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December 22, 1995
« on: December 18, 2018, 11:22:32 AM »
First Four: Janae, Brandon, Gina, Cynthia

IUFB1: Christmas Tree
Janae: $650
Brandon: $450
Gina: $500
Cynthia: $799*
ARP: $1956

PG1: Split Decision--Played for a Color TV and Mercury Tracer


First try: Car--$13,135, TV--$450 (16 seconds left, is right)


Second Calldown: Patricia

IUFB2: Wall Clock (which interrupts the regular prize cue with its own tune)
Patricia: $595*
Janae: $800
Brandon: $1100
Gina: $1101
ARP: $612

PG2: Take Two--Played for a Dinette Set, Power Tools, Lowboy with Hutch and Motor Scooter

Target price: $1,998

First try: Power Tools ($832) and Motor Scooter ($1,299); TOTAL--$2,131
Second try: Power Tools ($832) and Hutch ($1,000); TOTAL--$1,832

Correct Solution: Dinette ($699) and Motor Scooter ($1,299)


Third Calldown: Devery (who Bob mistakenly calls Debra until she corrects him)

IUFB3: Camping Equipment (winner also receives Pillsbury Crescent Rolls)
Devery: $500
Janae: $575
Brandon: $650
Gina: $651*
ARP: $838

PG3: Now...or Then--Played for a Living Room Group ($3,056)

Then: January 1988

GP1: Crystal Light, marked at $2.69
GP2: Lever 2000, marked at $2.27
GP3: Chap Stick Ultra, marked at $1.80
GP4: Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup, marked at $2.45
GP5: Agree Conditioner, marked at $3.19
GP6: Bruce's Yams, marked at $1.19

First pick: Conditioner (guesses now, is right)
Second pick: Syrup (guesses then, is right)
Third pick: Chap Stick (guesses now, is right)


Patricia: .55+.70=OVER
Gina: .30+.65=.95
Cynthia: .85 .05+.55=.60

Gina is going to the Showcase! When Cynthia's first spin does not go all the way around, Bob suggests that the audience should say "Bah Humbug! "instead of booing.

Fourth Calldown: William

IUFB4: Flatware
William: $700
Devery: $800
Janae: $850 $815
Brandon: $816*
ARP: $875

PG4: Magic #--Played for a Bar Set and Pool Table

Magic number must be more than price of Bar Set, but less than price of Pool Table

Brandon sets magic number to $1,500

ARP of Pool Table: $2,235
ARP of Bar Set: $1,699


Fifth Calldown: Cheryl

IUFB5: Mirror
Cheryl: $950
William: $1200
Devery: $550
Janae: $551*
ARP: $900

PG5: Most Expensive--Played for a Treadmill, 4-Panel Screen and Washer/Dryer

Janae picks #2

ARP of #1: $1,500
ARP of #3: $1,255
ARP of #2: $2,080


Final Calldown: Greg

IUFB6: Child's Wardrobe Cabinet (winner also receives Ginsana)
Greg: $500
Cheryl: $850
William: $1000*
Devery: $600
ARP: $1799

PG6: Pathfinder--Played for a Jeep Cherokee

First number: 1

SP1: Ladies' Shaver
SP2: Vacuum Cleaner
SP3: Sport Watch

Second number: 0, 4, 9 or 6? Steps to 4, is wrong

Picks Shaver: $27 or $42? Guesses $27, is wrong

Picks Watch: $27 or $50? Guesses $50, is right

Second number: 0, 9 or 6? Steps to 6, is right
Third number: 8, 0 or 2? Steps to 8, is right
Fourth number: 4, 0 or 1? Steps to 4, is right
Fifth number: 9 or 3? Steps to 9, is right


Brandon: .85
Janae: .45+.25=.70
William: 1.00

William: .85

William is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket!

Top Winner: William
Runner-Up: Gina

Holiday Gown, Jukebox, Ski Boat
William passes to Gina, who bids $22,000

Bedroom Group, Camcorder, Copenhagen
William bids $12,000

In the first Showcase, as the models make their respective lists, Janice sits in the audience, Kathleen is standing beside a ladder backstage with the Check Game set in the background, and Cindy is in a director's chair beside the bag from 3 Strikes and the pull lever from Freeze Frame.

ARP of Gina's Showcase: $30,964 (Difference: $8,964)
ARP of William's Showcase: $12,151 (Difference: $151)

William wins his Showcase, and takes home $31,874 in gifts! Under the current rule (which doesn't debut until three years later), he would've had a :dsw:! Instead of "Goodbye, everybody", Bob's final words after the spay/neuter plug are "Merry Christmas to you!"