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December 4, 2003
« on: October 11, 2018, 03:07:41 PM »
Announced by Burton Richardson

First Four: Lisa, Alfredo, Gretchen, Teresa

IUFB1: 2 Airbikes
Teresa: $1250
Gretchen: $1100
Alfredo: $1251*
Lisa: $451
ARP: $1399

PG1: Lucky $even--Played for a Pontiac Grand Am

First number: 1

Second number: Guesses 7, actual number--9 (gives back $2)
Third number: Guesses 5, actual number--2 (gives back $3)
Fourth number: Guesses 7, actual number--2 (Alfredo goes broke!)
Fifth number: Not revealed


Second Calldown: Nathan

IUFB2: Baker's Rack (winner also receives Airborne Cold Supplement)
Nathan: $1
Lisa: $450
Teresa: $875
Gretchen: $876*
ARP: $1584

PG2: Gretchen (who is currently on her honeymoon) is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $50,000!!!

SP1: Salt & Pepper Shakers, wrong price--$42 (picks 2, ARP: $12)
SP2: Shower Radio, wrong price--$71 (picks 7, ARP: $79)
SP3: Mini Fridge, wrong price--$30 (picks 0, ARP: $60)
SP4: Coffee Grinder, wrong price--$57 (picks 7, ARP: $17)

First chip: $1,000
Second chip: $0
Third chip: $500
Fourth chip: $500
Fifth chip: $1,000 $0

Total: $2,000


Third Calldown: Leroy

IUFB3: Chaise Lounge
Leroy: $1500
Nathan: $375*
Lisa: $600
Teresa: $601
ARP: $599

PG3: Danger Price--Played for a Freezer, Bar Set, Armoire and Serveware

The danger price is $620

First pick: Armoire--$1318
Second pick: Serveware--$620

Other ARPs: Freezer--$1,000, Bar Set--$2,910


Nathan: .10+.95=OVER
Alfredo: .75
Gretchen: .30+.15=.45

Alfredo is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Christopher

IUFB4: Water Fountain
Christopher: $575
Lisa: $576
Teresa: $1200
Leroy: $725*
ARP: $1198

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a Floor Clock

Choices: $7,180 or $5,470

Leroy picks $7,180

ARP: $5,470


Fifth Calldown: Raymond

IUFB5: Brass Cradle
Raymond: $1350*
Christopher: $900
Lisa: $901
Teresa: $1
ARP: $1980

PG5: One Away--Played for a Ford Taurus

Wrong price: $31,573

Raymond changes price to $20,682

Ladies, how many numbers are right? 5


Since Lisa and Teresa failed to win their way up on stage the first five times, this represents their last chance to avoid the FFBC. Will one, or possibly both, end up there? Can one of them finally escape?

Final Calldown: Kenneth

IUFB6: Gas Barbeque Grill (winner also receives Rembrandt Deep Whitener)
Kenneth: $795
Christopher: $600
Lisa: $796
Teresa: $797*
ARP: $1554

Teresa makes it out at the last possible moment, while Lisa is headed off to the FFBC. We later find out that Teresa works in the bakery section of her local grocery store, so she should do well in the next game.

PG6: Check-Out--Played for a Dining Room Group ($6,062)

GP1: Welch's 6-Pack Orange Pineapple Juice (guesses $3.09, ARP--$2.99)
GP2: Polident (guesses $7.99, ARP--$5.59)
GP3: Anbesol (guesses $5.00, ARP--$6.99)
GP4: Clorox Bathroom Cleaner (guesses $2.99, ARP--$3.29)
GP5: Os-Cal Ultra (guesses $10.00, ARP--$14.79)

Totals: Guessed--$29.07, Actual--$33.65
Difference: $4.58


Poor Teresa; well, you can't blame her son David, who's a checker at the same grocery store, because he helped as best as he could. Instead of the usual foghorn, the buzzer goes off for this loss.

Leroy: .75
Teresa: .55+.50=OVER
Raymond: .50+.75=OVER

Leroy is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Alfredo
Runner-Up: Leroy

Digital Camera, Around the World (Alaska, Italy, Fiji)
Alfredo bids $15,900

Toboggans & Snowboards (Winter), Cancun (Spring), Fireplace (Fall), Chrysler Sebring Convertible (Summer)
Leroy bids $26,500

Apparently, the SFX people fell asleep during the first Showcase, because they forgot to ring the bell on Alfredo's bid.

ARP of Leroy's Showcase: $34,178 (Difference: $7,678)
ARP of Alfredo's Showcase: $24,203 (Difference: $8,303)

Leroy wins his Showcase, and takes home $35,376 in cash and prizes!

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