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October 22, 1986
« on: October 15, 2018, 03:06:08 PM »
This is the episode that marks Paul Alter's first week as director.

First Four: Teri, Marilyn, Patricia, John

IUFB1: Trip to Aspen
John: $700
Patricia: $850
Marilyn: $875
Teri: $876*
ARP: $1812

PG1: Master Key--Played for a Dishwasher, Rolltop Desk and Ford Escort

SP1: Vacuum Cleaner--$47 or $72? Picks $72, is right (Key #4)
SP2: Ice Cream Maker--$24 or $45? Picks $45, is right (Key #1)

Key #4
Dishwasher? No
Desk? No
Car? No

Key #1
Dishwasher? No
Car? WIN

Wins Car


Second Calldown: Victoria

IUFB2: Word Processor
Victoria: $895*
John: $950
Patricia: $1000
Marilyn: $1001
ARP: $899

Even one year after Johnny Olson's death, we still have the robot that looks like him bringing out the IUFB.

PG2: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Dinette Set and Drum Set

Dinette: $718
Drums: $692

Victoria picks Drums

ARP of Dinette: $1,318 (Difference: $600)
ARP of Drums: $1,592 (Difference: $900)


Third Calldown: Jan

IUFB3: Stereo System
Jan: $1850
John: $1100
Patricia: $1350
Marilyn: $1352 (after Bob dares her to one-up Patricia)

Jan: $950
John: $1000
Patricia: $798*
Marilyn: $805
ARP: $800

PG3: Race Game--Played for Cookware, a Range, Bar Set and Personal Robot

Price tags: $500, $790, $947, $1,403

First try: Cookware--$790, Bar Set--$1,403, Robot--$500, Range--$790 (4 right, 29 seconds left)


Victoria: .05+1.00=OVER
Patricia: .40+.55=.95
Teri: .70+.50=OVER

Patricia is going to the Showcase! This is a Play-Along game, with the home contestant being Mildred Walker of Silver Spring, MD.

Fourth Calldown: Johnnie

IUFB4: Sofa (Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits)
Johnnie: $800
Marilyn: $875
Jan: $1000*
John: $900
ARP: $1375

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a Projection TV

Choices: $3,009 or $3,500

Jan picks $3,500

ARP: $3,009


Fifth Calldown: Cora

IUFB5: Exercise Equipment (winner also receives Creamettes)
Cora: $950*
John: $750
Johnnie: $650
Marilyn: $700
ARP: $1300

PG5: Grocery Game--Played for a Bedroom Group ($2,799)

GP1: Rolaids
GP2: Junior Mints
GP3: Toast em Pastries
GP4: Ramen Soup
GP5: Chico-San Crispy Rice Cakes

First purchase: 10 Rolaids x 55 = $5.50
Second purchase: 2 Junior Mints x 45 = 90 (TOTAL--$6.40)
Third purchase: 1 Soup x 25 = 25 (TOTAL--$6.65)
Fourth purchase: 1 Rice Cakes x 99 (TOTAL--$7.64)


As John and Marilyn are still stuck in Contestant's Row at this point in the stage, at least one of them will definitely be in the FFBC. Will either of them win this last One-Bid?

Final Calldown: Carolyn

IUFB6: Diamond Ring
Carolyn: $1150
John: $1200
Johnnie: $800*
Marilyn: $1600
ARP: $975

It's a double-induction into the FFBC, folks!

PG6: One Away--Played for a Subaru BRAT

Wrong price: $7,642

Johnnie changes price to $6,531

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 1

Johnnie changes price to $8,733

ARP: $8,751


Johnnie: .65+.20=.85
Cora: .95
Jan: .50+.70=OVER

Cora is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Patricia
Runner-Up: Cora

Bumper Pool Table, Popcorn Cart, Foosball Table, Motorcycle with Sidecar
Patricia passes to Cora, who bids $11,995

Picnic Basket, Massage Lounger Chair, Renault Alliance Convertible
Patricia bids $19,500

All the pets in the second Showcase are up for adoption.

ARP of Cora's Showcase: $17,317 (Difference: $5,322)
ARP of Patricia's Showcase: $14,140 (OVER)

Cora wins her Showcase, and takes home $18,642 in cash and prizes!