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October 17, 1985
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First Four: Sandra Dee, Gary, Glynis, Martine

IUFB1: 2 Watches (brought out by Johnny Olson lookalike robot)
Martine: $600
Glynis: $800
Gary: $820*
Sandra Dee: $550
ARP: $1100

PG1: Any Number--Played for a Mirror or Pontiac Sunbird Wagon

First pick: 8, first number in car
Second pick: 7, third number in mirror
Third pick: 4, second number in mirror
Fourth pick: 9, first number in mirror

Other ARPs: Car--$8,053, Piggy Bank--$6.12


Second Calldown: Nettie (who was on the Bob Barker Fun & Games Show in Memphis a few years back)

IUFB2: Exercise Equipment
Nettie: $450
Sandra Dee: $800
Martine: $550
Glynis: $650*
ARP: $715

PG2: Poker Game--Played for a Sewing Machine, Hall Tree, Sofa and Culinary Setter Cabinet

Glynis' picks: Hall Tree ($989) and Sofa ($696)

Glynis' hand: 99966

Glynis decides to keep her hand

Other ARPs: Sewing Machine--$479, Cabinet--$499

House's Hand: 99944


Third Calldown: Kevin

IUFB3: VCR and Camera
Kevin: $1100*
Nettie: $900
Sandra Dee: $950
Martine: $1
ARP: $1745

PG3: Kevin is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000 in cash!!!

SP1: Floor Sweeper, wrong price--$67 (picks 7, ARP: $47)
SP2: 2 Paint Cans, wrong price--$50 (picks 0, ARP: $30)
SP3: Ice Cream Maker, wrong price--$41 (picks 4, ARP: $47)
SP4: Cordless Iron, wrong price--$87 (picks 7, ARP: $67)

First chip: $100
Second chip: $1,000
Third chip: $0
Fourth chip: $500
Fifth chip: $0

Total: $1,600


Gary: .50
Glynis: .85
Kevin: 1.00

Kevin: .55

Kevin is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Sandra

IUFB4: Camping Equipment
Sandra: $425
Nettie: $475*
Sandra Dee: $600
Martine: $601
ARP: $488

PG4: Bump--Played for a Dinette Set and Pool Table

Dinette: $2,223
Pool Table: $1,550

End buses: $1,999

Nettie decides to bump to left

ARP of Dinette: $1,999
ARP of Pool Table: $2,223


Before she spins the wheel, Nettie is noted as the first player ever to lose Bump, after the first six were won.

Before the next calldown, Bob plugs Phone Home Game, which will be played on the next day's show.

Fifth Calldown: Rhonda

IUFB5: 2 Wing Chairs (up for adoption: 2 kittens)
Rhonda: $920
Sandra Dee: $775
Martine: $800
Sandra: $825*
ARP: $898

PG5: One Away--Played for an Jeep CJ Laredo

Wrong price: $22,684

Sandra changes price to $13,793

Gentlemen, How many numbers are right? 5


The questioning part is inconsistent, as Bob and Sandra alternate asking how many numbers are right. Unlike most other playings of the game, neither gentlemen nor ladies are addressed.

The possibility of a double-induction to the FFBC looms large for Sandra Dee and Martine, who haven't been able to win their way up on stage. As this is the last One-Bid, at least one of them will definitely end up there. Will either one avoid this dreadful fate?

Final Calldown: Andrea

IUFB6: Personal Computer
Andrea: $1200*
Rhonda: $1000
Sandra Dee: $1100
Martine: $800
ARP: $1745

The FFBC now has two members in it today.

PG6: Bullseye--Played for a Trip to Spain ($4,342)

GP1: Jolly Time Popcorn
GP2: Certs Breath Mints
GP3: Alba High Calcium Hot Cocoa
GP4: Betty Crocker Chocolate Icing
GP5: Brachs Chelsea Chips English Toffee

First purchase: 13 Breath Mints x 40 = $5.20


Nettie: 1.00
Andrea: .65+.10=.75
Sandra: .15+.50=.65

Nettie: .05

Nettie is going to the Showcase, with $6,000 in her pocket! Andrea's second spin does not get the split-screen.

Top Winner: Nettie
Runner-Up: Kevin

Refrigerator/Freezer, Display Cabinet, Motorcycle, Brass Bed
Nettie passes to Kevin, who bids $8,250

Tuxedo, Jukebox, Cadillac Fleetwood
Nettie bids $20,000

ARP of Nettie's Showcase: $30,862 (Difference: $10,862)
ARP of Kevin's Showcase: $10,122 (Difference: $1,872)

Kevin wins his Showcase, and takes home $14,658 in cash and prizes! In a separately-taped segment, Bob notes the passing of Johnny Olson.