Cynthia: .10+.30=.40
Loraine: .80+.50=OVER

Shirley is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Pamela
Runner-Up: Shirley

Dining Room, Dinnerware, Bedroom
Pamela passes to Shirley, who bids $8,500

Freezer, Jamaica, Suzuki Samurai
Pamela bids $17,000

ARP of Shirley's Showcase: $11,965 (Difference: $3,465)
ARP of Pamela's Showcase: $11,171 (OVER)

Shirley wins her Showcase, and takes home $17,332 in cash and prizes! Despite this not being an everyday occurrence, Bob signs off with the spay/neuter plug.