Author Topic: WPG 11/28/18 - RESULTS  (Read 468 times)

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WPG 11/28/18 - RESULTS
« on: November 28, 2018, 11:39:19 PM »
Thank you to everyoNE Who participated in this experiment. It didn't quite turn out the waY I Expected, but thAt's what expeRimentS are for, right? Very high scoring game, guess that's what happen when we know EVEry lineup two months in. Here's how the lineup played out:

It's in the Bag - 5 picks. Kev and Sweep max it. Kev gets all the cash.
Coming or Going - 5 picks. Kev maxes.
Gridlock! - SPOILED and everyone picked it. Hag and Kev nail it.
Race Game - SPOILED, all picked. 5 people nailed it, including Kev.
Master Key - Kev gets 4/20.
Pick-a-Number - Kev and only Kev picked it for his Joker and gets 4/12 because it.

Need I say more? I'm honestly a little suspicious about Kev having a perfect game, but it's for fun, so I'm not worrying about it too much. This is probably the highest you'll ever see these scores, so treasure it. I'll see you back here next Friday for another official FPG and perhaps more big money being sloshed out.
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Re: WPG 11/28/18 - RESULTS
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2018, 10:26:15 AM »
Well, this is certainly something :) There was a lot of information out there about this episode, and I was able to piece it together. What helped me get the slotting was simple cash/car slotting rules. Yes, there wasn't a car 4th, but when I figured out that the car games were Gridlock and Master Key, neither of those are ever played in the first 2 (I don't get why with Key), which meant one of them had to be 3rd, which made a car 4th very unlikely. Since cars were 6th on both 8422 and 8423, that means that 5th was more likely than 6th.

Cash also tends not to repeat slots within a week. Hot Seat was 6th on Monday, cars were 3rd and 5th to begin with, and cash is very rarely 2nd, so that leaves 1st and 4th. 1st simply made a lot more sense than slipping it 4th between the 2 car games. So we have Bag 1st. Because putting fee games in the same half is uncommon, that means Key is 5th, not 3rd, which leaves Gridlock for 3rd. Why'd I pick Key? Bag, Race and Gridlock is already the beginnings of a long lineup. In order for us to get an SP in at all, it would have to be an SP/car. They've been playing both GP and SP in most shows this season, so I decided to stick with that and pick the only SP that remotely made sense, Key. So yep, they waited until week 3 to play Cover Up. Pretty strange.

So Bag 1st, Gridlock 3rd, Key 5th. Filling in Race and the 2 quickies' slottings involved a bit more luck. However, hopefully this gives a bit of insight into how I got lucky by following the patterns. It really is like a logic puzzle. Considering they really are obsessed with manipulating the showcase ARP endings as we've seen, it's not surprising that they also carefully manipulate the lineups in this way.