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November 20, 1987
« on: October 09, 2018, 12:00:01 PM »
First Four: Beverly, William, Evangeline, Annette

IUFB1: Sailboat
Annette: $1100
Evangeline: $1700
William: $950
Beverly: $1175*
ARP: $1545

PG1: Master Key--Played for a Color TV, Recliner and Subaru Justy

SP1: Micro Explorer Set--$52 or $20? Picks $20, is right (Key #4)
SP2: Fashion Jewelry--$12 or $22? Picks $22, is right (Key #5)

Key #4
Recliner? NO
Car? NO

Key #5
Car? WIN

Wins all three prizes


Second Calldown: Saverio

IUFB2: 3-Piece Chest
Saverio: $1200
Annette: $1250
Evangeline: $925
William: $850*
ARP: $853

PG2: Range Game--Played for a Trip to Australia

Range: $3,000-$3,600

William stops rangefinder at $3,260-$3,410

ARP: $3,269


Third Calldown: Tina

IUFB3: Electric Piano
Tina: $850
Saverio: $925*
Annette: $725
Evangeline: $1500
ARP: $1495

PG3: Most Expensive--Played for an Entertainment Center, Sofa Bed and Refrigerator/Freezer

Saverio picks #3

ARP of #1: $1,520
ARP of #2: $1,044
ARP of #3: $1,779


Afterwards, a Barker's Beauties chat takes place.

William: .20+.40=.60
Saverio: .65+.20=.85
Beverly: .60+.95=OVER

Saverio is going to the Showcase! Beverly's second spin does not get the split-screen.

Fourth Calldown: Maritha

IUFB4: Fireplace (winner also receives Alpine Spiced Cider)
Maritha: $876
Annette: $850
Evangeline: $1800
Tina: $877*
ARP: $1385

PG4: Race Game--Played for a Washer/Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner, Tea Service and Luggage

Price tags: $445, $895, $999, $1250

First try: Washer/Dryer--$999, Tea Service--$1250, Luggage--$895, Vacuum Cleaner--$445 (2 right, 27 seconds left)
Second try: Washer/Dryer--$895, Tea Service--$1250, Luggage--$999, Vacuum Cleaner--$445 (1 right, 13 seconds left)
Third try: Washer/Dryer--$999, Tea Service--$1250, Luggage--$445, Vacuum Cleaner--$895 (4 right, time's up!)


Fifth Calldown: Robert

IUFB5: Children's Furniture (Janice holds up Gina Edwards Cook's baby daughter, and Bob jokes that she is up for adoption, even giving the same spiel that he does for pets at the SPCA)
Robert: $700*
Maritha: $955
Annette: $1000
Evangeline: $1100
ARP: $918

PG5: Hi Lo--Played for a Dining Room Group ($5,607)

GP1: Sylvania Soft White Bulbs
GP2: Swanson Clear Chicken Broth
GP3: Andes Candy
GP4: The Household Welder
GP5: Maybelline Nail Polish
GP6: Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies

First pick: Household Welder--$3.79
Second pick: Light Bulbs--$2.99
Third pick: Nail Polish--$1.85

All other GPs must be less than $1.85

Chicken Broth: 49
Candy: $1.49
Little Debbie: 99


Bob notes that there have been 25 perfect shows up to this point.

We know one thing's for sure, heading into the last One-Bid: Between Annette and Evangeline, one of them will definitely be in the FFBC, and maybe both of them will. Is either one going to win?

Final Calldown: Sherry

IUFB6: His & Hers Watches
Sherry: $875
Maritha: $940*
Annette: $1200
Evangeline: $2300
ARP: $1100

It's a double-induction into the FFBC, folks!

PG6: Card Game--Played for a Dodge Shadow

Special deck: $800

Opening bid: $2,000

Maritha's draws: Jack of Diamonds ($3,000), Ace of Diamonds (adds $5,000 to make bid $8,000)

Final bid: $8,000

ARP: $7,983

Difference: OVER (by a mere $17!)


Maritha: .25+.70=.95
Tina: .30+.85=OVER
Robert: .45+.35=.80

Maritha is going to the Showcase! Neither Tina's nor Robert's second spin gets the split-screen.

Top Winner: Saverio
Runner-Up: Maritha

Computer Desk with Desktop, Professional Range, Bar Set, 2 Motor Scooters
Saverio passes to Maritha, who bids $8,746

Screening of Cinderella for 25 Friends (Bonus Prize), Cinderella Ball Gown, Grandfather Clock, Buick Regal
Saverio bids $21,000

ARP of Maritha's Showcase: $12,958 (Difference: $4,212)
ARP of Saverio's Showcase: $18,959 (OVER)

After losing a car by $17, Maritha gets redemption by winning her Showcase, and takes home $14,058 in cash and prizes!