Author Topic: Anyone else think TPIR is in a rut?  (Read 2869 times)

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Re: Anyone else think TPIR is in a rut?
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2018, 03:22:56 PM » me..........with it's constant GSN/syndie reruns, add 'Feud" to this discussion too.

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Re: Anyone else think TPIR is in a rut?
« Reply #16 on: July 11, 2018, 07:28:24 AM »
Feud is more overexposure/burnout than being in a rut, though Steve & Co. is now taping its ninth season, which was the length of Dawson's main run, so its certainly getting long in the tooth in terms of the current host, but I could easily see a few more years of Harvey Feud at this point as long as its doing well enough with audience surveys. Meanwhile, Wheel just airs for an hour on GSN now, and for many years, didn't even air on there at all. It's been nearly 20 years now since Price was last on GSN, so it really says a lot about a popular show not rearing the classics, and that doing it to encourage watching first-run episodes has also worked, which is also why the same is said for Jeopardy! (once a GSN staple) as well.
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