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December 7, 1989
« on: May 22, 2018, 03:34:59 PM »
First Four: Angela Angela (yes, her two names are the same!), Holly, Gabrielle, Anna

IUFB1: Pool Table
Gabrielle: $2600
Angela Angela: $1500*
Anna: $850
Holly: $851
ARP: $1780

PG1: Money Game--Played for a Subaru Justy


First pick: 89, front of car
Second pick: 44, wins $44
Third pick: 38, back of car


Second Calldown: Leland

IUFB2: 2 Bicycles
Leland: $495
Anna: $750
Holly: $950
Gabrielle: $951

Leland: $550
Anna: $395*
Holly: $430
Gabrielle: $435
ARP: $400

PG2: Credit Card--Played for a Champagne Set, Day Bed, Stereo System, Washer/Dryer and Silk Flowers

Credit Limit: $1,500

First purchase: Champagne Set--$608 ($892 remaining)
Second purchase: Silk Flowers--$107 ($785 remaining)
Third purchase: Stereo--$459 ($326 remaining)

Other ARPs: Day Bed--$1,582, Washer/Dryer--$976


Third Calldown: Kristen

IUFB3: Dinette Set
Kristen: $700
Holly: $1000
Gabrielle: $800
Leland: $1050*
ARP: $1099

PG3: $uper $aver--Played for a Trip to Fiji ($3,100)

GP1: Starter Logg, marked at $1.89
GP2: Life Savers Keepsake Tin, marked at $2.39
GP3: Planters Kick Stix, marked at $1.99
GP4: Sun Maid Fruit Bits, marked at $1.85
GP5: Carr's Table Water Crackers, marked at $1.29
GP6: Benylin, marked at $3.10

First purchase: Kick Stix, ARP--$2.39, saves 40
Second purchase: Crackers, ARP--$1.39, saves 10 for 50 in bank
Third purchase: Candy, ARP--$2.89, saves 50 for $1.00 in bank
Fourth purchase: Fruit Bits, ARP--$1.65, loses 20 for 80 in bank


Leland: .40+.40=.80
Anna: .50+.05=.55
Angela Angela: .30+.75=OVER

Leland is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Elsie

First, Elsie comes up on stage to meet Bob, who then directs her down the other stairs to her correct place in the Row. She then tells him "I knew damn well I'd do that", to which he responds "You're eager, we like that!"

IUFB4: Color TV
Elsie: $850
Kristin: $950
Holly: $500*
Gabrielle: $850 $900
ARP: $749

PG4: Most Expensive--Played for an Entertainment Center, Refrigerator/Freezer and Screen

Holly picks #1

ARP of #2: $1,325
ARP of #3: $1,700
ARP of #1: $1,100


This loss does not use the foghorn.

Fifth Calldown: Regina

IUFB5: Lawnmower (winner also receives Lubriderm Lotion)
Regina: $550
Gabrielle: $400* (also receives $100 for perfect bid)
Elsie: $700
Kristen: $399
ARP: $400

PG5: Spelling Bee--Played for a Suzuki Sidekick ($11,255)

Free picks: 21, 7

SP1: Water Filter (guesses $30, ARP--$40, Difference--$10)
SP2: Slacks (guesses $46, ARP--$35, Difference--$11)
SP3: Globe (guesses $40, ARP--$40, Difference--$0; automatically wins all three SPs)

Additional picks: 26, 24, 16

First card: C, continues
Second card: C, continues
Third card: A, continues
Fourth card: C, continues
Fifth card: R


Final Calldown: Christy

IUFB6: Serigraph
Christy: $1100*
Elsie: $325
Kristen: $500
Regina: $850
ARP: $1550

PG6: Double Prices--Played for an Amphibious Vehicle

Choices: $5,999 or $6,799

Christy picks $5,999

ARP: $6,799


Bob then throws to Holly, who says that she "will be back for the Showcase Showdown!"

Holly: .35+.60=.95
Christy: .35+.60=.95
Gabrielle: .45+.20=.65

Holly: .55
Christy: .95

Christy is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Christy
Runner-Up: Leland

Living Room Group, Vacuum Cleaner, Mercury Topaz (which is driven out on stage a la Lucky $even)
Christy bids $12,700

Deluxe Golf Clubs, Drum Set, Chevrolet Cavalier Z24
Leland bids $14,000

ARP of Leland's Showcase: $17,598 (Difference: $3,598)
ARP of Christy's Showcase: $19,002 (Difference: $6,302)

Leland wins his Showcase, and takes home $18,697 in cash and prizes!