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December 23, 1994
« on: December 27, 2018, 02:47:38 PM »
Santa Claus comes to town on a Sunday, so this will be the de facto Christmas show for Season 23.

First Four: Connie, LaTanya, Danielle, Karen

Bob makes his audience entrance here.

IUFB1: Trip to Palm Springs
Connie: $1000
LaTanya: $1100
Danielle: $1200
Karen: $1201*
ARP: $1670

PG1: 3 Strikes--Played for a Lincoln Continental

Numbers in price: 3, 4, 5, 6, 9

First draw: X (strike one!)
Second draw: 6 (guesses third, is wrong)
Third draw: 6 (guesses second, is wrong)
Fourth draw: X (strike two!)
Fifth draw: X (YER OUT!!!)

ARP: $35,469


Before the second calldown, Bob calls out Rob Allen, who designed the set for this week of shows.

Second Calldown: Murrel

IUFB2: Tea Cart
Murrel: $1295
Connie: $650*
LaTanya: $550
Danielle: $551
ARP: $1008

PG2: Grand Game

Target price: $2.75

GP1: Bicycle Playing Cards
GP2: Dean's French Onion Dip
GP3: Dove Beauty Bars
GP4: Morgan & Berry Breath Gel
GP5: Heet Plus Fuel System Protectant
GP6: Clorox 2 Bleach

First pick: Cards--$2.49, wins $10
Second pick: Dip--$1.59, wins $100
Third pick: Bleach--$1.99, wins $1,000

Connie decides to continue

Fourth pick: Soap--$2.19, wins $10,000

Other ARPs: Breath Gel--$3.00, Protectant--$3.49


Connie just got $10,000 as her birthday gift!

Third Calldown: Amy

IUFB3: Punchbowl Set
Amy: $1500
LaTanya: $1325
Danielle: $1400
Murrel: $1401

Amy: $1250
LaTanya: $900
Danielle: $901
Murrel: $925

Amy: $500
LaTanya: $675
Danielle: $600
Murrel: $676*
ARP: $750

PG3: Make Your Move--Played for a Hair Setter, Sofa and Sauna


Murrel's guesses: 402599530


Karen: .70
Murrel: .60+.40=1.00
Connie: .40+.45=.85

Murrel: .75

Murrel is going to the Showcase, with $ in his pocket! Connie's second spin does not get the split-screen, but Murrel's Bonus Spin does.

Fourth Calldown: Lovie

IUFB4: Curio Cabinet (winner also receives Bruce's Yams)
Lovie: $1100*
Amy: $1200
LaTanya: $1325
Danielle: $1326
ARP: $1140

PG4: Barker's Markers--Played for a Washer/Dryer, Carousel Horse and Dinette Set

Possible prices: $3,000, $1,810, $1,255, $2,106

Lovie marks $3,000, $2,106 and $1,255

Random ARPs: Carousel Horse--$3,000, Washer/Dryer--$1,255

Lovie decides to keep marker

ARP of Dinette: $2,106


Fifth Calldown: Robert

IUFB5: Desk
Robert: $1975
Amy: $1200
LaTanya: $1400*
Danielle: $1
ARP: $1575

PG5: Lucky $even--Played for a Ford Probe

First number: 1

Second number: Guesses 5, actual number--5 (keeps all $7)
Third number: Guesses 7, actual number--6 (gives back $1)
Fourth number: Guesses 4, actual number--3 (gives back $1)
Fifth number: Guesses 5, actual number--5 (gives $1 to buy car, and keeps remaining $4)


LaTanya will now have a car to name after the host, Bobby!

So far, it hasn't been a holly jolly Christmas for Danielle. In fact, it's her last chance to get up on stage.

Final Calldown: Kyle

IUFB6: Stemware
Kyle: $600
Danielle: $1000*
Robert: $500
Amy: $875
ARP: $1120

It's a Christmas miracle, folks!

PG6: Secret "X"--Played for a Bedroom Group ($5,786)

Free X: Top Left

SP1: Ladies Bracelet Watch--$100 or $141? Guesses $141, is wrong
SP2: Women's Razor--$65 or $91? Guesses $65, is right

Additional X: Bottom right

Location of secret X: Top center


Danielle: .45+.45=.90
Lovie: .15+.95=OVER
LaTanya: .15+.10=.25

Danielle is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Murrel
Runner-Up: Danielle

Grandfather Clock, Dining Room Group, Finland
Murrel passes to Danielle, who bids $16,500

Laptop Computer, Home Gym, Dodge Ram
Murrel bids $16,900

ARP of Murrel's Showcase: $26,113 (Difference: $9,213)
ARP of Danielle's Showcase: $13,865 (OVER)

Murrel wins his Showcase, and takes home $32,913 in gifts!