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April 9, 2005: TPIR MDS #14
« on: April 24, 2018, 12:15:44 PM »
First Four: Janae, Freda, Dena, Gary

Bob makes his audience entrance here.

IUFB1: Computer
Janae: $1850
Freda: $2675*
Dena: $2500
Gary: $1
ARP: $3106

PG1: Golden Road--Played for His & Her Golf Equipment, an Upright Piano and something worth more than $100,000 (and the most expensive prize ever offered on the show)--a Cabin Cruiser!!!

Price of Paper Clips: 72

Golf Equipment: $?98; picks 7, is right
Piano: $6,?85; picks 9, is right
Cabin Cruiser: $105,?84; picks 6, is right


And with that, the cabin cruiser is now the most expensive prize ever won as well!

Second Calldown: Charles

IUFB2: Home Gym
Charles: $2500
Dena: $2700*
Gary: $3500
Janae: $3300
ARP: $3258

PG2: One Away--Played for a Ford Thunderbird

Wrong price: $33,721

Dena changes price to $42,830

Ladies, how many numbers are right? 4

Dena changes price to $42,630

ARP: $42,810


Moment #1 is Pauline chasing Bob across the stage after winning Grand Game.

Third Calldown: Dorothy

IUFB3: Pearl & Diamond Necklace
Dorothy: $3800
Gary: $3500 (and no, Lanisha does not come with it!)
Janae: $5000
Charles: $4000* (also wins $1,000 for perfect bid)
ARP: $4000

PG3: It's in the Bag

GP1: Loctite Super Glue
GP2: Citracal
GP3: Index Cards
GP4: Baker's Joy Spray
GP5: Dole Pineapple Slices
GP6: Purina Cat Chow

Order of bags: 69, $10.97, $1.79, $2.69, $3.99
Charles' picks: Index Cards, Citracal, Super Glue, Pineapple, Cat Food

First bag: Index Cards--wins $1,000, continues
Second bag: Citracal--wins $2,000, quits
Third bag: Pineapple
Fourth bag: Cooking Spray
Fifth bag: Super Glue


This is the first playing with the last bag worth $24,000 instead of $16,000; the first four bags are worth the same amount as the daytime show.

Moment #2 is Ethel, who had a dream about Bob chasing her in the hayloft.

Dena: .30+.75=OVER
Charles: .80
Freda: .95

Freda is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Sharon (who attended some shows with her family in 1972, but was too young to participate)

IUFB4: Trip to New York City
Sharon: $3800*
Dorothy: $3500
Gary: $4300
Janae: $3501
ARP: $4025

PG4: Coming or Going--Played for an Electric Vehicle (which is driven out on stage a la Lucky $even)

Coming: $9,785
Going: $5,879

Sharon is Coming

Correct Solution: Coming


After 32 years, Sharon is finally a winner!

Moment #3 is a montage of various contestants kissing Bob over the years.

Fifth Calldown: Chad

IUFB5: Gas Grill and 2 Patio Heaters
Chad: $1050
Dorothy: $3200
Gary: $2700
Janae: $3201*
ARP: $3398

PG5: That's Too Much!--Played for a Lincoln LS

Price #1--$18,331--Keep going
Price #2--$22,855--Keep going
Price #3--$25,790--Keep going
Price #4--$26,871--Keep going
Price #5--$29,501--Keep going
Price #6--$30,234--Keep going
Price #7--$32,850--Keep going
Price #8--$34,102--Keep going
Price #9--$40,810--THAT'S TOO MUCH!!!

ARP: $33,110

Which price was too much? #8

Moment #4 is a Race Game player who says he doesn't need the prizes, and an angry Bob tells him: "Give me my price tags!" (Of course, he was joking!)

Now what will become of Gary as the show approaches its final One Bid of the night?

Final Calldown: Katie

IUFB6: Watercraft Package (Kayaks and Canoes)
Katie: $3500
Chad: $4500
Dorothy: $4600
Gary: $1000*
ARP: $2869

At long last, Gary escapes!

PG6: Push Over--Played for a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab


Gary pushes blocks to $35,665

ARP: $35,665


Moment #5 is a Sailor winning a $19,385 car in Temptation.

Janae: .30+.65=.95
Sharon: .30+.30=.60
Gary: .15+.40=.55

Janae is going to the Showcase! Because neither SCSD had a Million-Dollar Spin, it will now go to the Showcase winner, which will be either Freda or Janae.

Top Winner: Freda
Runner-Up: Janae

$6,197 in Cash, Spa, Ford Saleen Mustang S281
Freda bids $80,000

Sauna, Motorcycle, 3 Dodge Neon SXTs
Janae bids $41,000 (because she believes that Freda has gone over)

ARP of Janae's Showcase: $60,259 (Difference: $19,259)
ARP of Freda's Showcase: $67,334 (OVER)

Janae wins her Showcase, and takes home $63,657 in cash and prizes, but the Big Wheel awaits her with a chance to win a million dollars!

Janae: .05

After this latest close call, make that 0-for-14  :-(

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Re: April 9, 2005: TPIR MDS #14
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This was also the last time that Ford Thunderbirds and Saleen Mustangs were offered, as the Thunderbird was discontinued later that year and Saleen Mustangs were no longer offered for unknown reasons.