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Updates and Maintenance 6/1/2018

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Hey y'all! Long time no see.  Few minor to moderate updates:

[Backend] PHP has been upgraded from 5.2 (which came out in 2006!!) to 5.6 (circa 2014).  Attempted to upgrade to 7.1, the most recent version currently supported on the server, however this briefly crashed the site. All parts. If I can resolve that issue, second upgrade is coming.  This opens up options for the future to say the least, should have been caught ages ago, and leads to

[Forum]  SMF upgraded from 2.0.13 to 2.0.15.  Minor security updates as far as I know.  No new features.

[Chat]  FlashChat has been officially discontinued (last update was 8 years ago and it's not even downloadable anymore) and has been removed from the site.  Also most modern browsers are moving away from Flash as it's basically security hell and HTML5 does a pretty fine job of doing what Flash did, without the sketchy 3rd party plugin

[Chat, Menubar]  Wayoshi's Discord chat is hereby considered the official chat of the site; it functionally has been for over a year but after finally having time to drop in this morning and now fix the links tonight, it officially replaces FlashChat effective immediately and obviously retroactively.  Thank you!!

[Menubar] As the Facebook experiment never took off, the Facebook link on the menubar has finally been thankfully and mercifully removed.

Keep being awesome everyone!

Is it just me that sees the FAQ page as this and, if so, is it just related to the site updates and maintenance? This is in Chrome, but also looks the same in Edge: [sorry, not sure how to make this image smaller]

^The FAQ page is also messed up for me as well.

I went directly to the Timeline section, and then Pricing Game Notes on the FAQ. Both Wiki pages are blank.

SteveGavazzi:'s doing it for me, too.  Checking the source (and the editor) reveals that all the content is still there, though -- it just won't display for some reason.


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