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September 17, 1991
« on: June 11, 2018, 02:36:45 PM »
First Four: Tamiko, Jennifer, Charles, Stephen

IUFB1: Microwave Range
Stephen: $1300*
Charles: $1450
Jennifer: $1100
Tamiko: $999
ARP: $1399

PG1: SuperBall!!--Played for Juvenile Furniture, a Wine Closet and Camping Trailer ($9,724)

SP1: Garment Steamer--$18 or $30? Picks $18, is wrong
SP2: Booster Seat--$9 or $15? Picks $15, is right
SP3: Electric Frying Pan--$68 or $80? Picks $80, is right

Bob's practice throw: $100

Stephen's practice throw: WIN!

Ball #2: $50
Ball #3: $100

SP4: Juicer--$12 or $23? Picks $23, is right

Super Ball: $300

Total: $450


Second Calldown: George (who's attended 44 shows before finally coming on down)

IUFB2: Model Train Set
George: $850
Charles: $875
Jennifer: $900
Tamiko: $901*
ARP: $1231

PG2: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Sofa and Floor Clock

Sofa: $1138
Clock: $1295

Tamiko picks Clock

ARP of Sofa: $1,438 (Difference: $300)
ARP of Clock: $1,995 (Difference: $700)


Third Calldown: Lura

IUFB3: Chandelier
Lura: $1300
George: $1301
Charles: $1150
Jennifer: $850

Lura: $600
George: $625
Charles: $550
Jennifer: $1*
ARP: $500

PG3: Money Game--Played for a Geo Metro


First pick: 76, wins $76
Second pick: 82, front of car
Third pick: 50, wins $126
Fourth pick: 14, wins $140
Fifth pick: 79, wins $219

ARP: $8,231


This is the first playing of Money Game with the new board, and Bob even mentions the designer, Jack Hart. It's also an extremely rare occasion that the board is used with a four-digit price.

Jennifer: .60+.85=OVER
Stephen: .35+.50=.85
Tamiko: .55+.50=OVER

Stephen is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Cindy

IUFB4: Encyclopedia
Cindy: $890
Lura: $500
George: $1500* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
Charles: $1100
ARP: $1500

PG4: Make Your Move--Played for a Shower Radio, Pie Cupboard and 2 Motor Scooters


George's guesses: 299635465


Fifth Calldown: Gina

IUFB5: Gold Ring
Gina: $1300
Charles: $1200
Cindy: $1400*
Lura: $1
ARP: $1800

PG5: Pick-a-Pair--Played for a Dining Room Group ($3,128)

GP1: Caress Soap
GP2: Creamette Lasagna
GP3: Fiddle Faddle
GP4: Tootsie Roll Midgets
GP5: Jolly Time Popcorn
GP6: Carr's Table Water Crackers

First try: Popcorn ($1.89) and Crackers ($1.89)


Can Charles get up on stage with this last One-Bid, or will it be the FFBC for him?

Final Calldown: Chantan

IUFB6: Washer/Dryer
Chantan: $950
Lura: $975*
Gina: $1150
Charles: $875
ARP: $976

Welcome to the FFBC, Charles!

PG6: Any Number--Played for an Area Rug or Pontiac Grand Am

First number in car: 1

First pick: 4, first number in rug
Second pick: 2, second number in piggy bank
Third pick: 3, fourth number in car
Fourth pick: 5, second number in rug
Fifth pick: 1, second number in car
Sixth pick: 6, third number in car
Seventh pick: 0, third number in rug

Other ARPs: Car--$11,639, Piggy bank--$8.27


Lura: .35+.95=OVER
Cindy: .80
George: .65+.10=.75

Cindy is going to the Showcase! Before the spinning commences, Bob lets George explain the rules.

Top Winner: Cindy
Runner-Up: Stephen

Every Trip in the House (New York, St. Thomas, Paris, Singapore)
Cindy passes to Stephen, who bids $12,500

Sleigh Bed, Big-Screen TV, Ski Boat
Cindy bids $14,200

In the second Showcase, Holly plays the role of Rod's dog.

ARP of Cindy's Showcase: $22,739 (Difference: $8,539)
ARP of Stephen's Showcase: $14,874 (Difference: $2,374)

Stephen wins his Showcase, and takes home $16,841 in cash and prizes!