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December 11, 1986
« on: November 15, 2018, 03:37:59 PM »
First Four: Tyrone, Patricia, Susan, Kenneth

IUFB1: Wall Unit
Tyrone: $775
Patricia: $1000*
Susan: $665
Kenneth: $590
ARP: $1675

PG1: Shell Game--Played for a Snowmobile ($3,299)

SP1: Air Purifier, wrong price--$160 (guesses lower, ARP: $200)
SP2: Cutlery Set, wrong price--$40 (guesses higher, ARP: $33)
SP3: Vacuum Cleaner, wrong price--$85 (guesses lower, ARP: $110)
SP4: Electric Roaster, wrong price--$210 (guesses lower, ARP: $180, chip by #3)

Bob checks Shell #1, but finds no ball
Bob checks Shell #2, and finds ball


This is a Play-Along game, with the home contestant being Vincent Barcelona of San Antonio, TX. The bell mistakenly dings when Bob reveals the shell that hides the ball.

Second Calldown: Fredric

IUFB2: Exercise Bike
Fredric: $400
Susan: $820*
Kenneth: $1150
Tyrone: $501
ARP: $1020

PG2: Most Expensive--Played for a Drum Set, Microwave Range and Sofa Bed

Susan picks #2

ARP of #1: $1,592
ARP of #3: $1,100
ARP of #2: $1,295


Afterwards, a Barker's Beauties chat takes place.

Third Calldown: Karen

IUFB3: Baby Accessories
Karen: $750
Kenneth: $1100
Tyrone: $650
Fredric: $700

Karen: $450
Kenneth: $600
Tyrone: $451*
Fredric: $400
ARP: $510

PG3: Add em Up--Played for a Ford Mustang

Numbers in price total 18

Tyrone picks third number for free, which is 7

First guess: 6, is wrong but game continues
Second guess: 8, first number
Third guess: 2, fourth number
Fourth guess: 1, second number


Susan: .20+.85=OVER
Patricia: .50+.20=.70
Tyrone: .35+.05=.40

Patricia is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Darlene

IUFB4: Golf Clubs
Darlene: $1050*
Fredric: $900
Karen: $650
Kenneth: $350
ARP: $1220

PG4: Bump--Played for a 1910 Ford Replica Car and Dinette Set

Replica Car: $1,250
Dinette Set: $1,190

End buses: $1,690

Darlene decides to bump to right

ARP of Replica Car: $1,190
ARP of Dinette Set: $1,690


Bob lets Kenneth plug the next day's show, in which the Home Viewer Christmas Party Showcase winner will be revealed.

Fifth Calldown: Warren

IUFB5: 2 Recliners
Warren: $950
Fredric: $1000
Karen: $1100*
Kenneth: $900
ARP: $1260

PG5: Penny Ante--Played for a Projection TV and VCR ($3,995)

GP1: Cutex Nail Polish Remover
GP2: Sun Giant Raisins

Nail Polish Remover: $1.05, $1.19, $1.69 or $1.45

First pick: $1.19? YES

Raisins: $1.35, $1.73, $1.59 or $2.05

Second pick: $1.59? YES


Is Kenneth going to win his way up on stage, or is he going to the FFBC?

Final Calldown: Joan

IUFB6: Dishwasher
Joan: $600
Kenneth: $385
Warren: $601
Fredric: $602*
ARP: $630

It's the FFBC for Kenneth!

PG6: One Away--Played for a Pontiac Fiero

Wrong price: $22,134

Frederic changes price to $13,045

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 3

Frederic changes price to $11,245

ARP: $11,025


Fredric: .70
Darlene: .40+.80=OVER
Karen: .15+.20=.35

Fredric is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Patricia
Runner-Up: Fredric

Hawaii, Jukebox, Sailboat
Patricia passes to Fredric, who bids $21,000

Living Room, Vacuum Cleaning System, Grand Piano
Patricia bids $9,000

ARP of Patricia's Showcase: $14,588 (Difference: $5,588)
ARP of Fredric's Showcase: $15,532 (OVER)

Patricia wins her Showcase, and takes home $16,443 in cash and prizes!