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FPG 11/16/18 - RESULTS
« on: November 17, 2018, 01:31:52 PM »
Do the Math and Money Game, If I Never See Your Face Again on Fridays, I would be happy. The show decided to Go Hard and decided to add some surprises that would cause people to start Breakin' Dishes and calling SOS on their lineups. It wasn't a great lineup and I'd like to see more fun ones Right Now, but that's FPG for you. Here's what happened:

Coming or Going - 4 picks. Good for 10K a piece to Wayo/Flerbert/Tanzerey/9821. Wayo and Flerb nail it.
Swap Meet - 5 picks. Only one picked it for a loss and not 2nd.
Secret "X" for a CAR - Sweeper/priac both get 2 MG and 25K.
Do the Math - 123^3 caught on and get the sole 50K for 2/2.
Money Game - 5 picks. 2K maxes it and PA cash, priac gets the other PA cash for the day.
It's in the Bag - Sweeper/sidey pair up for another 25K a piece and Sweep nails it.

Watch N' Learn from all these folks. Lots of bonus cash and props to 123 for picking Math, that really needs to take a break. I guess you want to know who won, so I'll Say It. This includes a top two of medalers who have all not made it to the podium this season. Tanzerey wins with 7/19, those two key picks were enough to give Sweeper second with 6/14 and Wayo gets 3rd with 6/10. Our next game is in a week and a half for Cyber Monday and then there's that missing show. I'm leery about if I want to play the missing game as an official one, but I have something that I might want to try out, so stay tuned for that. Until then, stay safe under those Umbrellas while I Shut Up and Drive.
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