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December 6, 1988
« on: September 05, 2018, 11:47:59 AM »
First Four: Hope, Carol, Thomas, Jolene

Bob makes his usual entrance through the Big Doors, despite the Golden Road dots already being laid out. He will not make any audience entrances for another year.

IUFB1: Dirt Bike
Hope: $3500
Carol: $780*
Thomas: $4000
Jolene: $1500
ARP: $1486

Bob tells them that it "will go to the one of you four who is nearest to the ARP without going over."

PG1: Golden Road--Played for a Freezer, Floor Clock and something worth more than $31,000--a Lincoln Town Car!!!

Beets: 61
Freezer: $?12--picks 6, is right
Floor Clock: $3,?49--picks 2, is right
Car: $31,?57--picks 4, is right


As of this episode, there is still no fade to the Golden Road sign.

Second Calldown: Donald

IUFB2: Amethyst Necklace
Donald: $2500
Thomas: $1000*
Jolene: $900
Hope: $1
ARP: $1190

There is no transition from the IUFB to the contestants.

PG2: Double Prices (at the Giant Price Tag)--Played for a Wine Closet

Choices: $1,750 or $2,500

Thomas picks $2,500

ARP: $2,500


Third Calldown: Rebecca

IUFB3: Telescope (winner also receives Velamints)
Rebecca: $725
Jolene: $475
Hope: $726
Donald: $727*
ARP: $799

PG3: Hit Me--Played for a Sofa and Color TV ($2,798)

House opens with a Jack

GP1: DeMetz Turtles Chocolates, marked at $20.00
GP2: On-Cor Lasagna, marked at $31.90
GP3: Libby's Chicken Vienna Sausages, marked at $4.72
GP4: Range Clean Reflector Pans, marked at $4.20
GP5: Solo Fruit Salad Dressing, marked at $10.74
GP6: High Hair Styling Gel, marked at $6.60

First pick: Lasagna, ARP--$3.19; gets Queen for 10
Second pick: Reflector, ARP--$2.10; gets 2 for 12
Third pick: Turtles, ARP--$5.00; gets 4 for 16

Donald elects to stay on 16

House's draws: Queen for 20


Donald: .95
Thomas: .40+.85=OVER
Carol (with $36,804 in total winnings!): .90+.35=OVER

Donald is going to the Showcase! The show fades to black after Bob tells him that he will be in the Showcase, so the ticket plug is not seen. Also, we see here the wide shot of Bob and the entire wheel with the spinning contestant and the leader.

Fourth Calldown: Sandra (whose nametag says Sandy instead)

IUFB4: Children's Furniture (up for adoption: unnamed female terrier)
Sandy: $699
Rebecca: $1125*
Jolene: $750
Hope: $800
ARP: $1149

PG4: Credit Card--Played for a Snowthrower, Luggage, Swan Table, Recliner and Gas Barbeque Grill

Credit Limit: $1,500

First purchase: Luggage--$1,015 ($485 left)
Second purchase: Recliner--$500 (OVER)

Other ARPs: Snowthrower--$430, Table--$847, Grill--$400

Correct solution: Snowthrower, Recliner and Grill


Before the next calldown, we see Rod decked out in a sequined black jacket with matching bowtie.

Fifth Calldown: Cheryl

IUFB5: Tennis Machine & Rackets
Cheryl: $425
Jolene: $1400
Hope: $850
Sandy: $650*
ARP: $747

PG5: Cliff Hangers--Played for Kitchen Appliances ($5,782)

SP1:  Timer--guesses $15, ARP: $17 (mountain climber moves to 2)
SP2:  Curlers--guesses $32, ARP: $38 (mountain climber moves to 8)
SP3:  Food Processor--guesses $55, ARP: $50 (mountain climber moves to 13)


Hope and Jolene have been stuck in Contestants' Row since the show began, so not only is one of them guaranteed a spot in the FFBC, there's also the possibility of a double-induction. Will either one avoid that fate?

Final Calldown: Joyce

IUFB6: Stereo System
Joyce: $1100
Cheryl: $1500
Jolene: $1225*
Hope: $900
ARP: $1251

Hope is now in the FFBC, but Jolene finally escapes!

PG6: Any Number--Played for a Garden Bench or Pontiac Sunbird (with Brush/Jet Blaster as bonus)

First pick: 9, first number in car
Second pick: 4, second number in car
Third pick: 6, first number in bench
Fourth pick: 2, third number in piggy bank
Fifth pick: 5, first number in piggy bank
Sixth pick: 3, second number in piggy bank

Other ARPs: Car--$9,481, Bench--$670


Rebecca: .75
Jolene: .90
Sandy: .80+.45 .65=OVER

Jolene is going to the Showcase! There is no split-screen for Sandy's first spin.

Top Winner: Jolene
Runner-Up: Donald

5 lbs. of Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars, Rome, Sailboat
Jolene passes to Donald, who bids $18,500

Dining Room, Flatware, Piano
Jolene bids $10,000

ARP of Jolene's Showcase: $11,257 (Difference: $1,257)
ARP of Donald's Showcase: $14,525 (OVER)

Jolene wins her Showcase, and takes home $12,513 in cash and prizes!