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January 29, 1992
« on: June 08, 2018, 08:13:46 AM »
First Four: Javier, Jennifer, Christine, Stephen

IUFB1: Bumper Pool Table
Stephen: $850*
Christine: $500
Jennifer: $550
Javier: $551
ARP: $1395

PG1: Danger Price--Played for Flatware, a Recliner, Armoire and Microwave Oven

The danger price is $1,563

First pick: Microwave--$227
Second pick: Flatware--$650
Third pick: Recliner--$825

The armoire had the danger price


Second Calldown: Monica

IUFB2: Gas Barbeque
Monica: $1000
Christine: $1050*
Jennifer: $850
Javier: $1
ARP: $1600

PG2: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Facial Kit, wrong price--$201 (guesses lower, ARP: $150)
SP2: Salad Shooter, wrong price--$18 (guesses higher, ARP: $34)
SP3: Electric Frying Pan, wrong price--$102 (guesses lower, ARP: $80)
SP4: Turbo Spa, wrong price--$247 (guesses lower, ARP: $200)

First punch: $250, continues
Second punch: $250, continues
Third punch: $1,000, quits
Fourth punch: $250


Third Calldown: Sharon

IUFB3: Washer/Dryer
Sharon: $700
Jennifer: $950
Javier: $750
Monica: $951*
ARP: $1170

PG3: Lucky $even--Played for a Pontiac LeMans

First number: Guesses 8, actual number--8 (keeps all $7)
Second number: Guesses 4, actual number--8 (gives back $4)
Third number: Guesses 4, actual number--5 (gives back $1)
Fourth number: Guesses 3, actual number--7 (Monica goes broke!)


Monica: .20+.95=OVER
Christine: .55+.75=OVER
Stephen: 1.00

Stephen: .90

By virtue of the first two spinners going over, Stephen is going to the Showcase, and he also has $1,000 in his pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Willie

IUFB4: Boxing Equipment
Willie: $475*
Sharon: $400
Jennifer: $625
Javier: $650
ARP: $500

PG4: Make Your Move--Played for a Vanity Tray, Small Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances and CD Jukebox


Willie's guesses: 523505495

Correct solution: 523505495


A generic 90s cue cuts into the regular prize cue as the jukebox is revealed.

Fifth Calldown: Timothy

IUFB5: Gold Ring
Timothy: $1000
Sharon: $1100
Jennifer: $1700*
Javier: $1150
ARP: $1840

PG5: Hole in One--Played for a Geo Metro ($7,434)

GP1: Creamettes
GP2: Actifed
GP3: Ultra All Detergent
GP4: 2000 Flushes
GP5: Murine Ear Wax Removal
GP6: Hershey's Syrup

Order of flags: Creamettes, Syrup, 2000 Flushes, Murine, Detergent, Actifed
ARPs: $1.89, 99 (other four are not revealed)

Bob's Inspiration putt: Wide right

First putt: Wide left, but it's Hole in One...or Two!
Second putt: Wide left


And now it's down to the final One-Bid for Javier, which represents his last chance to avoid the FFBC. Will he do it?

Final Calldown: Carla

IUFB6: Bar Set
Carla: $675
Javier: $900*
Timothy: $850
Sharon: $520
ARP: $1063

It's a miracle, as Javier finally escapes!

PG6: Double Prices--Played for a Trip to Hong Kong

Choices: $5,651 or $6,713

Javier picks $6,713

ARP: $5,651


Willie: .20+.35=.55
Javier: .40+.90=OVER
Jennifer: .40+.90=OVER

Willie is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Stephen
Runner-Up: Willie

Go Kart, Drum Set, Plymouth Voyager
Stephen bids $24,000

Living Room Group, Sauna, Bay Cruiser
Willie bids $15,500

Make that three playings for the Big Banana and its variants: first the remix for Danger Price, then the regular cue in Lucky $even, and finally the full version in the second Showcase.  xlx

ARP of Willie's Showcase: $21,069 (Difference: $5,569)
ARP of Stephen's Showcase: $18,902 (OVER)

Willie wins his Showcase, and takes home $21,569 in cash and prizes!