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September 27, 1984
« on: November 06, 2018, 03:27:32 PM »
First Four: Cynthia, Laura #1, Bettie, Barbara

IUFB1: Pearl Necklace
Cynthia: $625
Laura #1: $650*
Bettie: $350
Barbara: $450
ARP: $1050

PG1: Clock Game--Played for Luggage and a Trip to Rome

First, Laura #1 will bid on Luggage

Laura #1's bids/Bob's responses: $350/H, $450/H, $550/H, $600/L, $575/L, $545/H, $560/L, $562... (stop the clock at 19)/L, $560/L, $555/H, $556/H, $557/H, $558 (wins with 14 seconds left)

Next, she will bid on Trip, which is worth $5,000-$6,000 in price

Laura #1's bids/Bob's responses: $300/H, $400/L, $350/L, $340/L, $330/L, $320/L, $310/H, $311/H, $312/H, $313/H, $314... (wins with 6 seconds left)


Second Calldown: Bernice (who is from Rome, GA, which Bob distinguishes from the one in Italy)

IUFB2: Trash Compactor
Bernice: $450
Bettie: $650
Barbara: $500
Cynthia: $651

Bernice: $350
Bettie: $375
Barbara: $325
Cynthia: $376*
ARP: $405

PG2: The Phone Home Game

Today's home contestant is Barbara Harris in Lakewood, CA

GP1: Countertop Magic
GP2: Amelia Pasta
GP3: Aspercreme
GP4: Naturally Fresh Salad Dressing
GP5: Come 'n Get It Dog Food
GP6: Certs
GP7: Borateem Borax Bleach

Barbara's first pick: 30 (Cynthia guesses Breath Mints, ARP: 30)
Barbara's second pick: $4.49 (Cynthia guesses Pain Reliever, ARP: $4.49)
Barbara's third pick: $1.00 (Cynthia guesses Pasta, ARP: $1.00)

Cash awards: $1,000, $2,000, $3,000

Total: $6,000


Two more cash awards are revealed on the board, with the Cleaner having $1,000, the Dressing $10,000, and the other two unknown.

Third Calldown: Tina

IUFB3: 2 Wing Chairs
Tina: $625
Bernice: $450
Bettie: $675*
Barbara: $650
ARP: $700

PG3: Double Prices--Played for a Wicker Bed and 2 Nightstands

Choices: $2,299 or $2,720

Bettie's pick: $2,720

ARP: $2,720


Cynthia: .85
Bettie: .80+.10=.90
Laura #1: .60+.65=OVER

Bettie is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: James

IUFB4: Exercise Equipment
James: $305*
Barbara: $450
Tina: $675
Bernice: $275
ARP: $400

PG4: Blank Check--Played for a Game Table with 4 Chairs

Total must be between $3,000 and $3,500

James writes check for $1,400

ARP: $2,500

Total: $3,900


Fifth Calldown: Maria

IUFB5: Baker's Rack
Maria: $375
Barbara: $750
Tina: $525*
Bernice: $400
ARP: $710

PG5: Five Price Tags--Played for a Mazda GLC

Possible prices: $6,875, $7,403, $7,150, $6,299, $6,540

SP1: Skincare Products--$33? Guesses false, ARP: $40
SP2: Handbag--$55? Guesses true, ARP: $55
SP3: Cord Trimmer--$48? Guesses false, ARP: $37
SP4: Blouse--$32? Guesses false, ARP: $32

Tina wins three picks from the five price tags

First pick: $6,875? NO
Second pick: $7,150? NO
Third pick: $6,540? WIN!

Barbara, who's been stuck in Contestant's Row since Bob came through the Big Doors, is now down to her last chance to win.

Final Calldown: Laura #2

IUFB3: Dishwasher
Laura #2: $600
Bernice: $675
Maria: $575*
Barbara: $475
ARP: $590

Alas, Barbara ends up in the FFBC.

PG6: Squeeze Play--Played for a Bar Set


Maria removes the 8, and price squeezes to $3,265

ARP: $3,865


James: .50+.15=.65
Maria: .50+1.00=OVER
Tina: .60+.10=.70

Tina is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Tina
Runner-Up: Bettie

Dining Room Group, Renault Alliance
Tina passes to Bettie, who bids $10,000

Portable TV, Stereo System, Ski Boat
Tina bids $12,800

ARP of Bettie's Showcase: $10,368 (Difference: $368)
ARP of Tina's Showcase: $11,464 (OVER)

Bettie wins her Showcase, and takes home $13,788 in cash and prizes!