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February 13, 1992
« on: May 14, 2018, 03:40:04 PM »
First Four: Dina, Timothy, Oscar, Tracell

IUFB1: Stereo System
Dina: $1200*
Timothy: $850
Oscar: $900
Tracell: $901
ARP: $1618

PG1: Credit Card--Played for a Punch Bowl Set, Luggage, 2 Tables, Sofa and Wall Clock

Credit Limit: $2,400

First purchase: Sofa--$1,125 ($1,275 remaining)
Second purchase: Clock--$769 ($506 remaining)
Third purchase: Punch Set--$700 (OVER)

Other ARP's: Luggage--$790, Tables--$1,451

Correct Solution: Punch Set, Luggage, Clock


The losing sound here is BUZZ!

Second Calldown: William

IUFB2: Baker's Rack (winner also receives Libman Wonder Mop)
William: $1100
Timothy: $1150*
Oscar: $1095
Tracell: $1
ARP: $1191

PG2: Card Game--Played for a Pontiac LeMans

Special Deck: $600

Opening bid: $2,000

Timothy's draws: 4C ($2,400), JC ($3,400), 7H ($4,100), JD ($5,100), KD ($6,100), KH ($7,100), 6S ($7,700)

Final bid: $7,700

ARP: $8,395

Difference: $695


Third Calldown: Nancy

IUFB3: Chandelier
Nancy: $1500
Oscar: $1250
Tracell: $925*
William: $1501
ARP: $1199

PG3: Tracell is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000!!!

SP1: Ladies' Pen Set, wrong price--$76 (guesses 6, ARP: $36)
SP2: Electric Frying Pan, wrong price--$30 (guesses 3, ARP: $80)
SP3: Fondue Pot, wrong price--$32 (guesses 3, ARP: $37)
SP4: Hair Stylers, wrong price--$70 (guesses 0, ARP: $40)

First chip: $1,000
Second chip: $0
Third chip: $1,000
Fourth chip: $5,000

Total: $7,000


Outside of the first SP, the music cues are different than usual; these include the flute and sax variants of The Cats.

Timothy: .65
Dina: .50+.95=OVER
Tracell: .15+.50=.65

Timothy: .30
Tracell: 1.00

Tracell: .95

Tracell is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Philip

IUFB4: Washer/Dryer
Philip: $850
William: $925
Nancy: $1100*
Oscar: $800
ARP: $1170

PG4: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Dollhouse and Dinette Set

Dollhouse: $900
Dinette Set: $1,180

Nancy picks Dinette Set

ARP of Dollhouse: $1,500 (Difference: $600)
ARP of Dinette Set: $1,480 (Difference: $300)


Fifth Calldown: Deborah

IUFB5: Apothecary Chest
Deborah: $1600*
Oscar: $1400
Philip: $1250
William: $1
ARP: $1710

PG5: Make Your Move--Played for a Hurricane Lamp, Rocker and Ford Festiva


Deborah's guesses: 730852370

Correct solution: 730852370


When the car is revealed, the music changes from Cue 210A to The Big Banana.

What will be Oscar's fate in this last One-Bid round?

Sixth Calldown: Dawn

IUFB6: Encyclopedia
Dawn: $1500* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
Oscar: $1600
Philip: $950
William: $1
ARP: $1500

William probably wishes he hadn't bid a dollar the instant the perfect bid bells went off. As for Oscar, his day ends in the FFBC.

PG6: Hi Lo--Played for Kitchen Appliances ($3,020)

GP1: Surf Detergent
GP2: Oroweat Cornbread Dressing
GP3: Klondike Sensation Ice Cream
GP4: Puppizza Dog Treats
GP5: Dentu-Gel
GP6: Therapeutic Mineral Ice

First guess: Ice Cream--$3.49
Second guess: Dentu-Gel--$2.38
Third guess: Detergent--$2.99

All other GPs must be less than $2.38

Dressing: $1.79
Dog Treats: $1.29
Mineral Ice: $4.19, game over


To be technical, this is a winless show, as the top prize in Plinko has never been won (even though the center slot was hit once).

Nancy: .25+.65=.90
Dawn: .65+.65=OVER
Deborah: .25+.25=.50

Nancy is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Tracell
Runner-Up: Nancy

Santa Fe, Brass Crib, Wine Closet, Player Piano
Tracell passes to Nancy, who bids $11,000

Poker Table, Golf Clubs, Fishing Boat
Tracell bids $17,550

ARP of Tracell's Showcase: $20,757 (Difference: $3,207)
ARP of Nancy's Showcase: $21,299 (Difference: $10,299)

Tracell wins her Showcase, and takes home $30,069 in cash and prizes!

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Re: February 13, 1992
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Why, unlike other recappers, don't we get the brand names of all items that are plugged?