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December 24, 2002
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:34:01 PM »
First Four: Dana, Amanda, Jesse, Ayanna

IUFB1: Christmas Tree
Ayanna: $725
Jesse: $400
Amanda: $800*
Dana: $500
ARP: $1933

PG1: Clearance Sale--Played for a Air Bike, Refrigerator and Sleeper Sofa

Sale Prices: $500, $950, $1,100

Amanda's guesses: Air Bike--$500, Refrigerator--$1,100, Sleeper Sofa--$950

ARP of Air Bike: $599
ARP of Sleeper Sofa: $1,069
ARP of Refrigerator: $1,799


Second Calldown: Alberta

IUFB2: Serving Pieces
Alberta: $900
Dana: $1100
Ayanna: $1500
Jesse: $1600

Alberta: $599
Dana: $725
Ayanna: $785*
Jesse: $1
ARP: $885

PG2: 3 Strikes--Played for a Cadillac Seville SLS

Numbers in price: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9

First draw: 4 (guesses first, is right)
Second draw: 5 (guesses second, is wrong)
Third draw: 6 (guesses second, is right)
Fourth draw: 9 (guesses third, is wrong)
Fifth draw: 5 (guesses third, is right)
Sixth draw: 9 (guesses fourth, is right)
Seventh draw: 8


According to Phillip, this is the first playing in 15 years in which 3 Strikes has been won without any strikes pulled out.

Third Calldown: Wilson

IUFB3: Serpentine Chest (winner also receives Airborne Cold Supplement)
Wilson: $795
Jesse: $600
Alberta: $999*
Dana: $1
ARP: $1624

PG3: Alberta is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $50,000 in cash!!!

SP1: Toy Bank, wrong price--$90 (guesses 0, ARP: $60)
SP2: Toaster, wrong price--$65 (guesses 5, ARP: $35)
SP3: Retro Telephone, wrong price--$29 (guesses 9, ARP: $59)
SP4: Decorative Pitcher, wrong price--$27 (guesses 2, ARP: $22)

First chip: $0
Second chip: $0
Third chip: $0
Fourth chip: $1,000
Fifth chip: $1,000

Total: $2,000


Plinko is introduced with The Cats for the final time. All subsequent playings will use just the harp stinger that's been in place since 1998.

Alberta: .95
Amanda: .65+.05=.70
Ayanna: .20+.10=.30

Amanda is going to the Showcase! Bob mistakenly says that Ayanna won a Chrysler DeVille, and then changes it to a Cadillac DeVille, when in reality, it was a Seville that she won.

Fourth Calldown: Tiffany

IUFB4: Evening Gown
Tiffany: $600
Dana: $2100*
Wilson: $895
Jesse: $1000
ARP: $2600

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a 4-Poster Bed

Choices: $4,049 or $3,290

Dana's pick: $4,049

ARP: $4,049


Fifth Calldown: Matthew

IUFB5: Animated Mr. & Mrs. Claus Figurines
Matthew: $450
Wilson: $1250
Jesse: $1275*
Tiffany: $700
ARP: $1570

PG5: Pass the Buck--Played for a Mercury Cougar ($16,995)

GP1: Robitussin Sunny Raspberry Vitamin C Cough Drops, marked at $1.12
GP2: Anbesol, marked at $5.99

Jesse passes buck to Cough Drops; ARP--$1.12 (Anbesol was $6.99)

GP3: Pine-Sol, marked at $3.49
GP4: Tums Smooth Dissolve, marked at $2.99

Jesse passes buck to Tums; ARP--$3.99

First pick: 4--Lose Everything
Second pick: 2--Lose Everything

Rest of board: 1--Car, 3--$1,000, 5--$3,000, 6--$5,000

HUMBUG (for a wipeout)

Final Calldown: Rebecca

IUFB6: Pool Table (winner also receives Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies)
Rebecca: $3000
Tiffany: $6500
Matthew: $1800
Wilson: $2000*
ARP: $2195

PG6: Push Over--Played for a Chevrolet Tracker


Wilson pushes blocks to $19,167

ARP: $19,167


Jesse: .75
Dana: .10+.20=.30
Wilson: .20+.75=.95

Wilson is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Wilson
Runner-Up: Alberta

Dining Room Group, Cappuccino Machine, Player Piano
Wilson passes to Alberta, who bids $19,000

Laptop Computer with Inkjet Printer, St. Thomas, Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Wilson bids $33,500

ARP of Alberta's Showcase: $28,539 (Difference: $9,539)
ARP of Wilson's Showcase: $32,550 (OVER)

Alberta wins her Showcase, and takes home $32,379 in gifts! Bob's final words after his spay/neuter plug: "Merry Christmas, everybody!"