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December 13, 2003: TPIR MDS #7
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This episode is aired in honor of Bob's 80th birthday, and it starts with Celine Dion singing Happy Birthday to Bob. The show then segues to a group of audience members sending him birthday wishes as he enters the studio. For the first time, this MDS is announced by Randy West.

First Four: Daniel, Chantay, Isabel, Jessica

Bob's greeting is: "Good evening, folks! Tonight, CBS is celebrating my 80th birthday with The Price is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular!" It is one of the rare times that he does not say "Welcome to The Price is Right!" to open the show.

IUFB1: Trip to Hawaii
Jessica: $3000
Isabel: $3501
Chantay: $2750
Daniel: $3502*
ARP: $3940

PG1: 1 Wrong Price--Played for a Ford Mustang Coupe, Pontiac Grand Am and Pontiac Sunfire

Mustang: $15,901
Grand Am: $19,225
Sunfire: $15,785

Daniel picks Mustang

ARP of Mustang: $18,345


Second Calldown: Frederick

IUFB2: Floor Clock
Frederick: $1200
Jessica: $1288
Isabel: $1700
Chantay: $1701*
ARP: $2905

PG2: Grand Game

Target price: $4.50

GP1: Poppycock Just Nuts!
GP2: Barbasol Shaving Gel
GP3: Birdola Plus
GP4: Blue Star Ointment
GP5: Goldfish Crackers
GP6: Jif Peanut Butter

First pick: Goldfish--89, wins $20
Second pick: Peanut Butter--$2.99, wins $200
Third pick: Nuts--$4.99, game over

Other ARP's: Shaving Gel--$1.99, Bird Seed--$3.99, Ointment--$5.89


Before the game, the $20,000 slider does not move back to $2, and when Bob asks who's running the board, it's revealed to be none other than Larry King! Larry helps Chantay pick out the GPs, but the nuts cost them in the end. The first birthday wish comes from Ray Romano, the star of Everybody Loves Raymond, who simulates a game of Hole in One on his set.

Third Calldown: Serena

IUFB3: Off-Road Motorcycle
Serena: $2600*
Frederick: $2295
Jessica: $3500
Isabel: $3700
ARP: $3348

PG3: Push Over--Played for a Trailer


Serena pushes blocks to $24,273

ARP: $24,273


Next up: birthday greetings from the cast of JAG!

Chantay: .75
Serena: .95
Daniel: .95

Serena: .10
Daniel: .70

Daniel is going to the Showcase! Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are up next with their birthday wishes to Bob, as the TPIR theme plays in the background.

Fourth Calldown: Joshua

IUFB4: Outdoor Pool Table
Joshua: $3000
Frederick: $3250
Jessica: $2500
Isabel: $3500*
ARP: $4000

PG4: Lucky $even--Played for a Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

First number: 5

Second number: Guesses 3, actual number--4 (gives back $1)
Third number: Guesses 6, actual number--4 (gives back $2)
Fourth number: Guesses 5, actual number--6 (gives back $1)
Fifth number: Guesses 5, actual number--3 (gives back $2, plus $1 for car)


Chuck Norris of Walker, Texas Ranger rides out on stage in the car before the game, and he helps Isabel guess the numbers. Bob later points out that Chuck's mother, his brother and sister-in-law are in the audience.

Fifth Calldown: Melissa

IUFB5: Combination Home Office/Fitness Center
Melissa: $3200
Joshua: $4200
Frederick: $4650
Jessica: $4651*
ARP: $4999

PG5: Squeeze Play--Played for a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP


Jessica removes second 0, and price squeezes to $30,475

ARP: $30,475


We then get some birthday greetings from the cast of Mike & Molly Still Standing.

Final Calldown: Theresa

IUFB6: Hot Tub
Theresa: $3495
Melissa: $7000
Joshua: $4400
Frederick: $4401*
ARP: $4495

PG6: Double Prices--Played for a Watercraft

Choices: $10,851 or $9,778

Frederick picks $9,778

ARP: $9,778


The cast of Becker is next on the greetings list.

Frederick: .65
Jessica: .10+.05=.15
Isabel: .90

Isabel is going to the Showcase! The cast of Joan of Arcadia sends their birthday wishes to Bob, again with the TPIR theme playing in the background. We were promised a Million-Dollar Spin, but since it has not happened at this point in the show, Bob then declares that it will be awarded to the Showcase winner. Will it be Isabel or Daniel that gets the chance to spin?

Top Winner: Isabel
Runner-Up: Daniel

Around the World in 80 Days Video, VCR, Big-Screen TV, $8,000 (in 80 $100 bills), Cadillac DeVille
Isabel bids $65,000

Golf Clubs, Golf Cart, Washington, DC, Ford Explorer, Cabin Cruiser
Daniel bids $1 (because he believes that Isabel has gone over)

ARP of Daniel's Showcase: $121,704 (Difference: $121,703)
ARP of Isabel's Showcase: $64,480 (OVER)

Daniel wins his Showcase, and takes home $178,999 in cash and prizes, but he's not through yet, because he will take one last spin on the Big Wheel for a million dollars! He also sets a new record for being the furthest ever away from the ARP of one's Showcase.

Daniel: .65

No million dollars, but Daniel is still a big winner tonight! A jazz-rock instrumental version of Happy Birthday plays during the closing, as a birthday cake decorated for the occasion is set up in front of the Big Doors.

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Re: December 13, 2003: TPIR MDS #7
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Easily one of the best MDS' ever.

I find it rather ironic that Grand Game was the one game that prevented a perfect show since that game had never seen a primetime loss before (or since).
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Re: December 13, 2003: TPIR MDS #7
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This special was also the first one to have additional signs specifying what was being celebrated, as well as the Turntable designed accordingly. I think it was cool to have it designed with balloons and stars, and the "Happy Birthday!!!" text on the spinning wall was a nice touch.