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April 30, 2004
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First Four: Jennifer, Shelley, Ruth Anne, David

IUFB1: Home Gym
Jennifer: $750
Shelley: $1295
Ruth: $1300
David: $1450*
ARP: $1899

PG1: Safe Crackers--Played for Kitchen Appliances and a Food Processor ($2,897)

Numbers in price of Food Processor: 0, 3, 4

David sets combination to $340, but safe is locked

ARP: $430


Second Calldown: Dolores

IUFB2: 2 Cell Phones
Dolores: $750
Jennifer: $800
Shelley: $600
Ruth: $599

Dolores: $399
Jennifer: $250
Shelley: $450*
Ruth: $1
ARP: $598

PG2: Lucky $even--Played for a Ford Mustang Convertible

First number: 2

Second number: Guesses 4, actual number--5 (gives back $1)
Third number: Guesses 6, actual number--2 (gives back $4)
Fourth number: Guesses 4, actual number--7 (Shelley goes broke!)
Fifth number: Not revealed


While driving the car out onto the stage, Rachel proceeds to crash it into Door #3; Bob makes fun of her driving skills, and points out that it's only the second time a model has done it.

Third Calldown: Shannon

IUFB3: Baker's Rack
Shannon: $450
Ruth: $850
Dolores: $950
Jennifer: $951*
ARP: $1683

PG3: Time is Money--Played for 2 Off-Road Motorcycles ($5,924)

GP1: Blue Star Ointment
GP2: Kings Hawaiian Bread
GP3: Greased Lightning
GP4: Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion
GP5: Citrucel Clear Mix

Less than $3: Bread
$3-$6: Ointment, Cleaner, Citrucel
More than $6: Lotion

Number of incorrectly placed GPs: 1

Less than $3: Bread
$3-$6: Ointment, Cleaner
More than $6: Lotion, Citrucel

ARPs: Ointment--$5.89, Bread--$1.59, Cleaner--$3.59, Lotion--$6.49, Citrucel--$7.33


This is the final playing of Time is Money in its original incarnation; it will not return to the show until Season 43, the eighth with Drew Carey as host. Personally, I think the current edition that offers $20,000 in cash is far more superior to the version played during Season 32.

Shelley: .85
David: 1.00
Jennifer: .50+.60=OVER

David: .55

David is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Jerry

IUFB4: His & Hers Sport Watches
Jerry: $800
Shannon: $500*
Ruth: $900
Dolores: $901
ARP: $798

PG4: Poker Game--Played for a Home Décor Set, Dinette Set, Washer/Dryer and 2 Vacuum Cleaners

Shannon's picks: Washer/Dryer ($828) and Dinette Set ($814)

Shannon's hand: 88842

Shannon decides to keep her hand

Other ARPs: Home Décor Set--$757, Vacuums--$889

House's hand: 88779


Before the next calldown, Bob plugs an MDS that will air the next night.

Fifth Calldown: Amanda

IUFB5: Foosball Table (winner also receives CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner)
Amanda: $775
Ruth: $1200
Dolores: $1450
Jerry: $800*
ARP: $1195

PG5: Five Price Tags--Played for a Pontiac Grand Am

Possible Prices: $16,982, $18,360, $20,909, $17,820, $19,145

SP1: Juicer--$140? Guesses true, ARP: $100
SP2: Transistor Radio--$83? Guesses true, ARP: $59
SP3: Jar Opener--$40? Guesses true, ARP: $40
SP4: Garment Steamer--$80? Guesses true, ARP: $80

Jerry wins two picks from the five price tags

First pick: $18,360? NO
Second pick: $19,145? WIN!

Ruth is now facing the dreaded possibility of being in the FFBC, unless she can win the last One-Bid prize.

Final Calldown: Marc

IUFB6: Outdoor Swing (winner also receives Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix)
Marc: $495
Amanda: $1200
Ruth: $777*
Dolores: $600
ARP: $1078

On her very last chance, Ruth finally makes it up on stage!

PG6: Flip Flop--Played for a Sauna

Wrong price: $4,659

Flip to $6,459
Flop to $4,695
Flip-flop to $6,495

Ruth decides to flop

Correct Solution: Flop


Shannon: .65+.20=.85
Ruth: .65+.45=OVER
Jerry: .20+.95=OVER

Shannon is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Shannon
Runner-Up: David

Karaoke Machine, Digital Piano, Dodge Ram 1500
Shannon bids $25,500

Bedroom Group, Luggage, Hong Kong
David bids $17,775

ARP of David's Showcase: $14,166 (OVER)
ARP of Shannon's Showcase: $26,860 (Difference: $1,360)

Shannon wins her Showcase, and takes home $30,946 in cash and prizes (including the truck that David had wanted until she took away his chance to bid on it)!