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May 1, 2004: TPIR MDS #11
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:43:43 PM »
Tonight, the audience is made up entirely of college students who will vote in their first-ever elections, seeing that this is an election year. A patriotic song plays during the opening as Rich welcomes the audience to the show. Samples of signs include: BEWARE OF EL CHEAPO, A CAR IN EVERY GARAGE, and VOTE NO ON DOUBLE-OVERBIDS.

First Four: Emmy, Rafael, Noah, Jillian

Bob makes his audience entrance here.

IUFB1: Pinball Machine
Jillian: $1200*
Noah: $850
Rafael: $751
Emmy: $851
ARP: $4495

PG1: Lucky $even--Played for a Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

First number: 5

Second number: Guesses 4, actual number--4 (keeps all $7)
Third number: Guesses 6, actual number--3 (gives back $3)
Fourth number: Guesses 9, actual number--6 (gives back $3)
Fifth number: Guesses 5, actual number--7 (Jillian goes broke!)


Instead of a list, Bob asks Rich for the next name on his ballot, to match the theme of the show.

Second Calldown: Brittany

IUFB2: His & Hers Gold Diamond Watches
Brittany: $1300
Noah: $1600
Rafael: $1601
Emmy: $1602*
ARP: $4045

PG2: It's in the Bag

GP1: Citrucel
GP2: Miracle-Gro
GP3: Alavert
GP4: Chips Ahoy!
GP5: Healthy Request Tomato Soup
GP6: Polident

Order of bags: 55, $1.19, $13.35, $10.59, $5.86
Emmy's picks: Chips Ahoy!, Soup, Alavert, Citrucel, Polident

First bag: Chips Ahoy!--wins $1,000, continues
Second bag: Soup--wins $2,000, quits
Third bag: Citrucel
Fourth bag: Alavert
Fifth bag: Polident


More political references are made, as Bob asks Rich for a candidate to fill the empty office in Contestant's Row.

Third Calldown: Jenna

IUFB3: Home Gym
Jenna: $2500* (also wins $1,000 for perfect bid)
Brittany: $2600
Noah: $3000
Rafael: $3001
ARP: $2500

PG3: Pathfinder--Played for a Jeep Wrangler

First number: 2

SP1: Mini Fridge
SP2: Telephone Set
SP3: Cleaning Products

Second number: 2, 7, 9 or 0? Steps to 2, is right
Third number: 3, 0 or 8? Steps to 8, is right
Fourth number: 9, 0 or 4? Steps to 4, is wrong

Picks Telephone Set: $79 or $133? Guesses $79, is right

Fourth number: 9 or 0? Steps to 9, is right
Fifth number: 3 or 5? Steps to 5, is right


Jillian: .25+.85=OVER
Emmy: .35+.70=OVER
Jenna: .55

By virtue of the first two spinners going over, Jenna is going to the Showcase!

"And who is the nominee for this vacant spot in Contestant's Row, Rich?"

Fourth Calldown: Alaa

IUFB4: Air Hockey Table
Alaa: $3000
Brittany: $4000
Noah: $3300
Rafael: $1*
ARP: $2495

PG4: Range Game--Played for a Plasma TV and Entertainment Center (and look at that TV go down at the end!)

Range: $11,400-$12,000

Rafael stops rangefinder at $11,630-$11,780

ARP: $11,696


Once again, the daytime joke of 37 hours makes its cameo, and Rafael even tells Bob what he thinks the exact price is ($11,750). Well, he was only $54 off, but still stopped it in the right spot.

Fifth Calldown: Nicholas

IUFB5: Watersports Equipment
Nicholas: $750
Alaa: $2700*
Brittany: $2200
Noah: $2201
ARP: $3330

PG5: Temptation--Played for a Dodge Ram 1500, plus these four gifts...

Grandfather Clock--$3330, picks 3
Gas Grill--$4414, picks 4
Stereo System--$1199, picks 9
Diamond Pendant--$5550, picks 0

Total value of gifts: $14,493

First number in price of truck: 2

No changes

Alaa decides to go for truck

ARP: $23,415


The buzzer is followed by the losing horns in this playing.

Meanwhile, this is Noah's last chance to win his way up on stage. If he does not, the FFDC awaits his arrival.

Bob asks Rich for one more nominee...

Final Calldown: Allison

IUFB6: Game Table
Allison: $3600
Brittany: $3400*
Noah: $3900
Nicholas: $1
ARP: $3500

And so, Noah's night ends in the FFDC.

PG6: Switch?--Played for a Drum Set and ATV

Drum Set: $5,879?
ATV: $4,292

Brittany decides to switch

ARP of Drum Set: $4,292
ARP of ATV: $5,879


Alaa: .75
Brittany: .85
Rafael: .15+.55=.70

Brittany is going to the Showcase! Since no one got a chance to spin for a million dollars, it will now go to the Showcase winner.

Top Winner: Jenna
Runner-Up: Brittany

Computer, Washington, DC, Cadillac Escalade
Jenna bids $55,000

Sauna, Swimming Pool, Cabin Cruiser
Brittany bids $64,000

ARP of Brittany's Showcase: $88,719 (Difference: $24,719)
ARP of Jenna's Showcase: $65,497 (Difference: $10,497)

Jenna wins her Showcase, and takes home $91,971 in cash and prizes, but will she add a million dollars to her winnings?

Jenna: .40

For the 11th time in a row, no millionaire.

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Re: May 1, 2004: TPIR MDS #11
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2018, 04:48:32 PM »
At least these kids were better than the ones on the previous college MDS.