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May 22, 2004: TPIR MDS #12
« on: April 20, 2018, 02:04:33 PM »
In what turns out to be the final MDS of Season 32, Bob gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. The opening features the other following CBS stars in sequential order: Jackie Gleason, Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Red Skelton, Mary Tyler Moore, Richard Dawson, Carroll O'Connor, Ed Sullivan and Lucille Ball.

First Four: Sadye, Paul, Rebecca, Michael

Bob makes his audience entrance here.

IUFB1: Big-Screen TV
Sadye: $2600
Paul: $4495*
Rebecca: $2450
Michael: $3000
ARP: $4599

PG1: 3 Strikes--Played for a Cadillac DeVille

Numbers in price: 0, 1, 2, 4, 8

First draw: 2 (guesses third, is right)
Second draw: X (strike one!)
Third draw: 0 (guesses second, is wrong)
Fourth draw: 0 (guesses fourth, is wrong)
Fifth draw: 1 (guesses fourth, is right)
Sixth draw: X (strike two!)
Seventh draw: 8 (guesses second, is right)
Eighth draw: X (YER OUT!!!)

ARP: $48,210


Second Calldown: Barbara

IUFB2: Trip to Cancun
Barbara: $2800
Rebecca: $4200
Michael: $2801*
Sadye: $4201
ARP: $3400

PG2: Grand Game

Target price: $10.00

GP1: Barbasol Shaving Cream
GP2: Miracle-Gro Shake n Feed
GP3: Tums Smooth Dissolve
GP4: Ecotrin
GP5: Icv Hot Patch
GP6: Alavert

First pick: Shaving Cream--$1.19, wins $20
Second pick: Tums--$3.99, wins $200
Third pick: Ecotrin--$7.00, wins $2,000

Michael decides to continue

Fourth pick: Icy Hot Patch--$3.60, wins $20,000!

Other ARPs: Not revealed


Dick Askin, President of the Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences gives a brief speech, and Rachel helps unveil a bust of Bob that will be displayed in the Hall of Fame. The sculptor herself, Angie Wickson, is also in the audience.

Third Calldown: Hilary

IUFB3: Bar Set
Hilary: $2500*
Sadye: $3000
Barbara: $1399
Rebecca: $1799
ARP: $2730

PG3: Coming or Going--Played for a Folding Trailer

Coming: $8,306
Going: $6,038

Hilary is Coming

Correct Solution: Coming


Paul: .20+1.00=OVER
Hilary: .70
Michael: .45+.05=.50

Hilary is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: David

IUFB4: Floor Clock
David: $2800
Sadye: $2400
Barbara: $3200
Rebecca: $3201*
ARP: $3390

PG4: Money Game--Played for a Chrysler Sebring Convertible


Middle number: 3

First pick: 27, front of car
Second pick: 80, back of car


Fifth Calldown: Judith

IUFB5: Arcade Game
Judith: $2500
David: $1200
Sadye: $2200*
Barbara: $2501
ARP: $2495

PG5: Safe Crackers--Played for a Chevrolet Impala and Luggage ($22,905)

Numbers in price of luggage: 0, 6, 7

Sadye sets combination to $670, but safe is locked

ARP: $760


Leslie Moonves, Chairman and CEO of CBS, makes a brief speech.

Final Calldown: Stacey

IUFB6: His & Hers Golf Equipment
Stacey: $2820*
Barbara: $2000
Judith: $2400
David: $1 $6
ARP: $3830

PG6: Double Prices--Played for a Grand Piano

Choices: $13,010 or $11,005

Stacey (who has never played piano, but would like to learn) picks $13,010

ARP: $13,010


Now Stacey can learn to play with her friend Brian.

Sadye: .80
Stacey: .05+1.00=OVER
Rebecca: .70+.75=OVER

Sadye is going to the Showcase! As there is no Million-Dollar Spin up to this point, it will go to the Showcase winner at the end of the show.

Top Winner: Hilary
Runner-Up: Sadye

Kitchen, Hot Tub, Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
Hilary passes to Sadye, who bids $52,000

Stereo System and Elvis Presley CDs (Elvis Presley), $7,550 in Cash (Hank Aaron), Lincoln Town Car (Bob Barker)
Hilary bids $61,000

ARP of Sadye's Showcase: $48,172 (OVER)
ARP of Hilary's Showcase: $60,880 (OVER)

Since there was a Double-Overbid (which included a :wsd: from Hilary), there'll be no Million-Dollar Spin, right? Wrong! Instead, Brandi will draw a random number, and someone from the audience will take the biggest spin of his or her life! The winning number is 081, which belongs to Jay.

Jay: .20

Because Jay does not count as a contestant since he did not have to bid on anything, he will be eligible to play again.

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Re: May 22, 2004: TPIR MDS #12
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This is the last MDS to have a theme attached to it; the $1,000,000 sign is flanked by Emmy statues.