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FPG 12/21/18 - RESULTS
« on: December 27, 2018, 12:58:28 PM »
Everything is finally ready to go. Leaderboard kinks have been fixed, monies are all calculated, and now I can type out all the results for all these games. Thank you all again for your patience.

For this being a Christmas week lineup, this wasn't a very jolly show. Tough setups, a lame lineup, and yet another big money Plinko fizzler. We had three games everyone agreed with and one of those didn't even happen. Spoilers are the only reason the game scored as well as it did, otherwise this might have been more of a disaster.

Flip Flop: SPOILED, but not everyone picked it. 5 people got 4/4 for it.
Lucky $even: Punchy and 985 each receive $25k and 2/10.
Hi-Lo: 123 and Wayo get 25K a piece. Numbers gets PA but not NCFAC cash and Wayo nails it with 4/20.
Do the Math: JJ, 2K, dprice, and Wayo each get 10K. 2K and Wayo get 4/12, dprice gets PA money.
Squeeze Play (for a CAR): 123, Hag, and Cephas each get 15K and 1 MP a piece.
$250K Plinko: All 15 players picked it, 8 got 4/4 and 3 of those got 4x PA.

Numbers came close to getting that first correct non-car pick of the season, but picked the wrong game, ya-aw. Wayo runs away with 16/40, 2K gets second with 12/20, and we have a tied for third with Punchy and JJ and 8/16.

Come back next time to see who will be the best of the best, see you then.