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October 29, 1986
« on: October 29, 2018, 03:28:22 PM »
Aired 32 years ago today...

First Four: Suann, Michael, Rebecca, Bertha

IUFB1: Outdoor Play Set
Bertha: $550
Rebecca: $500
Michael: $838*
Suann: $501
ARP: $1220

PG1: Blank Check--Played for a Trip to Hawaii

Total must be between $3,000 and $3,500

Michael writes check for $1,200

ARP: $2,010

Total: $3,210


Second Calldown: Willard

IUFB2: 2 Wing Chairs
Willard: $1500
Suann: $1600
Bertha: $950
Rebecca: $951

Willard: $949
Suann: $750
Bertha: $775*
Rebecca: $1
ARP: $800

PG2: Hole in One--Played for a Pontiac Fiero ($10,033)

GP1: Ponds Cold Cream Pump
GP2: Ragu Pasta Meals
GP3: Lee Press-On Nails
GP4: Clorets
GP5: Galileo Deli Style Salami
GP6: Sue Bee Honey

Order of flags: Mints, Pasta Meal, Lunch Meat, Honey, Face Cream, Nails
ARPs: 55, $1.19, $2.29, $1.79 (others not revealed)

Bob's inspiration putt: Perfect!

Bertha's first putt: Wide left (but it's Hole in One...or Two!)
Bertha's second putt: Wide left...again!


Third Calldown: Andrea

IUFB3: Microwave Range (winner also receives Royal Gelatin and Pudding)
Andrea: $550
Rebecca: $1150
Willard: $850
Suann: $851*
ARP: $1000

PG3: Danger Price--Played for a Lawnmower, Entertainment Center, Dinette Set and Trash Compactor

The danger price is $550

First pick: Cabinet--$790
Second pick: Dinette--$974
Third pick: Lawnmower--$366

The Compactor had the danger price


Bertha: .35+.65=1.00
Suann: .75+.70=OVER
Michael: .70+.70=OVER

Bertha: .50

Bertha is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket! Neither her first spin nor Michael's second spin gets the split-screen, and Michael's second spin is not buzzed.

Fourth Calldown: Anica

IUFB4: Luggage
Anica: $650
Andrea: $800
Rebecca: $700
Willard: $831*
ARP: $1020

PG4: 1 Right Price--Played for a Baker's Rack and Replica Model Car

The 1 right price is $1,895

Willard picks Baker's Rack

ARP of Baker's Rack: $2,339


Fifth Calldown: Kimberly

IUFB5: Stereo System
Kimberly: $950
Anica: $1100
Andrea: $1500
Rebecca: $951*
ARP: $1000

PG5: Any Number--Played for a Love Seat or Ford Mustang

First pick: 8, first number in car
Second pick: 5, third number in love seat
Third pick: 6, first number in piggy bank
Fourth pick: 7, third number in car
Fifth pick: 3, second number in piggy bank
Sixth pick: 4, second number in love seat
Seventh pick: 0, third number in piggy bank

Other ARPs: Car--$8,172, Love Seat--$945


Final Calldown: Teresa

IUFB6: His & Hers Scuba Gear
Teresa: $500
Kimberly: $1100*
Anica: $1050
Andrea: $850
ARP: $1488

PG6: Cliff Hangers--Played for a Brass Bed ($2,960)

SP1: Toy Truck--guesses $25, mountain climber moves to 5 (ARP: $20)
SP2: Popcorn Maker--guesses $25, mountain climber moves to 10 (ARP: $30)
SP3: Fondue Set--guesses $40, mountain climber moves to 13 (ARP: $43)


Rebecca: .95
Willard: .55+.45=1.00
Kimberly: .85+.30=OVER

Willard: .50

Willard is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket!

Top Winner: Willard
Runner-Up: Bertha

Attache Phone, Musical Keyboard, 2 Color TVs, Camping Trailer
Willard passes to Bertha, who bids $16,500

Evening Gown, New York, Ladies' Diamond Watch, Ski Boat
Willard bids $18,900

ARP of Willard's Showcase: $22,360 (Difference: $3,460)
ARP of Bertha's Showcase: $16,725 (Difference: $225)

Bertha wins her Showcase, and takes home $18,525 in cash and prizes!