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1976 ep: December 7, 1976
« on: April 17, 2007, 09:13:31 PM »
Belinda, Kellie, Gwendolyn, and Loraine come on down

Item #1: Outdoor furniture by Homecrest, modeled by Dian

Belinda: $425
Kellie: $350
Gwendolyn: $370
Loraine: $485

ARP: $545

Belinda wins and will play Switcheroo for a Chevorlet Silverado Camper, modeled by Anitra and Family Feud theme is the cue. Other prizes are Jewelry by Sarah Coventry. cookware by DuPont, memory books by CJ Gibson, and hardware by Amerock

Numbers are 2, 6, 4, 3, and 7

Board looks like this:

Car: $9,4_7
Jewelry: $_0
Cookware: $_5
Books: $_9
Hardware: $_9

First guess:

Car: $9,477
Jewelry: $40
Cookware: $25
Books: $69
Hardware: $39

Has none right

Second guess:

Car: $9,487
Jewelry: $70
Cookware: $35
Books: $49
Hardware: $29

Has one right

Correct prices:

Car: $9,447
Jewelry: $60
Cookware: $35
Books: $29
Hardware: $79

Albert comes on down

Item #2: Microwave oven by Amana, modeled by Janice and Amen Brother Herbert is the cue

Albert: $337
Kellie: $480
Gwendolyn: $475
Loraine: $450

ARP: $595

Kellie wins and will play Clock Game for a swimming pool by Muskin, modeled by Dian and a Chevorlet Nove, modeled by Anitra and Bean Stalker is the cue for the car

500, H
550, H
580, H
600, L
690, L
590, H
591, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, gets $599 with 17 seconds left

4000, H
4500, L
4300, H
4400, H
4500, L
4400, H
4300, H
4200, time runs out

Price is $4,426

Paul comes on down

Item #3: Loveseat, modeled by Dian

Paul: $425
Gwendolyn: $375
Loraine: $520
Albert: $395

ARP: $428

Paul wins and will play Race Game for a CB Radio by Shakespeare, freezer by Amana, women's golf clubs by Wilson, and a dinette set by Imperial, modeled by Janice and Anitra and Splendido is the cue

Prices are $400, $265, $350, and $500

1st attempt: Freezer is $500, clubs are $265, radio is $350, and dinette is $400, has 2 right
2nd attempt: Switches dinette and radio, has one right
3rd attempt: Freezer is $400, dinette is $265, clubs are $350, radio is $500, has one right, time runs out

Radio is $350, clubs are $265, dinette is $500, freezer is $400

Wins freezer

Showcase showdown #1:

Belinda: First spin is .70(After a puny spin), stays
Paul: First spin is .70, stays
Kellie:  First spin is .80, stays

Kellie goes to the showcases

Elizabath comes on down

Item #4: Motorbike by Benelli

Elizabeth: $375
Gwendolyn: $425
Loraine: $300
Albert: $425

ARP: $469

Albert wins and will play Hi Lo for a sailboat by HMS Marines worth $2,605, modeled by Janice

Pine Mountain Log
Rose Milk Skin Care
Lip Quencher

1st choice: Skin Care, is $1.79
2nd choice: Shampoo, is $2.25
3rd choice: Log, is $0.99

Candy is $0.59
Vagetables are $0.79
Lip Quencher is $2.00 LOSS

Deborah comes on down

Item #5: Grandfather clock, modeled by Janice

Deborah: $600
Elizabeth: $650
Gwendolyn: $651
Loraine: $590

All have overbid

Deborah: $450
Elizabeth: $525
Gwendolyn: $390
Loraine: $425

ARP: $450

Deborah wins and will play Dice Game for Chevorlet Nova, modeled by Anitra

1st number: Rolls a 6, is wrong, goes lower
2nd number: Rolls a 3, is wrong, goes higher
3rd number: Rolls a 5, is wrong, goes lower
4th number: Rolls a 1, is wrong, goes higher

Price is $4,120 LOSS

Gwendolyn and Loraine have been in the row from the start. They have one last chance to get on stage. One of them will certainly be banished to the First Four Breakfast Club or maybe even both of them. To make matters worse, there is a skunk on the way into Studio 33. Can the winner hold him off? We'll find out as...

Jerry comes on down

Item #6: Bathroom vanity with supply of Speed Stick, modeled by Janice and Bhen is the cue

Jerry: $150
Elizabeth: $425
Gwendolyn: $305
Loraine: $250

ARP: $552

Gwendolyn and Loraine head off together to the FFBC clubhouse while Elizabeth plays Danger Price for a camera outfit by Vivitar, Recliner, by Action, Sewing Machine by Brother, and Luggage by Leed, modeled by Dian and Anitra and Starcrossed is the cue

Danger price is $675

1st choice: luggage, is $408
2nd choice: recliner, is $300
3rd choice: sewing machine, is $420  ALL HAIL ELIZABETH!!!

Showcase showdown #2:

Deborah: First spin is .15, second spin is .55, total is .70
Albert: First spin is .65, second spin is .05, total is .70
Elizabeth: First spin is .40, second spin is .25, total is .65


Deborah: .45
Albert: .65

Albert goes to the showcases


Top winner: Kellie
Runner Up: Albert

Showcase #1:

Trip down Main Street:
Bar set
Round bed by Oklahoma
Dishwsher/range by Modern Maid
Entertainment center by Zenith

Deborah passes, Albert bids $2,750

Showcase #2:

Salute to Beethoven:
Collection of Beethoven records by London Records
Stereo system
Trip to Germany
Baby grand piano by Cable

Deborah bids $4,500

Deborah bid $4,500, ARP is $6,883, difference is $2,383
Albert bid $2,750, ARP is $3,784, difference is $1,034

Albert wins his showcase and a total of $4,243
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Re: 1976 ep
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2007, 09:44:10 PM »
YES! I had this episode on tape at one time, but I misplaced it or taped over it.

Switcheroo- In 1976, $9,000 was huge for a main prize in Switcheroo. Makes me wonder if in the days before 3 Strikes + and One Away "plus", they used to slip luxury cars into the regular games. Or in this case, a camper/truck.

I've described this odd playing off Clock Game before, but since it's up here, I'll mention it again...the prizes were presented like the first playing of Any Number: the pool was presented first, solo, and once it was revealed that Clock Game was going to be played, Bob explained that with the time left after the pool, she'd be bidding on...THIS!

And I don't remember this being the show where they offered two different trimlines of the Chevy Nova in the same episode, but maybe it happened more than once. They didn't offer such a large variety of cars in those days. It seemed like there was at least one Chevy Nova in every show. The other car was generally a Buick Skylark or a Chevy Vega.
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Re: 1976 ep
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2007, 08:35:45 PM »
Yeah, seems virtually everything was a Vega or a Nova.