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January 11, 1994
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First Four: Brandon, Kimberly, Scott, Mary

Bob makes his audience entrance here.

IUFB1: Remote-Control Stereo System
Brandon: $1050*
Scott: $1300
Mary: $1790
Kimberly: $1301
ARP: $1200

PG1: Golden Road--Played for a Cocktail Table, Gas Barbecue Grill and something worth more than $57,000--a Motorhome!!!

Cheese Sauce: 91

Table: $?08 (picks 9, is right)
Grill: $1,?38 (picks 0, is wrong; ARP--$1,938)


Second Calldown: Shawn

IUFB2: Luggage
Shawn: $650
Scott: $725
Mary: $675
Kimberly: $726*
ARP: $805

PG2: Range Game--Played for a Brass Bed

Range: $3,100-$3,700

Kimberly stops rangefinder at $3,330-$3,480

ARP: $3,389


Today's joke is 48 hours. Kimberly estimates the price of the prize itself as $3,400, which is only $11 more than its actual price.

Third Calldown: Rebecca

IUFB3: Illuminated Globe
Rebecca: $450
Shawn: $600*
Scott: $451
Mary: $460
ARP: $1450

PG3: Pick-a-Pair--Played for a Dining Room ($3,034)

GP1: Lever 2000 Deodorant Soap
GP2: Andes Candies
GP3: Carnation Instant Breakfast
GP4: Sue Bee Spun Honey
GP5: Dromedary Pitted Dates
GP6: Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

First try: Drink Mix ($2.39) and Lotion ($2.99)
Second try: Drink Mix ($2.39) and Soap ($1.89)

Other $2.39 GP: Dates


There are no losing horns for this loss.

Shawn: .35+.35=.70
Brandon: .05+.20=.25
Kimberly: 1.00

Kimberly: .65

Kimberly is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Perry

IUFB4: Art Supplies
Perry: $680
Scott: $750
Mary: $500*
Rebecca: $751
ARP: $570

PG4: 1 Right Price--Played for a Sofa and Grandfather Clock

The 1 right price is $1,490

Mary picks Sofa

ARP of Sofa: $1,490

ARP of Grandfather Clock: $1,880


In a separately-taped announcement, Bob promotes a Barker's Beauty search that will be held nationwide, in the following cities: Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit and Miami.

Fifth Calldown: David

IUFB5: Collection of Telephones
David: $650
Rebecca: $700
Perry: $1200
Scott: $701

David: $550
Rebecca: $595
Perry: $596
Scott: $1*
ARP: $501

PG5: Pathfinder--Played for a Dodge Spirit

First number: 1

SP1: Heat Wrap
SP2: Canister Set
SP3: Styling Clips

Second number: 6, 4, 9 or 1? Steps to 4, is right
Third number: 9, 5 or 1? Steps to 9, is wrong

Picks Heat Wrap: $16 or $27? Guesses $27, is right

Third number: 5 or 1? Steps to 5, is right
Fourth number: 2 or 8? Steps to 2, is right
Fifth number: 3 or 9? Steps to 9, is wrong

Picks Canister Set: $35 or $60? Guesses $35, is wrong

Styling Clips: $28 or $43? Picks $28, is right

Fifth number: Steps to 3 by default


Final Calldown: Dexter

IUFB6: Video Camera
Dexter: $700
David: $1099*
Rebecca: $900
Perry: $701
ARP: $1099

PG6: Poker Game--Played for a Kitchen Appliance Collection, 2 Rockers, an Entertainment Center and Flatware

David's picks: Cabinet ($699) and Rockers ($838)
David's hand: 99886

David decides to pass to house

Other ARPs: Appliances--$523, Flatware--$595

David's new hand: 55593


David: .90
Mary: .30+.15=.45
Scott: .50+.85=OVER

David is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Kimberly
Runner-Up: David

Electric Range, Projection TV, Dune Buggy
Kimberly passes to David, who bids $10,600

Soda Fountain, Home Gym, Oriental Cruise
Kimberly bids $12,000

Showcase 2 features two Rod Roddys: the real man (dressed in a purple suit and tie), and makeup artist Marv Westmore (dressed in a yellow suit and tie), who serves as his double. Rod is obviously announcing from backstage, because we see him emerge from the Turntable and Door #1, spotting Marv; it is also one of the few times where he does not use the ending line "this Showcase can be yours if the price is right".

ARP of Kimberly's Showcase: $16,840 (Difference: $4,840)
ARP of David's Showcase: $13,451 (Difference: $2,851)

David wins his Showcase, and takes home $17,305 in cash and prizes! We see the two Rods together again before the show fades to black.

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Re: January 11, 1994
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I forgot to mention that the Rod we saw in the calldown window was actually Marv, since he was dressed in yellow; apparently, he was mouthing along to Rod's voiceover. Also, David won the $100 bonus because he bid the exact price on the last IUFB.