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December 7, 1992
« on: December 28, 2018, 12:14:43 PM »
First Four: Lowan, Nell, Martin, Kenneth

IUFB1: Pool Table (Spangler's Candy Canes)
Kenneth: $950
Martin: $1450*
Nell: $1200
Lowan: $1400
ARP: $1995

PG1: Make Your Move--Played for Cologne, a Telescope and Brass Bed


Martin's guesses: 516301913

Correct Solution: 516301913


Second Calldown: Dawn

IUFB2: Dishwasher
Dawn: $762
Nell: $600
Lowan: $400
Kenneth: $425*
ARP: $479

PG2: Check-Out--Played for a Living Room Group and Projection TV ($8,560)

GP1: Sundance Sparkling Water--guesses $1.90, ARP: $1.49
GP2: Pet Evaporated Milk--guesses 50, ARP: 41
GP3: La Choy Sweet & Sour Sauce--guesses $1.29, ARP: $1.39
GP4: Dole Crushed Pineapple--guesses 89, ARP: 98
GP5: Lever 2000 Soap--guesses $1.49, ARP: $1.69

Totals: Guessed--$6.07, Actual--$5.96
Difference: 11


At the end, we learn that the closest win ever in Check-Out to date was 3.

Third Calldown: Mack

IUFB3: 4-Panel Brass Screen
Mack: $1100
Dawn: $1050
Nell: $1
Lowan: $1101*
ARP: $1850

PG3: Dice Game--Played for a Buick Skylark

First number: 1

Second number: Rolls 4, is right (no guess)
Third number: Rolls 4, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fourth number: Rolls 4, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fifth number: Rolls 3, is right (no guess)

ARP: $14,353


Lowan: .75
Martin: .20+.10=.30
Kenneth: .60+.15=.75

Lowan: .90
Kenneth: .70

Lowan is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Tricia

IUFB4: Exercise Stepper (winner also receives Coricidin-D)
Tricia: $1500
Mack: $1295
Dawn: $1600
Nell: $925

Tricia: $875
Mack: $785
Dawn: $800
Nell: $1*
ARP: $699

First, the random clangs and whoops play during the prize description, then two dings on the first bid, the clangers on the second, more clangs and whoops on the fourth bid, and delayed buzzes mixed in with the ding and whoops, leading Bob to wonder if either there's a rookie soundman or a raid has happened. Finally, a single buzz, followed by dings, tells Bob that all four players have in fact overbid. In the re-bid, the clangers sound again on the second bid.

PG4: Safe Crackers--Played for a Trip to Banff, Canada and His & Hers Ski Parkas ($3,428)

Numbers in price of Parkas: 0, 8, 4

Nell sets combination to $480, and opens safe


The last two letters in the Safe Crackers sign do not light, leading to the name to read out "SAFE CRACKE". This entire act was once uploaded by Carlos into his Video Vault.

Fifth Calldown: Frances

IUFB5: Mantle Clock
Frances: $450
Tricia: $650*
Mack: $475
Dawn: $375
ARP: $789

PG5: Poker Game--Played for a Wine Cooler, Hutch, Stereo System and Chair

Tricia's picks: Stereo--$600, Chair--$880

Tricia's hand: 00088

Tricia decides to keep her hand

Other ARPs: Wine Cooler--$300, Hutch--$699

House's Hand: 99006


Final Calldown: Kristine

IUFB6: Camcorder
Kristine: $899
Mack: $795
Dawn: $1200
Frances: $925*
ARP: $1010

PG6: Switcheroo--Played for a Geo Tracker, and these four prizes...

SP1: Cookbook
SP2: Massager
SP3: Salad Shooter
SP4: Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker--$?8

Missing numbers: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8

First guess: 8/3/2/4/7 (1 right)
Second guess: 8/2/3/4/7 (2 right)

Wins Cookbook and Car

Other ARPs: Massagers--$76, Shredder--$34, Coffee Maker--$48


Tricia: .35+.75=OVER
Nell: .75
Frances: .45+.60=OVER

Nell is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Nell
Runner-Up: Lowan

Topaz Diamond Bracelet, Rio de Janeiro, Mercury Topaz
Nell bids $21,522

Replica Gas Pump, Dinette Set, Spa
Lowan bids $5,000

ARP of Lowan's Showcase: $10,624 (Difference: $5,624)
ARP of Nell's Showcase: $18,068 (OVER)

Lowan wins her Showcase, and takes home $12,474 in cash and prizes!