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October 29, 1981
« on: October 31, 2018, 03:01:34 PM »
First Four: Ralph, Joann, Eveyn, Carol

IUFB1: Surrey Top Boat
Carol: $275
Evelyn: $450
Joann: $350
Ralph: $399*
ARP: $419

PG1: Give or Keep--Played for a Designer Bed and Color TV ($2,764)

SP1: Air Purifier
SP2: Deep Fryer

Ralph decides to keep Purifier; ARP of Fryer: $37

SP3: Bakeware
SP4: Cosmetics

Ralph decides to keep Cosmetics; ARP of Bakeware: $29 ($66 given)

SP5: Shoes
SP6: Jeans

Ralph decides to keep Shoes; ARP of Jeans: $27 ($93 given)

If Ralph keeps $93 or more, he wins the

Purifier: $40
Cosmetics: $23
Shoes: $22

Total: $85


Second Calldown: Roberta

IUFB2: Moped
Roberta: $400
Carol: $800
Evelyn: $750
Joann: $550*
ARP: $609

PG2: It's Optional--Played for 2 Chevrolet Chevettes

Joann must select three options worth $725

Base car is $5,280, second car is $6,005

List of options: Tilt Steering Wheel, Tinted Glass, Air Conditioning, Power Brakes, Quiet Sound Group, Automatic Transmission, Heavy Duty Cooling System, Power Steering

First option selected: Air Conditioning--$525
Second option selected: Power Steering--$160

Total: $685


Third Calldown: Michelle

IUFB3: Baker's Rack
Michelle: $425
Roberta: $400
Carol: $240
Evelyn: $295*
ARP: $350

PG3: Safe Crackers--Played for a Trip to Holland and 35mm Camera and Side Projector Kit ($4,120)

Numbers in price of Camera and Projector: 0, 3, 2

Evelyn sets combination to $320, and opens safe


Ralph: .35+.15=.50
Evelyn: .25+.10=.35
Joann: .95

Joann is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Donald (a newlywed from Ohio)

IUFB4: Range
Donald: $650
Michelle: $550
Roberta: $565
Carol: $600

Donald: $500
Michelle: $425*
Roberta: $435
Carol: $475
ARP: $429

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a Wicker Chaise Bed

Choices: $1,350 or $1,725

Michelle picks $1,350

ARP: $1,350


Fifth Calldown: Earlene

IUFB5: Grandfather Clock
Earlene: $721*
Roberta: $850
Carol: $650
Donald: $851
ARP: $799

PG5: Grocery Game--Played for a Player Piano ($3,940)

GP1: Niagara Spray Starch
GP2: Hershey's Krackel
GP3: Ragu Pizza Quick Sauce
GP4: Certs
GP5: Candy Coated Gum

First purchase: 5 Krackels x 79 =$3.95
Second purchase: 2 Niagaras x $1.10 =$2.20 (TOTAL--$6.15)
Third purchase: 4 Certs x 25 =$1.00 (TOTAL--$7.15)


Can Carol make it up on stage, or will she go to the dreaded FFBC?

Final Calldown: Jean

IUFB6: Trash Compactor
Jean: $325*
Roberta: $399
Carol: $275
Donald: $200
ARP: $340

Unfortunately for Carol, it's the latter.

PG6: Any Number--Played for a Coffee Table or Ford Escort

First pick: 7, first number in piggy bank
Second pick: 5, third number in piggy bank
Third pick: 2, third number in car
Fourth pick: 8, second number in table
Fifth pick: 9, first number in table
Sixth pick: 6, first number in car
Seventh pick: 4, fourth number in car
Eighth pick: 3, second number in piggy bank

Other ARPs: Car--$6,124, Table--$980


Jean: .45+.35=.80
Earlene: .10+.95=OVER
Michelle: .45+.45=.90

Michelle is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Joann
Runner-Up: Michelle

Wine Vault, Dining Room Group, Spa
Joann passes to Michelle, who bids $5,800

2 Rockers, Fireplace, Microwave Oven, Dallas, Ford Mustang
Joann bids $8,500

ARP of Michelle's Showcase: $8,158 (Difference: $2,358)
ARP of Joann's Showcase: $10,266 (Difference: $1,566)

Joann wins her Showcase, and takes home $22,845 in cash and prizes, including three cars!