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February 14, 2006: TPIR MDS #15
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This episode was originally scheduled to air on May 6, 2005, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it got pushed back a year. This will count as a Season 33 episode, even though it aired during Season 34. It will also be the last MDS until May 16, 2007, during the 35th and final season with Bob as host.

First Four: Wesley, Nicole, Katelyn, Anthony

Bob makes his entrance through the Big Doors.

IUFB1: Big-Screen TV
Anthony: $2200
Katelyn: $3000*
Nicole: $1250
Wesley: $1000
ARP: $3499

PG1: Triple Play--Played for a Chrysler Sebring, Ford Explorer and Chevrolet Corvette

Sebring: $18,105 or $26,991? Picks $18,105--YES (ARP: $20,265)
Explorer: $25,620, $30,150 or $34,950? Picks $34,950 $30,150--NO (ARP: $35,615)


Why did you let the audience change your mind, Katelyn?

Second Calldown: Tyrone

IUFB2: Floor Clock
Tyrone: $4125*
Nicole: $1650
Wesley: $2500
Anthony: $2501
ARP: $4555

PG2: Tyrone is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $100,000!!!

SP1: Jukebox Radio with CD Player, wrong price--$30 (picks 0, ARP: $90)
SP2: Shaver, wrong price--$19 (picks 9, ARP: $39)
SP3: Hummer Coin Bank, wrong price--$90 (picks 0, ARP: $50)
SP4: Desktop Arcade Game, wrong price--$31 (picks 3, ARP: $35)

First chip: $500
Second chip: $500
Third chip: $20,000
Fourth chip: $1,000
Fifth chip: $0

Total: $22,000


Moment #1 is Lillie, who comes up on stage to meet Bob ("Well, they're young and they'll understand").

Third Calldown: Margaret

IUFB3: Gardening Equipment (Riding Mower, Blower, Trimmer)
Margaret: $2399
Nicole: $2201
Wesley: $5100
Anthony: $2400*
ARP: $3345

PG3: Most Expensive--Played for a Trips to Mexico, Ireland and Hong Kong

Anthony (whose T-shirt can play the TPIR theme) picks #3

ARP of #1: $3,402
ARP of #2: $4,813
ARP of #3: $5,695


Moment #2 is Lucious, who is probably the happiest winner of Card Game!

Katelyn: .75
Anthony: .05+.30=.35
Tyrone (who was on Truth or Consequences years ago): .70+.90=OVER

Katelyn is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Jody

IUFB4: Retro Stove
Jody: $2300
Margaret: $3000*
Nicole: $1700
Wesley: $1
ARP: $4295

PG4: Double Prices--Played for 2 Snowmobiles

Choices: $16,828 or $14,050

Margaret picks $14,050

ARP: $16,828


The losing horns are played for this loss.

Moment #3 is Bob humiliating himself at the Big Wheel by failing to get it all the way around for Juanita; when she asks him if she can try it again, Bob then says: "I take back what I said a moment ago. THAT is the most humiliating moment of my life!"

Fifth Calldown: William

IUFB5: Video Arcade Game
William: $2950
Nicole: $2951*
Wesley: $3450
Jody: $3451
ARP: $3195

PG5: Grand Game

Target price: $6.00

GP1: Citracal Plus
GP2: French Vanilla Cafe
GP3: Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb
GP4: Ecotrin
GP5: Soap & Scrub Brush
GP6: Hunt's Diced Tomatoes

First pick: Mrs. Dash--$2.79, wins $20
Second pick: Scrub Brush--$4.89, wins $200
Third pick: Tomatoes--99, wins $2,000

Nicole decides to continue

Fourth pick: Coffee--$3.89

Other ARPs: Not revealed


Moment #4 is Van mugging Bob before playing Take Two.

This is Wesley's last chance to make it up on stage; if he doesn't, it's the FFDC for him.

Final Calldown: Jeremy

IUFB6: Canopy Bed
Jeremy: $3650
Wesley: $3700
Jody: $3800
William: $3801*
ARP: $4298

Welcome to the FFDC, Wesley!

So it's Bill now? OK, let's go with that.

PG6: Range Game--Played for a Ford Five Hundred

Range: $22,500-$23,100

William/Bill stops rangefinder at $22,720-$22,870

ARP: $22,795


So now they can't start the rangefinder for 48 hours, and Bob makes brief a reference to the 37 hours joke from the daytime show.

Moment #5 is Allie, who faints upon winning her Showcase, which brings her total to $11,088.

Margaret: .95
Nicole: .65+.60=OVER
Bill: .80+.35=OVER

Margaret is going to the Showcase! Since neither SCSD had the Million-Dollar Spin, it will go to the Showcase winner, or the contestant who was closer to her Showcase's ARP in the event of a Double-Overbid, so either Margaret or Katelyn will try for the big bucks at the end of the show.

Top Winner: Margaret
Runner-Up: Katelyn

Laptop (Gabrielle as Matilda), Evening Gown (Natasha as Crystal, prize modeled by Rachel), Camping Trailer (Shane as Gertrude), Cadillac DeVille (Lanisha as Loretta Sue, prize modeled by Brandi)
Margaret passes to Katelyn, who bids $60,611

Grand Piano, Diamond Bracelet, Ski Boat
Margaret bids $65,000

ARP of Margaret's Showcase: $91,783 (Difference: $26,783)
ARP of Katelyn's Showcase: $61,312 (Difference: $701)

Katelyn wins her Showcase, and takes home $64,811 in cash and prizes, but will she get a million dollars as well?

Katelyn: .50

15 shows, and no millionaire. Some post-show thoughts...

Come to think of it, if Drew Carey had hosted, Katelyn might've won a million dollars, as the :dsw: range would initially be increased to $1,000, but then scaled back to $500 in later episodes. She was even closer than Adam, who had an $880 difference to net the first-ever million-dollar win.

Along with MDS #16, and the Carey series of 2008, all 26 MDS's have now been recapped.
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