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December 3, 1993
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First Four: Ginger, Michael, Naomi, Lawrence

IUFB1: Outdoor Furniture
Ginger: $800
Michael: $750
Naomi: $850
Lawrence: $1050*
ARP: $1902

Before the bidding commences, Bob points out Cynthia, who will serve as the model for this week.

PG1: 2 for the Price of 1--Played for a Recliner and Grandfather Clock

First: 8 or 4
Second: 6 or 2
Third: 8 or 5

Lawrence picks second number for free, which is 2

He then guesses price as $425

ARP: $825


Second Calldown: Kathleen

IUFB2: Armoire
Kathleen: $1250
Ginger: $1900
Michael: $1905
Naomi: $1300

Kathleen: $1000
Ginger: $1100*
Michael: $895
Naomi: $1001
ARP: $1125

PG2: Dice Game--Played for a Ford Mustang

First number: 1

Second number: Rolls 3, is wrong (guesses higher)
Third number: Rolls 3, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fourth number: Rolls 5, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fifth number: Rolls 1, is wrong (guesses higher)

ARP: $12,663


Third Calldown: James

IUFB3: Microwave Oven (winner also receives Deep Fryer)
James: $725
Michael: $525
Naomi: $600
Kathleen: $575

James: $450
Michael: $451
Naomi: $475*
Kathleen: $1
ARP: $499

PG3: Grocery Game--Played for a Trip to Scotland ($5,394)

GP1: Caress Body Bar
GP2: Cheracol-D
GP3: Cento Pure Wine Vinegar
GP4: Vaseline Lip Therapy
GP5: Saf-T-Pops

First purchase: 15 Soaps x $1.99 = $29.85


This is one of the last times that a Grocery Game loss is signified with the main buzzer, which has always been a pet peeve of mine. I strongly prefer the foghorn for this situation, which will be used on its next playing three days later.

Naomi: .40+.85=OVER
Ginger: .75
Lawrence: .30+.75=OVER

Ginger is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Krina

IUFB4: Brass Telescope
Krina: $750
Kathleen: $800*
James: $675
Michael: $1
ARP: $1881

PG4: Race Game--Played for a Cradle, Stemware, Sofa and Luggage

Price Tags: $400, $640, $1225, $1672

First try: Cradle--$1672, Stemware--$400, Sofa--$1225, Luggage--$640 (2 right, 31 seconds left)
Second try: Cradle--$1225, Stemware--$400, Sofa--$1672, Luggage--$640 (0 right, 19 seconds left)
Third try: Cradle--$1672, Stemware--$640, Sofa--$1225, Luggage--$400 (4 right, 2 seconds left)


1 hour, Kathleen??? Get serious!

Fifth Calldown: Howard

IUFB5: Bumper Pool Table (winner also receives Scrusher)
Howard: $950
James: $875
Michael: $951
Krina: $1001

Howard: $750
James: $600
Michael: $750 $645
Krina: $751*
ARP: $800

PG5: Spelling Bee--Played for a Mercury Tracer ($11,737)

Free picks: 2, 13

SP1: Golf Shirts (guesses $25, ARP: $30)
SP2: Lite Brite (guesses $20, ARP: $15)
SP3: Heated Styling Clips (guesses $10, ARP: $28)

Additional picks: 7, 26

First card: C, continues
Second card: A, continues
Third card: A, continues
Fourth card: C


Can Michael win his way up on stage, or will he get banished to the FFBC?

Final Calldown: Deborah

IUFB6: Emerald & Diamond Bracelet
Deborah: $1500
Howard: $1250
James: $1100
Michael: $1501*
ARP: $1799

At the last possible moment, Michael makes it out!

PG6: Squeeze Play--Played for a Player Piano


Michael (who can play the piano, and yes, it's electric!) removes first 4, and price squeezes to $8,946

ARP: $8,446


Krina: .20+.30=.50
Michael: .75
Kathleen: .45+.60=OVER

Michael is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Michael
Runner-Up: Ginger

31 Country Music CDs, CD Jukebox, Branson, MO, Ford F150
Michael passes to Ginger, who bids $16,000

Dining Room Group, Fruits and Desserts for a Year, Spa
Michael bids $9,995

ARP of Ginger's Showcase: $22,123 (Difference: $6,123)
ARP of Michael's Showcase: $11,250 (Difference: $1,255)

Michael wins his Showcase, and takes home $13,049 in cash and prizes! He promises Bob that he will give his mother the bracelet.