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December 22, 1982
« on: December 07, 2018, 02:06:39 PM »
First Four: Roxanne, Shirley, Tana, Lewis

IUFB1: Child's Arm Chair
Roxanne: $300*
Shirley: $450
Tana: $200
Lewis: $190
ARP: $440

PG1: Five Price Tags--Played for a Cadillac Cimarron

Possible prices: $14,100, $12,209, $10,654, $11,981, $9,317

SP1: Bed Sack--$40? Guesses false, ARP: $32
SP2: Cosmetics--$90? Guesses false, ARP: $71
SP3: Ladies' Shaver--$18? Guesses false, ARP: $34
SP4: Air Cleaner/Deodorizer--$50? Guesses false, ARP: $50

First pick: $12,209? NO
Second pick: $14,100? WIN! ...or should I say...


Second Calldown: Elva

IUFB2: Dishwasher
Elva: $485
Shirley: $400*
Tana: $550
Lewis: $450
ARP: $430

PG2: Race Game--Played for Season Tickets to the Dodgers, Kings, Raiders and Lakers

Price tags: $360, $972, $840, $688

First try: Dodgers--$972, Kings--$360, Raiders--$840, Lakers--$688 (1 right, 32 seconds left)
Second try: Dodgers--$688, Kings--$360, Raiders--$840, Lakers--$972 (0 right, 14 seconds left)
Third try: Dodgers--$972, Kings--$840, Raiders--$360, Lakers--$688 (2 right, time's up!)

Correct Solution: Dodgers--$972, Kings--$688, Raiders--$360, Lakers--$840

Wins Tickets to Dodgers and Raiders


Bob does not pull the lever while explaining the rules like he usually does.

Third Calldown: William

IUFB3: Color TV
William: $475
Tana: $400
Lewis: $500
Elva: $520*
ARP: $560

PG3: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for Trips to Hawaii and New York

Hawaii: $1,242
New York: $1,858

Elva picks New York

ARP of Hawaii: $1,842 (Difference: $600)
ARP of New York: $2,758 (Difference: $900)


Shirley: .05+.95=1.00
Elva: .10+.95=OVER
Roxanne: 1.00

Shirley: .65
Roxanne: .20

Shirley is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Cathy

IUFB4: 2 Watches
Cathy: $650
William: $500
Tana: $651
Lewis: $525

Cathy: $375
William: $425
Tana: $400
Lewis: $325*
ARP: $330

PG4: Clock Game--Played for a Waterbed and Washer/Dryer

First, Lewis will bid on Waterbed

Lewis' bids/Bob's responses: $400/H, $500/H, $600/L, $550/L, $525/H, $530/H, $535/L, $531/H, $532 (wins with 17 seconds left)

Next, he will bid on Washer/Dryer

Lewis' bids/Bob's responses: $600/H, $700/H, $800/L, $750/H, $730/H, $760/H, $770/H, $775/H, $780/H, $785/H, $790 (wins with 3 seconds left)


Fifth Calldown: Jean

IUFB5: Wood Stove
Jean: $425
Cathy: $900
William: $550*
Tana: $450
ARP: $799

PG5: Pick-a-Pair--Played for a Player Piano ($3,940)

GP1: Raisinets
GP2: Hefty Food Containers
GP3: Lo-Sal Antacid
GP4: Listerine Mouthwash
GP5: Sue Bee Honey
GP6: Off & Running Miracle Adhesive

First try: Adhesive ($1.99) and Mouthwash ($1.69)
Second try: Adhesive ($1.99) and Honey ($1.39)

Other $1.99 GP: Containers


Bob also reveals the price of the candy as $1.69, meaning that if William had kept the mouthwash on the first try, he would've won. It also means that the other $1.39 GP would have to be the antacid.

Meanwhile, back in Contestants' Row, Tana is still trying to win her way up on stage. This is her last chance; will she do it?

Final Calldown: Kerry

IUFB6: Lithograph
Kerry: $300
Tana: $375
Jean: $495*
Cathy: $376
ARP: $910

Sadly, Tana is now on her way to the FFBC.

PG6: Card Game--Played for a Ford Mustang

Special Deck: $200

Jean's draws: 5 of Clubs ($500), Ace of Diamonds (adds $1,000 to make bid $1,500), 7 of Spades ($2,200), 10 of Spades ($3,200), Queen of Spades ($4,200), 10 of Diamonds ($5,200), Queen of Diamonds ($6,200), Jack of Hearts ($7,200), 2 of Clubs ($7,400), 7 of Hearts ($8,100)

Final bid: $8,100

ARP: $7,710

Difference: OVER


William: .75
Jean: .70+.65=OVER
Lewis: .50+.55=OVER

William is going to the Showcase! What is up with that random creaking by the wheel?!

Top Winner: Shirley
Runner-Up: William

Bar Set, Dining Room Group, Snowmobile
Shirley passes to William, who bids $5,500

Tandem Bicycle, Grandfather Clock, Recliner, 1929 Model A Pickup Truck
Shirley bids $9,000

ARP of Shirley's Showcase: $14,727 (Difference: $5,727)
ARP of William's Showcase: $8,979 (Difference: $3,479)

William wins his Showcase, and takes home $9,778 in gifts!

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Re: December 22, 1982
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I think Bob remarks that the prices had never been as high in 5PT as they were in this playing. Id like to throw in that the Cimarron was a uniquely unimpressive, low-end Cadillac.
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