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October 15, 1991
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First Four: Melanie, Shirley, Curtis, Marilyn

Janice, who normally hands Bob the mic at the top of the show, isn't feeling well today, so Dian takes her place on the stage.

IUFB1: Evening Gown
Marilyn: $1000
Curtis: $1200*
Shirley: $1150
Melanie: $1100
ARP: $1750

PG1: SuperBall!!!--Played for Power Tools, a Dinette Set and a Grand Piano ($11,240)

SP1: Salad Shooter--$34 or $51? Picks $51, is wrong
SP2: Poultry Cooker--$9 or $13? Picks $13, is right
SP3: Garfield Desk Lamp--$45 or $61? Picks $61, is wrong

Bob's Practice Throw: $50

Curtis' Practice Throw: $50

Ball #2: $100

SP4: Can Opener--$11 or $20? Picks $20, is right

Super Ball: $150

Total: $250


Second Calldown: Spencer

IUFB2: Refrigerator/Freezer (winner also receives Roll-O-Matic Performer Broom)
Spencer: $1450*
Shirley: $1500
Melanie: $1200
Marilyn: $1
ARP: $1463

PG2: Lucky $even--Played for a Nissan Sentra

First number: Guesses 8, actual number--9 (gives back $1)
Second number: Guesses 7, actual number--2 (gives back $5)
Third number: Guesses 5, actual number--4 (Spencer goes broke!)
Fourth number: Not revealed


Third Calldown: James

IUFB3: Chest
James: $1250
Shirley: $1300
Melanie: $1351
Marilyn: $1375*
ARP: $1710

PG3: Bump--Played for a Grandfather Clock and Gasoline Pump Replica

Gasoline Pump--$2,995
End Buses--$2,590

Marilyn has Dian bump to the left

ARP of Clock: $2,995
ARP of Gasoline Pump: $2,590


Spencer: .05+1.00=OVER
Curtis: .05+.25=.30
Marilyn: .10+.30=.40

Perpetual Motion Marilyn, who has been pinching Bob ever since she won her way up on stage, is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Cheryl

IUFB4: Dishwasher
Cheryl: $780
James: $670
Shirley: $700
Melanie: $675

Cheryl: $500
James: $480
Shirley: $550
Melanie: $351*
ARP: $459

PG4: Most Expensive--Played for a Bar Set, Luggage and Motorcycle

Melanie picks #3

ARP of #1: $1,450
ARP of #2: $1,140
ARP of #3: $2,198


Afterwards, a hilarious moment ensues as Melanie squeezes Bob in joy, and he says "YES YES YES!!!" fearing that he might not survive the show. Eventually, Bob sits on the frame of Door #2 and throws to Rod with "There's more Price coming up" (yes, he left out the words "is Right"); and even Rod is cracking up as he prepares to do the mid-show bumper.

Fifth Calldown: John

IUFB5: Entertainment Center
John: $950*
Cheryl: $750
James: $780
Shirley: $750 $751
ARP: $1598

PG5: Any Number--Played for an Orangutan Set or a Geo Metro

First pick: 7, second number in piggy bank
Second pick: 8, first number in car
Third pick: 4, third number in piggy bank
Fourth pick: 5, first number in orangutans
Fifth pick: 3, third number in car
Sixth pick: 2, second number in orangutans
Seventh pick: 1, fourth number in car
Eighth pick: 9, first number in piggy bank

Other ARP's: Car--$8,031; Orangutans--$526


Needless to say, Shirley is now down to her final chance to get up on stage. Otherwise, it'll be the FFBC for her.

Final Calldown: Karen

IUFB6: 2 Lamps
Karen: $450
Cheryl: $650
James: $675
Shirley: $676*
ARP: $1622

Fortunately, Shirley will not have to do the walk of shame, as she now has a chance to do some more winning.

PG6: Hit Me--Played for a Satellite Dish and Big-Screen TV ($5,099)

House's Opening Card: 6

GP1: Hair Accessory, marked at $9.98
GP2: Polident, marked at $16.29
GP3: Porcelain Reflector Pens, marked at $4.50
GP4: Chuckles Candy, marked at $6.23
GP5: Latex Gloves, marked at $15.12
GP6: All Detergent, marked at $29.90

First pick: Detergent, ARP--$2.99, gets King
Second pick: Reflector Pens, ARP--$4.50, gets Ace for 21

House had an Ace for 17


John: .15+.95=OVER
Melanie: .80
Shirley: .50+.90=OVER

Melanie is going to the Showcase! John's two wheelies, including him almost losing his balance on the second spin, add to an already highly entertaining episode.

Top Winner: Marilyn
Runner-Up: Melanie

Game Room (Poker Table, Pool Table, 45 RPM '57 T-Bird Jukebox), Caribbean Cruise
Marilyn passes to Melanie, who bids $12,500

12 Desserts for a Year, Golf Clubs, Brass Bed, Ski Boat
Marilyn bids $21,500

The cue for Showcase is the full version of The Big Banana.

ARP of Melanie's Showcase: $15,826 (Difference: $8,326)
ARP of Marilyn's Showcase: $30,348 (Difference: $8,848)

Melanie wins her Showcase, and takes home $21,073 in cash and prizes! She then proceeds to squeeze Bob one last time, who signs off more frightened than usual.