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January 12, 2006
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First Four: Daniel, Mattie, Carolyn, Paul

IUFB1: Grill/Cooler/CD Stereo Combo
Paul: $2000*
Carolyn: $1199
Mattie: $1200
Daniel: $1250
ARP: $3495

PG1: Lucky $even--Played for a Ford Five Hundred

First number: 2

Second number: Guesses 3, actual number--3 (keeps all $7)
Third number: Guesses 7, actual number--8 (gives back $1)
Fourth number: Guesses 4, actual number--2 (gives back $2)
Fifth number: Guesses 4, actual number--4 (pays $1 to buy car, and keeps remaining $3)


Second Calldown: Eileen

IUFB2: Outdoor Sofa (up for adoption: Gia, a female Dachshund mix)
Eileen: $900
Carolyn: $750*
Mattie: $999
Daniel: $1
ARP: $800

PG2: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Convection Toaster Oven, wrong price--$130 (guesses lower, ARP: $120)
SP2: Mini Clothes Washer, wrong price--$60 (guesses higher, ARP: $76)
SP3: Solar Radio, wrong price--$20 (guesses higher, ARP: $30)
SP4: Knife Sharpener, wrong price--$120 (guesses lower, ARP: $100)

Carolyn wins four punches on the punchboard

First punch: $500--continues
Second punch: $100/Second Chance + $500 =$600--continues
Third punch: $50--continues
Fourth punch: $50


Third Calldown: Barbara

IUFB3: Massagers
Barbara: $799
Mattie: $900*
Daniel: $1200
Eileen: $1201
ARP: $1000

PG3: Coming or Going--Played for a Catamaran

Coming: $5,249
Going: $9,425

Mattie is Going

Correct Solution: Going


Carolyn: .30+.75=OVER
Mattie: 1.00
Paul: .85+.50=OVER

Mattie: .25

Mattie is going to the Showcase, with $ in her pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Allen

IUFB4: Cookware
Allen: $400
Daniel: $550*
Eileen: $425
Barbara: $599
ARP: $560

PG4: Buy or Sell--Played for an Oil Painting, Bar Set and Shaved Ice Cart

Artwork: Marked at $2,500
Bar Set: Marked at $2,330
Shaved Ice Machine: Marked at $4,367

Daniel decides to buy Artwork, buy Bar Set and sell Shaved Ice Machine

ARP of Artwork: $3,000, gains $500
ARP of Bar Set: $2,730, gains $400
ARP of Shaved Ice Machine: $3,367, gains $1,000

Total profit: $1,900


Daniel ends up with the most winnings in Buy or Sell, including the maximum possible profit in cash!

Fifth Calldown: Stephen

IUFB5: Banjo
Stephen: $1200
Eileen: $795
Barbara: $1250
Allen: $1300*
ARP: $1719

PG5: Dice Game--Played for a Ford Focus ZX3

First number: 1

Second number: Rolls 6, is right (no guess)
Third number: Rolls 6, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fourth number: Rolls 6, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fifth number: Rolls 2, is wrong (guesses higher)

ARP: $16,215


Final Calldown: Leeanne

IUFB6: Snowshoe Equipment
Leeanne: $1275
Stephen: $1200
Eileen: $1225
Barbara: $1250

Leeanne: $850
Stephen: $675
Eileen: $700
Barbara: $775

Leeanne: $575
Stephen: $625*
Eileen: $1
Barbara: $499
ARP: $668

PG6: Bullseye--Played for 24 Board Games and Bumper Pool Table ($3,268)

GP1: Carapelli Olive Oil
GP2: David Jalapeno Hot Salsa Sunflower Seeds
GP3: Hershey's Syrup
GP4: Pringles
GP5: Glad Press n Seal Plastic Wrap

First try: 4 Chocolate Syrups x $2.25 =$9.00
Second try: 6 Sunflower Seeds x $1.09 =$6.54
Third try: 2 Olive Oils x $5.49 =$10.98


Stephen: .95
Daniel: .70+.15=.85
Allen: .90+.80=OVER

Stephen is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Mattie
Runner-Up: Stephen

Dining Room Group, Picnic Equipment, 2 Motorcycles
Mattie passes to Stephen, who bids $22,500

Diamond Watch, Thailand, Lincoln Town Car
Mattie bids $45,000

ARP of Mattie's Showcase: $53,734 (Difference: $8,734)
ARP of Stephen's Showcase: $18,850 (OVER)

Mattie wins her Showcase, and takes home $65,159 in cash and prizes!