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May 28, 1990
« on: October 03, 2018, 12:40:50 PM »
First Four: Joseph, Jacqueline, Carla, Evelyn

Bob makes his entrance through the audience.

IUFB1: Stereo System
Evelyn: $1100
Carla: $800
Jacqueline: $950*
Joseph: $825
ARP: $1099

PG1: One Away--Played for a Lincoln Mark VII

Wrong price: $21,862

Jacqueline changes price to $12,751

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 0

ARP: $30,973


Only the second occurrence of this happening... "give it to her!" Also, instead of the buzzer that had been established as the losing sound for at least one year, the foghorn goes off for this loss.

Second Calldown: David

IUFB2: Outdoor Furniture
David: $1100
Joseph: $1200*
Evelyn: $800
Carla: $1
ARP: $1608

PG2: Squeeze Play--Played for a Spa


Joseph removes 9, and price squeezes to $6,070

ARP: $6,900


Third Calldown: Avery

IUFB3: Cedar Chest (winner also receives Ever Soft Lotion)
Avery: $690*
Evelyn: $950
Carla: $1000
David: $1001
ARP: $910

PG3: Hit Me--Played for a Bedroom Group and Wall Coverings ($5,100)

House opens with 6

GP1: Inverness One Touch Hair Remover, marked at $10.00
GP2: Colosso Cone, marked at $5.97
GP3: Fruit of the Loom Men's Underwear, marked at $5.89
GP4: Wisk Liquid Detergent, marked at $14.90
GP5: Theragran-M, marked at $74.00
GP6: Orafix Special, marked at $26.46

First pick: Theragran-M, ARP--$9.25 (gets 8 )
Second pick: Underwear, ARP--$5.89 (gets Ace for 19)

Avery decides to stay on 19

House's draws: Queen for 16, 5 for 21


Where was the "use as directed" for the Theragran-M, Rod? And what's a "Showcase Spinoff", Dian?

Avery: .30+.75=OVER
Jacqueline: .60
Joseph: .80

Joseph is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Randy

IUFB4: 2 Floor Lamps
Randy: $750
Evelyn: $800
Carla: $1200
David: $1201

Randy: $525
Evelyn: $700
Carla: $675*
David: $450
ARP: $690

PG4: Range Game--Played for a Projection TV

Range: $3,700-$4,300

Carla stops rangefinder at $3,885-$4,035

ARP: $4,100


Fifth Calldown: Teri

IUFB5: Dishwasher (winner also receives Creamette Lasagna)
Teri: $650
David: $600
Randy: $525
Evelyn: $550

Teri: $485
David: $496
Randy: $499*
Evelyn: $460
ARP: $519

PG5: Lucky $even--Played for a Nissan Sentra

First number: Guesses 9, actual number--8 (gives back $1)
Second number: Guesses 5, actual number--3 (gives back $2)
Third number: Guesses 7, actual number--5 (gives back $2)
Fourth number: Guesses 6, actual number--9 (Randy goes broke!)


After five losses in a row, Evelyn should be thankful that at least she did not participate in any of them. Alas, it's now her last chance to get up on stage and prevent a winless show.

Final Calldown: Raymond

IUFB6: Love Seat
Raymond: $900
Evelyn: $875
Teri: $800*
David: $901
ARP: $849

Needless to say, Evelyn is off to the FFBC.

PG6: Bonus Game--Played for a Player Piano ($8,640)

SP1: Hand Vacuum Cleaner, wrong price--$71 (guesses lower, ARP: $50)
SP2: Convection Oven, wrong price--$120 (guesses higher, ARP: $150)
SP3: Grinder, wrong price--$60 (guesses higher, ARP: $72)
SP4: Cooker, wrong price--$45 (guesses lower, ARP: $55)

Location of Bonus window: #3


And with this win, Teri keeps the skunk away!

Randy: .80
Carla: .80
Teri: .85

Teri is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Teri
Runner-Up: Joseph

Palm Springs, Motorcycle, Water Skis, Ski Boat
Teri passes to Joseph, who bids $12,000

Professional Range, Video Arcade Game, Secretary Desk, Dinette Set
Teri bids $9,300

ARP of Teri's Showcase: $12,348 (Difference: $3,048)
ARP of Joseph's Showcase: $29,125 (Difference: $17,125)

Teri wins her Showcase, and takes home $22,109 in cash and prizes!