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January 24, 1984
« on: June 26, 2018, 02:20:58 PM »
First Four: Patti, Viveca, Judy, Ida-Marie

IUFB1: Outdoor Swimming Pool
Patti: $1200
Viveca: $700
Judy: $648
Ida-Marie: $1207*
ARP: $1499

PG1: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Baker's Rack and Color TV

Baker's Rack: $1,050
Color TV: $925

Ida-Marie picks Baker's Rack

ARP of TV: $1,325 (Difference: $400)
ARP of Baker's Rack: $1,650 (Difference: $600)


Second Calldown: Edward

IUFB2: Dishwasher (winner also receives Electra Sol)
Edward: $650
Patti: $750
Viveca: $600
Judy: $512

Edward: $450
Patti: $375
Viveca: $400*
Judy: $475
ARP: $430

PG2: Hole in One--Played for a Ford Bronco II ($13,283)

GP1: Listerine Mouthwash
GP2: Jolly Time Popcorn
GP3: Niagara Spray Starch
GP4: Melo Mint Soft Peppermint
GP5: Step Saver Floor Cleaner
GP6: Light & Crunchy Granola Snack

Order of flags: Mints, Popcorn, Snack, Mouthwash, Starch, Cleaner
ARPs: 35, 57, $1.75, $2.09, $1.03 (others not revealed)

Bob's Inspiration putt: Perfect!

Viveca's putt: Wide right


Third Calldown: Patricia

IUFB3: Ceiling Fan Light
Patricia: $350
Judy: $535
Edward: $425*
Patti: $375
ARP: $428

PG3: Blank Check--Played for an Organ

Total must be between $3,000 and $3,500

Edward writes check for $1,650

ARP: $2,295

Total: $3,945


Edward: .55
Viveca: .65
Ida-Marie: .15+.90=OVER

Viveca is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Timothy

IUFB4: His & Hers Snow Ski Equipment (winner also receives Soup Starter)
Timothy: $285
Patti: $390*
Patricia: $480
Judy: $500
ARP: $435

PG4: Take Two--Played for a Range, Pool Table, Sofa and Grandfather Clock

Target price: $1,845

First try: Range ($1,150) and Clock ($1,000); TOTAL--$2,150
Second try: Range ($1,150) and Sofa ($515); TOTAL--$1,665

Correct Solution: Range ($1,150) and Pool Table ($695)


Fifth Calldown: Shelley

IUFB5: Hope Chest (how did Dian get in there?)
Shelley: $350*
Patricia: $275
Judy: $290
Timothy: $2
ARP: $370

PG5: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Blender, wrong price--$42 (guesses lower, ARP: $50)
SP2: Cutlery Set, wrong price--$18 (guesses higher, ARP: $30)
SP3: Cordless Phone, wrong price--$65 (guesses higher, ARP: $40)
SP4: Vacuum Cleaner, wrong price--$178 (guesses lower, ARP: $150)

Shelley wins two punches on the punchboard

First punch: $250, continues
Second punch: $500


Judy's been down in Contestant's Row so long that she's run out of chances to win her way up on stage; in fact, this is her last one.

Final Calldown: Giuseppina

IUFB6: 2 Bionic Chairs
Giuseppina: $365
Patricia: $400
Judy: $300
Timothy: $410*
ARP: $632

And Judy is now in the FFBC.

PG6: Squeeze Play--Played for a Brass Bed


Timothy removes the 5, and price squeezes to $2,094

ARP: $2,094


Patty: .75
Shelley: .30+.20=.50
Timothy: .50+.60=OVER

Patti is going to the Showcase! We later find out that she and Viveca are newlyweds.

Top Winner: Patti
Runner-Up: Viveca

Pandas, Artwork, China
Patti passes to Viveca, who bids $4,500

Dining Room Group, China Set, Queen Carpet, Dodge 600
Patti bids $11,900

ARP of Viveca's Showcase: $5,820 (Difference: $1,320)
ARP of Patti's Showcase: $12,959 (Difference: $1,059)

Patti wins her Showcase, and takes home $13,419 in cash and prizes!

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Re: January 24, 1984
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In retrospect, this would make a good TBT episode for Drew, with the lineup being Bargain Game/Hole in One (or Two)/Check Game/Take Two/Punch-a-Bunch/Squeeze Play, with the last game being played for a car.