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December 12, 1989
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On this day, Bob Barker turns 66. Let's take a look back at that episode...

First Four: Carla, Emilie, Gobarg, Kelly

IUFB1: Outdoor Furniture
Carla: $1629
Emilie: $1250
Gobarg: $1500
Kelly: $1251*
ARP: $1375

PG1: 2 for the Price of 1--Played for a Range and Spa

First: 7 or 4
Second: 6 or 1
Third: 9 or 3

Kelly chooses third number for free, which is 9

She then guesses price as $719

ARP: $719


This is the first playing of the new game, and it starts off on a happy note with a win!

Second Calldown: Louise

IUFB2: Tea Service
Louise: $650*
Carla: $760
Emilie: $990
Gobarg: $1
ARP: $675

PG2: Hit Me--Played for a Cruise of Greek Isles and Video Camera ($6,886)

House opens with 10

GP1: Wind Song Cologne, marked at $12.95
GP2: Twinkle Silver Polish, marked at $2.98
GP3: Fruit of the Loom Men's Underwear, marked at $41.23
GP4: Orafix Special, marked at $28.32
GP5: Planters Pecan Halves, marked at $9.90
GP6: Energizer Ladies' Driving Gloves, marked at $29.97

First pick: Gloves, ARP--$9.99 (gets 3)
Second pick: Twinkle, ARP--$1.49 (gets 2 for 5)
Third pick: Underwear, ARP--$5.89 (gets 7 for 12)
Fourth pick: Orafix, ARP--$3.54 (gets 8 for 20)

Louise decides to stay on 20

House's draws: 5 for 15, 9 for 24 (so it goes over)


Third Calldown: Rose

IUFB3: Portable Harp
Rose: $1300
Carla: $11,000 $1100*
Emilie: $1
Gobarg: $1301
ARP: $1295

PG3: Money Game--Played for an Eagle Summit


First pick: 89, wins $89
Second pick: 98, front of car
Third pick: 37, wins $126
Fourth pick: 23, wins $149
Fifth pick: 22, back of car


Shelley: .05+.55=.60
Louise: .35 1.00 .35+.40=.75
Carla: .30+.10=.40

Louise is going to the Showcase! Since she doesn't get the wheel all the way around on her own with either spin, she asks Bob to spin it for her, and on the first spin, she is so far out of view that the split-screen arrow cannot be used.

Fourth Calldown: Gregory

IUFB4: Color TV/VCR Combo
Gregory: $550
Emilie: $895
Gobarg: $896
Rose: $897*
ARP: $1100

PG4: Range Game--Played for a 45-RPM '57 T-bird Jukebox

Range: $7,700-$8,300

Rose stops rangefinder at $7,890-$8,040

ARP: $7,995


Fifth Calldown: Jana

IUFB5: Chandelier
Jana: $1100
Gregory: $1250*
Emilie: $850
Gobarg: $950
ARP: $1399

PG5: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Fireplace Logs, wrong price--$250 (guesses lower, ARP: $211)
SP2: Vacuum Cleaner, wrong price--$480 (guesses lower, ARP: $400)
SP3: Salad Shooter, wrong price--$31 (guesses higher, ARP: $50)
SP4: Man's Sweater, wrong price--$17 (guesses higher, ARP: $28)

Gregory wins four punches on the punchboard

First punch: $250, continues
Second punch: $1,000, quits
Third punch: $500 + Second Chance
Fourth punch: $50


Bob then tosses to Janice for commercial.

Will either Emilie or Gobarg make it up on stage, or will there be a double-induction into the FFBC today?

Final Calldown: Tiffanie

IUFB6: Sewing Machine
Tiffanie: $695
Emilie: $600*
Gobarg: $460
Jana: $550
ARP: $630

Emilie is the last contestant on stage; Gobarg is not so lucky.

PG6: Any Number--Played for Exercise Equipment or a Subaru Justy

First pick: 8, third number in exercisers
Second pick: 7, third number in car
Third pick: 9, first number in car
Fourth pick: 5, first number in exercisers
Fifth pick: 2, fourth number in car
Sixth pick: 6, first number in piggy bank
Seventh pick: 4, second number in exercisers

Other ARPs: Car--$9,172, Piggy bank--$6.03


Emilie: .20+.05=.25
Gregory: .10+.55=.65
Rose: .20+.55=.75

Rose is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Rose
Runner-Up: Louise

Bedroom Group, Tandem Bicycle, Dune Buggy
Rose passes to Louise, who bids $12,500

Sport Fishing Equipment, Miami, Fishing Boat
Rose bids $25,000

ARP of Rose's Showcase: $19,264 (OVER)
ARP of Louise's Showcase: $11,524 (OVER)

After a great beginning with four wins in a row, the show ends in the ever dreaded Double-Overbid!