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RPG 11/8/18 - RESULTS
« on: November 10, 2018, 10:02:15 PM »
I love lineups like these for F(R)PG. Lineups with common games so everyone can score (Side, Buck) and surprises to give bonus cash and make the lineups more interesting (Card, Bonus). It made for an enjoyable game, fun lineup, and some very interesting results. Here's the rundown:

Side by Side - 9 picks. Only Cephas nails it for 4/20 and gets max PA cash.
Card Game - 1 solo pick by 2K. Had the slot right, but not the results. He gets $50K and 2/6.
Race Game - 5 picks. Everyone had it selected for a win, so no perfects here.
Bonus Game - 2 picks. Tanzerey and 985 both get 2/2 and $25K.
Pushover - 7 picks. Hag and 985 get double PA cash.
Pass the Buck - 5 picks. Kev nails that one for 4/20 and all the PA from her.

It was a very close race for the top spot. So close that we had to go to tiebreakers. Cephas barely edges out Kev by correcting all three of his games in the right half while Kev had only 1 game in the right half. Both had 8/28 and third place also had 28 CP. JJ takes the bronze with 6/28. Remember that we have a game on Tuesday for Premiere week Fill in the Blank. See you then.